The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

family dinner at Tong Yang

Guilty as charge but I have reasons and everything is well-founded if I may say. 😐

Last Wednesday Nanay went to another check up after we got a kind referral from another doctor friend, this time she was brought all the way to Taft Avenue to see the cardiologist, Dr. Antonio Dans. Since the son-in-laws sched are far more permissive that the biological daughters the two accompanied Nanay that day while the little P tagged along. The checkup gave us hopefulness because this time Nanay don’t need to undergo the coronary angiogram right away. Dr. Dans evaluated her case and as told the angiogram should have been completed while she was in ICU probably to see if there was a plaque that narrows the coronary arteries and thus reduces the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the heart. And because the heart attack had been more than a week already he further told that it may no longer be necessary, he rather recommends a stress test for Nanay first. Upon hearing all of this I was sort of relieved, at least he’s getting into the smallest details of Nanay’s condition. The stress test will happen on Nanay’s next appointment this December and I’m positive that Nanay’s response to this would be as normal as before. Faith heals!    

Right after her checkup the group surprised me at my office, my sister joined them after her shift. It was a heartfelt surprise because this happen very seldom, and because I cannot contain my excitement I went out earlier than my supposed off to join them for dinner. It was a challenge to pick a dinner place because we need to make sure Nanay will have something to eat that is not oily and fried, that is not cholesterol loaded and is healthy and delicious additionally. I had this vegetarian café in my mind but I don’t want my party to forgo this chance of having a wonderful dinner treat so we had one and only option that night.

Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu & BBQ Restaurant in Jupiter was the perfect spot because Nanay can enjoy a bountiful of vegetable and fish which is her new food bestfriends right now. And the gang likewise will have a sumptuous dinner, see nobody gets deprived, it’s a win-win situation here but we’d very much willing to give up our palate for Nanay’s sake.


I’d like to think that we ate a healthy meal despite the innards and beef belly we generously consumed. 🙂


The little boy was delighted with the ice cream buffet that he had it first before anything else.


For a while we thought of Tatay, he would probably enjoy the spread and the bottomless beer. 😀


I know lavish eating these days is forbidden especially that many do not still have a decent meal to eat back in Tacloban but this occasion is rare for us. This doesn’t happens everyday and we wanted Nanay to enjoy life, we wanted her second life be more blithe with no-worries, with no-regret, I think it’s high time that she retires from tedium, responsibilities and unpleasant chores and be reminded that life is too short to not live to the fullest. And that we need to spend more time with her because we don’t wanna miss any at all, each moment we fritter away is a moment we will never get back, ever.

Life is short as is and I’ve always believe that no amount of money can buy back whatever you’ve missed from yesterday.



Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu & BBQ Restaurant
34 Jupiter cor. Planet St. (near Edsa)
Bel-Air, Makati City
T. 02-8993388 / 02-8974148

3 responses to “family dinner at Tong Yang

  1. Lui November 20, 2013 at 11:38 pm

    For yummy vegetarian fare down Jupiter street I recommend Pipino Restaurant 😉

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