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comfort food for a rainy day

Because the rain continued its mighty glory until today and I’ve been in house arrest for two days now I tested my culinary knack once again.

macaroni soup

A peeping hot macaroni soup for this bed weather. 🙂


my own sunshine

The rain had silently stopped for a while this evening but in every news flood is affecting the most part of the metro and Cavite is not spared, it’s by now in a state of calamity. My poor Cavite. 😦 Class remains suspended until tomorrow in most areas but I’ll definitely have work already. I don’t mind at all, I don’t want work to be compromised in any way besides I think I’ve rested by far after the work has been called off by lunch time today. Thank you ICS management for your consideration in times like this.

The husband arrived at mid-afternoon, he’s exhausted by all the rains he encountered while doing a field work. I wanted to go out and have coffee with him or have dinner at the nearby Rockwell mall but he’s all drained, I sense, so I allowed him to take a nap before anything else. But I’m craving crazily for something, I wanted some barbequed meat and pig ears dipped in vinegar. He checked on the stand neighboring us but they took a day off maybe because of the rains. I remember how we were during last year’s monsoon rains and how we were not spared during Ondoy. I don’t want a repeat of those. It’s depressing, the sight of floodwaters with loads of trash floating here and there. I feel sorry for those whose houses and even family members were drowned. It’s like the end of the world is coming and I needed a good meal before it. Don’t get me wrong here for being so insensitive while the nation is suffering from floods, more poverty and hunger. It’s just that whenever I feel weary about anything around, my retreat aside from the powerful prayer is a good meal, it sweeps away my worries.


There might be no sunshine still tomorrow so I created my own sunshine at home.


I won’t be a breakfast fan for nothing if I can’t have it all day.


Don’t forget to eat a healthy and filling meal before you leave home on August 20 and,


may your morning be as bright as I expect mine. 🙂

I pray for everyone’s safety.


my love affair with the rain…

…is truly depicted by this song, the Eheads version of course.

Pagmasdan ang ulan
Unti-unting pumapatak sa mga halaman at mga bulaklak
Pagmasdan ang dilim
Unti-unting bumabalot sa buong paligid tuwing umuulan
Kasabay ng ulan bumubuhos ang ‘yong ganda
Kasabay ng hanging kumakanta
Maari bang huwag ka nang sa piling ko’y lumisan pa
Hanggang ang hangi’t ula’y ay tumila na
Buhos ng ulan aking mundo’y lunuring tuluyan
Tulad ng pag-agos mo di mapipigil
Ang puso kong nagliliyab
pag-ibig ko’y umaapaw
Damdamin ko’y humihiyaw sa tuwa
Tuwing umuulan at kapiling ka
Pagmasdan ang ulan unti-unting tumitila
Ikaw rin magpapaalam na
Maari bang minsan pa
Mahagkan ka’t maiduyan pa
Sakbibi ka’t ulan lamang ang saksi?
Minsan pa ulan bumuhos ka’t h’wag ng tumigil pa
Hatid mo may bagyo dalangin ito ng puso kong sumasamo
Pag-ibig ko’y umaapaw
Damdamin ko’y humihiyaw sa tuwa
Tuwing umuulan at kapiling ka
Maari bang minsan pa
Mahagkan ka’t maiduyan ka
Sakbibi ka’t ulan lamang ang saksi?
Buhos ng ulan aking mundo’y lunuring tuluyan
Tulad ng pag-agos mo di mapipigil
Ang puso kong nagliliyab
pag-ibig ko’y umaapaw
Damdamin ko’y humihiyaw sa tuwa
Tuwing umuulan at kapiling ka
Minsan pa ulan bumuhos ka’t h’wag ng tumigil pa
Hatid mo may bagyo dalangin ito ng puso kong sumasabog
Pag-ibig ko’y umaapaw
Damdamin ko’y humihiyaw sa tuwa
Tuwing umuulan at kapiling ka


Stay safe everyone! ♥


sundate no.6

Some months ago I planned a breakfast spree to make a dream come true and…and to give my palate a happy zing that pretty starts in the morning, but up until this day the 9 breakfast places I listed remained fancy and offbeat. It look as if those were impossible to happen, maybe I just craved too much the day I wrote that entry but I’m not giving up, never.

