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an effortless v-date


I’ve almost forgotten that we had a lovely date (at home, ehem) last Valentine’s Day. It’s one of those remarkable dinners so far foremost because we ate on time not to mention that we had a mouth-watering spread, the best part I put a little effort only to achieve the romantic feel. 😛


On Valentine’s Day itself I stepped out of my work place around 7pm, good thing that traffic was middling because I arrived home without getting annoyed. Since I already prepared my pasta sauce a day ahead I had to reheat it simply, and boiled some pasta and voila I had a lovely plate of Filipino style spaghetti that tasted more of a kiddie-spaghetti. Hehehe


We also had a half rack of cooked baby back ribs from S&R, I had to reheat it as well and spread its barbecue sauce evenly. I remember us dining at Chili’s and ordering the same, I was a bit complaining because there was not much meat left and the price was overrated. See, we saved on half of our money here and we even got a free bottle of Pepsi.


Our Valentine spread complete with a bottle of wine from last Christmas and a Skittles scented candle which I got B1T1 from S&R.


French Mint Truffles


We had chocolates after –French Mint Truffles & Witor’s Golden, which were part of Christmas “leftover”. Thank you sponsors for sending me a good stash of sweets during the holidays. Oh, I had to have my chips as well.


I’m done shooting my simple set-up even before the husband arrives, so I don’t need to stop him anymore from forking or messing up anything.


And because it’s Valentine’s Day, he had chocolates for me. Thank you ‘ney for not spoiling my V-night. Hahaha.


We’re an ordinary couple, we’re not hard to please, we laugh even at our corniest, we have dogfights –no couple is perfect anyway, we do stupid things and goofed around. And our married life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here might as well savor every moment of it.

“Happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It’s a choice.” –Fawn Weaver


P.S. A good wife is one who cooks and nourishes her husband, a good husband in return is someone who do the little things…like doing the dishes after, which I hate. 😀


matgalne korean restaurant

If you’d notice husband and I slowed down our eating habits on weekend, we don’t frequent buffets like before, we don’t go to American restaurants that normally serves big plates nowadays, tho we’d like to think that we’re still young and healthy to consume anything fatty and oily our body whines naturally. Sometime in November last year, husband and BIL went through intestinal distress for days after a hefty dinner at Tong Yang, we assumed it’s the unlimited pork intestines and innards other than they really overfed themselves. Hahaha


But you know when buffet is as cheap as P399 only, sometimes you can’t sleep right and couldn’t wait to stop and dine there soon. Husband and I regularly pass by Kalayaan Avenue coming from Rockwell and everytime traffic slows down at the façade of this Korean restaurant I couldn’t help but crave for samgyupsal (pork belly) and kimchi. Yes, I’m no pork lover but samgyupsal is a different thing, I couldn’t describe more how it creates a flavorful sensation in my mouth.


The weekend before Valentine’s week, husband and I decided to visit the place and have dinner, finally I was able to convince him that with its unlimited serving of pork and beef our money will be worth it and that kimchi is a healthier option. We arrived at the restaurant around 7pm and good thing that the parking spaces alongside the building were still vacant. If you’ll plan to dine there I suggest you go early so you won’t worry about being towed.


Matgalne Korean Restaurant is easy to miss if you’re not too familiar with the place, the signage outside is written in Korean except for the word Korean Restaurant. But if you happen to know Makati Prime Tower the restaurant sits next to it. It’s interiors is bright and welcoming, tho I’d love it better if tables would be place a little apart from each other, talk about a little privacy here. During our visit the restaurant was half-filled of Korean nationals, I’m guessing the food must be authentic tho I can’t really tell because I haven’t been to Korea myself, and the closest I could get is here with plentiful of banchan (side dishes).


I scanned the spread, it was cleanly plated tho some needs to be refilled. I had some japchae, kimchi, Korean pancake, kimbap and more. Kimchi was so good!


I had fried rice on my second serving which was so good paired with beef and kimchi, I rolled even some in lettuce with soybean paste and popped it my mouth like what real Koreans do. Sarap! I can live everyday having this, the lettuce put balance to my meat consumption. 🙂



Leoncio always find its fun to cook and eat at the same time, so he’s in-charge of grilling everything raw. We had four servings of beef and one serving of pork only. I don’t know but I end up liking their chadolbaegi (beef) more. The thin slices of beef were to die for and shredded cabbage is so good! The spread maybe minimal but with its price I think it’s not bad at all.


