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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Happy Birthday Mrs. Figues!

My colleague at work J marked her birthday last Monday but chose to celebrate it with us yesterday back at the office.

She was generous to treat us over lunch, special request namin ang chopsuey at lumpiang shanghai because of the umay feeling we had even before the Christmas break. 

In return, to the sumptuous lunch, our treat surprised her too 🙂 . We gave her a gelato cake (Banana Blast) from Caramia and Pansit Misua from Our Little Store.

Our wish is simple and plain –Wishing you everything happy for your birthday!

glad you liked it!

P.S. J’s message to us this morning: Thanks guys for the sweet treat yesterday 🙂 I really love the cake 🙂


new P20 bill

Husband and I was fortunate to own a bundle of the new Php20.00 bill before Christmas Day, so, we gave it out as a token to some family and friends 🙂

I have no idea when it’s coming out (officially) but some says it would be during the first quarter of 2011. It’s somehow similar to euro bills except for the matted surface. Coming out soon will be the new designs of P50, P100, P200, P500 and P1, 000 –let’s wait for it soon!

Fiesta 2010

Monday this week was like another reunion of our families as everyone was present to celebrate with us the feast of St. John the Evangelist. It’s yearly that my family would prepare a simple meal that is served from lunch to dinnertime. 

Like last year, there were some attractions during the day like the Ati-Atihan and Karakol dance. There were two set of Bandas, who played traditional music in a brass-based form. I missed my childhood and the Higantes.

I reckon this event as timely to the holiday season because everyone had time to visit except that the bountiful of food can cause protein and carbo overload 🙂 . 

Our big thank you to all who came!

a joyful Christmas Day

I always love Christmas Day and every year I look forward on celebrating it together with my family –colorful and meaningful as we can 🙂 . This year, we welcome Christmas Day with cheerful hearts and with thanksgiving for the festive meal and gifts. 

I could only wish that the holiday season wouldn’t end and spend more time with my family. How I wish P-Noy would declare long Christmas break next year, please 🙂 .

Take a peek of our Christmas happenings,

Every year on Christmas Day, a cup of coffee would bring us to sit down and enjoy the Christmas blend 🙂 . You know how I love to mark occasions with them. I consider them my kaberks, katsismisan, kapuso, kapamilya rolled into one.

And I consider my other half -my life; Christmas is like everyday with him 🙂 .


time to give back

A day before Christmas Day, husband and I came up with a thanksgiving activity, which was our small way of sharing our blessings this year.

Like the previous years, we would make used the portion of our earnings from the garage sale and prepare food to feed the neighborhood, who had been our regular patrons.

Our wish is that may God continue to bless us and that we can continue this deed every year.

We wished everyone a Merry, Merry Christmas 🙂 !



a shopping weekend…

More shopping last weekend,


These were from Gola Outlet; mostly it’s for my other half 🙂 .


From The Big Outlet Holiday Sale at SMX. We got mostly from Giordano Ladies and Bluestar Exchange. Oh and I got a new bag for my rebel baby 🙂 .


And before we went home last Saturday night, we dropped by at MOA to claim our new Sanuk sandals. It pretty looks good however, it seems Bea disliked it, so, she made it her toy even before I wore it 😦 .

Came Sunday, after a tiring day at our annual Garage Sale, we went to Wine Depot and later on drove to Greenhills and got ourselves a new set of handy phones 🙂 .

Its two more days before Christmas Day folks, we have plenty of errands to do and a busier schedule starting on Christmas Eve.

one happy shopper on the go

Happy holidays!