The day I stumble upon Before Nine, the blog, I got hooked and envious at the same time. She has checked out the loveliest breakfast places in and out of town and the more I got so green-eyed with all the breakfast fare she had tried out. She is the real epitome of a breakfast person which I wanted to be. And after trying out one of her suggested breakfast place, I found myself slobbering to another of her breakfast hideaway and so my sundate series was given time today.


We didn’t mind that there is a southwest monsoon coming today, we didn’t mind that there would flooding our way but I worried a bit that the breakfast place might be washed out by harsh waves just in case the breakwater fails its purpose. I’m just imagining too much tho that never happened even during Ondoy and during last year’s “Habagat”. So you have an idea now that the place we’ve been this morning is to be found at the bay area. 🙂


Zucchero Café was never heard, so I Googled more of the place but found a very limited entry, maybe because most diners do not blog or do not do IG or maybe it’s too average for them. Well, I don’t really mind that’s why I scheduled this sundate right away.


At 8:00am the place was already packed with morning people savoring a delicious meal from the buffet stationed at the outer side facing the bay. And because the place is spacious enough (especially its indoor dining area) we easily got ourselves a seat. Oh we picked the outdoor which is nearer the spread. 🙂


Like his usual routine, the husband went first to scan the spread, I don’t need to because I secretly spied that table next to us and I catch sight of my favorite breakfast fare –tocino!


So I skipped my usual buffet routine and indulged on my tocino right away –with scrambled eggs, salted eggs, tuyo, tomatoes and garlic rice.


As if I couldn’t get enough of garlic rice, I went on my second round with rellenong bangus, scrambled eggs and tomatoes. I’m trying to eat healthy here. 😀


I’m missing the pancakes and waffles but none that a good toast and butter and jam can fix.


And while trying to digest the carbs, I loaded my tummy with cereals, just another form of carbs I know. Hehehe

I had a bowl of arrozcaldo too which I’m giving a thumb up despite the absence of kasubha –the natural yellow food coloring my folks back in Cavite used to make every bowl of porridge appealing.

Zucchero also offer another of my favorite which is the chocolate rice porridge (champorado) which I gently pass over. Coffee and iced tea is overflowing so don’t forget to sip in every bite.


The heavy rains hold us back from leaving soon so we had our time, we had our moment, still a beautiful Sunday morning underneath the gloomy skies.


We’re certainly coming back! 😛



Zucchero Café
Harbour Square, Pedro Bukaneg St.,
CCP Complex, Manila
T.  632 8467354

ysa baby


Ten months ago we welcome a new baby in our family, fast forward to today she’s a darling which everyone love.


Ysa grow up beautiful like Ate Sam, strong like Kuya Pao and adorable like B. 😛


missing B

Every Friday I look forward to two things, it’s either I look forward to a relaxing yet out of the ordinary weekend with Leoncio –dining out, coffee sipping, sleeping, malling and shopping or can be an impromptu out of town. The other one, I look forward to coming home and be Momi to Bea –cuddles, playtime, mealtimes, sleep time, day outs, drive-thru. Truly I look forward on the latter because we got to spend an average of one weekend in a month with her and its making me feel oh so guilty. 😦

weekends with b_1weekends with b_2weekends with b_3weekends with b_4

I love weekends with B, we can take afternoon naps together, I’ll get to feed her, she has all the time to bug me, we get to share food, she can play silly and naughty, we can sleep together and Dadi can walk and run her around. You see we’re turned a little athletic when she is around because she’s so lively and hates shiftless schedules. But I’m guilt-ridden on the multiple of promises I made to her, I won’t promise anymore Bunso but Momi will find time, Momi will buy time if I have to. I love you so much that I wish I don’t need to go to work and be with you everyday.

And everytime I’ll bid goodbye to her my heart breaks into pieces, I can’t stand the sadness in her eyes. I’m always like crying while giving her a hug. Each time I have to leave her its hurting me more and more. I know it sounds odd and insignificant to many, they say I should get and help a child instead of her but who are you to tell me what to do. Who are you to tell me things? I know myself better and I know I love her with all my heart. I’m not selfish, it’s just this is my choice and I’m happy with it. Someday, we’ll never part. We’ll grow old together, we’ll welcome sunrise and watch the sundown together, I’ll be forever Momi to you my sweet furry pup. 🙂