For dessert they have banana fritters and glazed sweet potato. I hope they will give away at least one Melona ice cream bar to all dining customers, honey dew please! 😀


We left stuffed, I felt a bit giddy, I’m wondering if its protein overload or the oil I consumed from the fried dishes nonetheless I had a wonderful dinner, we had a lovely date night and the best thing –it doesn’t hurt our pocket so much. And for that it deserves a second come back! ♥



Matgalne Korean Restaurant
4768 Kalayaan Avenue cor. Mariano Street, Poblacion
Makati City, Metro Manila
T. +632 8902949
Operating Hours: 11:00 am to 12:00 midnight, Monday to Saturday

sundate no.22


I promised the kids last year that we’re not visiting Sky Ranch anytime soon unless the commercial area is up and running. It’s only this Feb that we had the chance to come back, I know it’s a bit overdue because it’s been a big hit during the holidays but we purposely avoided the place because of the heavy traffic and commotion it caused the entire Christmas time. I’m always complaining whenever we pass by.


Feb 2. As expected everytime I come home the kids would request a day out or much aptly a treat to their favorite coffee shop in Tagaytay. We’ve seen Krispy Kreme opening soon announcement weeks ago so I was thinking it might be open by now. I didn’t told anyone we’re visiting KK so when I suddenly asked Leoncio to go into Sky Ranch parking area that day he was somewhat surprised because he knew how I hated crammed full places. Fortunately that Sunday the people were less numbered and parking was trouble-free. 🙂 I’m seeing P’s big grin as we alighted and welcomed by the stunning Sky Eye. But first things first, I told him that we’re not going inside Sky Ranch, we’re there to dine at KK and doughnuts and coffee will be our mains. He was agreeable to that at first but kids would always be kids no matter what amount of channeling you’ve done. In short, our initial ploy didn’t work and he won again. Sigh!


Before the Sky Ranch thing for the two kids –SAM & P (oh yes, I still dub Ate SAM as a kid until this day), I told them that we need to order and eat first so that KK won’t throw us outside, they might think we’re just using their chairs and tables lingering while catching up the Sky’s attraction. Hehehe.



Krispy Kreme at Sky Ranch was perfect for toddlers and kids and grown-ups, it’s all-around because the outdoor (facing the Sky Ranch) was pretty spacious and the interior –cozy. I’d love to go back here probably on a weekday and lounge and people watch. Anyhow, because it was nearing Valentine’s Day then, KK had heart shaped doughnuts to go with the theme. We got a dozen to munch paired with coffee.


Ysabel at her cutest! 😛


SAM and P quickly finished their food and hurriedly left to enjoy Sky Ranch once more. But because we gave them a limited budget the Sky Eye ride wasn’t part of their visit this time. But the Sky Cruiser, which is one of the newest rides, didn’t disappoint the two. 😛 They can’t contain their excitement as they drove high above. They tried a few more rides and probably spent more time walking around the compound.



Meanwhile, we take pleasure in Tagaytay cold breeze while our little baby loved the setting. She freely walks back and forth at the porch area and make OOTD a business. Hahaha.



I know I should be spending Sundays alone with the husband but I’m finding it hard to say no to these kids, I love them to bits almost certainly the same way I love B, except that B is of course my baby love. ♥


Oh, I got the kids belated Christmas gift, thank you for remembering Ninang.


Just what I needed. 

By the way, we had a simple salo-salo at home welcoming the Year of the Horse last Jan 31. We had tikoy as customary (even if we’re no chinky-eyed and Chinese) which we shared with people who dropped by that day.


A different take on tikoy again this year, shaped like Chinese jewelry pouch.

And here’s to my equally hardworking Oxens, something to read on and guide you in 2014.


The year 2014 for the Ox sign bearers will be better than the usual years. It might not be the life charger but it will be much more beneficial than previous years. This 2014 can be used as a stepping-stone to a fabulous 2015. There will probably be no major changes in lifestyle for 2014 but if they will do the little things that will set them up for the following year, a potential huge 2015 can be the game changer the Ox sign bearers have been looking for. Do not be afraid to rely on friends because they will be the support that the Ox sign bearers will need.


Seriously I’m not really bothered if the horse is faster than the ox, you never assume that victory is always connected with speed, hard work and discipline still top it all. I had a lovely sundate and no horse can ever kick and spoil it! Ciao! ♥


batch 90


Most would say high school life was the most memorable days in school, far better than the college years. And I couldn’t agree more because I had a very wonderful high school life.

High school memories –classes at the old building, junior and senior years at what is called the “new building”, recess at the school canteen snooping over the very grouchy Mrs. D, foundation days in February’s with shows and booths –horror booth that really haunts me at night, crushing on someone who loves new wave and The Cure, black Bandolino shoes, King Jim notebooks, pilot ballpen, JS Prom, Mr. M’s rugged look and wonder stick, being someone’s bestfriend, school orgs and student council, sky blue skirts, Physics & Trigo –my least favorites, Aquanet, lunch breaks at the old Salazar eatery, leadership trainings, LEARA, field trips in Laguna, recollections, teaching catechism in public schools, sports fest at SVD, community immersion in some depressed areas, COCC, CAT, Kaypee, Ka Torio’s banana cue, flag ceremonies, morning prayers, Ms. S and her complicated Geometry, disappointments, happy times, etc.

Come this 2015 my high school batch will soon celebrate its 25th anniversary and yet we haven’t had any formal reunion so far. And I’m pressured to the nines. 😦 I’ve been organizing small meetings since December of last year to pull together the group once more. It’s pretty hard especially that I’m not really based in Cavite, plus I’ve lost contact with most of our class. It’s a relief that I still got a handful of friends from my high school class who equally look forward to this reunion thing.


This was December 22 of last year, our first meet up after how many years nga? Too bad I can’t even remember the last time I sat down with them except for Albert and Greg. I went out with them when Elaine came to visit last year. It’s always a good feel seeing old colleagues; it brings back so many memories of those heydays.


My LEARA ♥, minus Lecel who didn’t make it during the first meet.



January 5, 2014. The second meet up happened at our humble abode, I prepared a simple lunch spread for everyone who made it that day. It was a happy feel to see new set of faces this time.

Tomorrow the third meet up will happen at our alma mater dear, I hope that attendance will not disappointment and I hope, this time, something tangible would be thrashed out aside from the unending recollection of how it’s been during our time. I’d love to see you all, in your 40’s. Hehehe… 😀


valentine’s day|2014

Its heart’s day today and I’m wishing everyone love. ♥♥♥

Husband and I don’t normally plan anything for V-Day but we do celebrate late or at times earlier, maybe because every year on Feb 14 the city but becomes a big chaos –traffic, crowded mall & resto & coffee shops, so we’d rather stay home and nibble on something. This year we’ll spend another night at home, we’ll have some pasta (I already pre-cooked the sauce last night to save on time) and BBQ ribs from S&R which the husband bought yesterday, it’s nothing fancy but the thought of us together amidst of all the misfortunes it’s more than worth celebrating. Remember that not every couple survives the challenges of married life, I’m thankful that we did. I chose to stay in love and I’m confident to say that my other half decides for the same intent. We’re far from being ideal but everyday we try to be at our best.

Actually we already dated last Saturday night at this cheap Korean eatery and feasted on the unlimited serving of samgyupsal and bulgogi. I’d die with their bulgogi. ♥ It’s our first official date in 2014 and also our so, so late anniversary date (and for that it deserves a separate post). We never really dated back in December (except Dec 29) because of the circumstances, we thought it’s not appropriate especially that the family is mournful. We also skipped dating during our birthdays because we felt it’s not economical after coming from the very lavish Christmas month. We thought our money can be saved for future dates even though there is no special occasion around. Sundates!


*As if Bea and Lucky isn’t enough I can always loan my sister’s kids for photo ops. 😛

Valentine’s Day is not just about couple expressing their loves, it’s about family on top, well, for me even though we don’t have any kid in tow we’re happy together. I don’t need to be in someone else’s shoes to know the key to happiness because choice is key and happiness is an unconditional subject. Honestly, the never ending brag-fest on facebook annoys me at times because facebook is supposed to be a place to connect with others, and reminisce other than some people don’t really get the message and go on fishing for compliments. Sick! Oh, this is supposed to be of lovely thoughts, pardon me for the negative feelings. 🙂

We still have some bottles of wine from last Christmas and boxes of chocolates, we’ll end the night sweet, sweeter than you can imagine. Hahaha. Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥


ikkoryu fukuoka ramen

I’m not a real ramen fan but anything soupy will do for me, I’m easy like that especially when I’m sharing a meal with a friend, someone who is out of the ordinary. Well, nag-iisa lang sya in my life 😀


B and I we’re pretty like cats and dogs, we love each other but when we fight it’s like the end of the world. During the Christmas month we had a little sort of some falling out because I felt like he was making fun of me at our batch group chat on facebook. Because December had been a very lousy month for me, I thought it’s no longer funny, it’s not pertinent anymore especially that I was still in the midst of mourning and at the same time twisted after Nanay’s heart attack. The last thing I want to hear was unnecessary commentary, it easily boils me up. And because B had this tendency to be tactless he gave me one that made me freaks out and rumble and he, he got the prize of what he thought was a practical joke. I didn’t talk to him the entire Christmas time, not a single text, I’m not ready to talk nor open to apologize for those hurtful words I shouted out while we were on a the phone. I thought it’s just right for him.

On my birthday, there it happened, because I need all the positive energy I thought it’s the best time to send ceasefire notice and patch up things. I can easily forget by yesterday and kiss and make up, just like that in one single text. I invited him to drop by the house for some late light snacks, Christmas leftovers I even added just so he wouldn’t expect too much but knowing him, he cried out, “Leftovers?” Oo nga naman why on earth would he make an effort to stop by when there’s only leftover to catch…Hahaha, “Bonggang bonggang leftover”, I exclaimed to him. Unfortunately he didn’t make it that night because he went out late from work so we sched a lunch date during his off.

Jan 16. We agreed to meet at Greenhills area for lunch other than he woke up late, rode a wicked cab, etc., there were too many obstructions along his way and my lunch break had already been depleted without him in sight, so, to make the story shorter we moved our supposed lunch date to dinner time. And to end his dilemma in getting lost and all I told him to stay put at Shangri-la Plaza and wait for me.

We met at Debenhams because I was checking some stocks, it was very casual and the usual banter as if nothing had happen. It’s like I’m talking to you already because I have forgiven you by now, hindi uso sa amin ang drama. So we’re good again. 🙂 And I’m treating him over a sumptuous dinner. I picked the place because his choice is very traditional. And we had plenty of wrong turns before we stepped in to the right place.



Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen, except the ramen word, is so hard to pronounce, we couldn’t ask the uniformed guards around because we couldn’t spell it out either, so we look and look over the East Wing until we finally surrender and innocently asked help from the roving guard, akalain mo kaharap na pala namin. Hay! Its signage was so easy to miss especially that it was my first time to step foot at this new wing of the mall. Anyhoo, glad that we were seated right away despite its many customers savoring a bowl of ramen. The ramen must be good. Like what I normally do when visiting a new resto I would normally browse menu and reviews prior to dining so it would be easy for me to order.


I had the Ajitama Tonkatsu because it was mostly recommended especially for first timers who’d like their ramen simple and basic. It’s basically with pork slice (cashu) and ajitama (special hard-boiled egg which is like my 7-minute egg, the soft-boiled one with runny yolk) in rich pork broth. I ordered my noodles hard as recommended to fully enjoy it. It didn’t disappoint, I gulped down my ramen broth quickly. It’s creamy so you know and it’s full of flavors.


B had the Black Garlic Tonkatsu, it doesn’t really look as appetizing as my bowl of ramen because of the black garlic oil other than he loved it and kept on saying how good it was even after finishing his bowl. Di maka-get over! Hahaha.


I also got us an order of the famed Gyoza, it’s filling and simply delicious and I think I can finish a serving by myself. We also had Karaage, which are plain pieces of fried chicken. I’m not really impressed with this, I’d rather have another set of Gyoza please. 🙂

We didn’t order any drinks because I was cutting on soda plus I was still nursing a bad flu and anything cold irritates my throat. B and I had a lovely reunion date except for the repeated and chorus “irrashaimase’s” of wait staff and kitchen crew, tho it means welcome it somehow annoys me. Well, it’s just me and my love affair with brick walls and charming places with almost church-like ambiance, I’m extremely quiet and the reason why B and I clicked it’s because we’re like North and South, he’s loud you know. 🙂



Level 5, Shangri-la Plaza East Wing, Shaw Boulevard cor. EDSA, Mandaluyong City
T. +632 447-8333