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new mom on the blog

A day after Ate Shen’s passing away a major event happened in my household and momentarily the grief set back and significantly excitement come to light. Everyone was giddy as they welcome new members of our family, rather of our fur family.

momi B

It was during the wee hour of Monday when B gave birth to eight healthy and adorably cute puppies. They were like babies whom everyone wanted to hold and kiss. Sigh! But I’ve missed this wonderful occasion of my dear because Momi was away and work always owes. I haven’t seen them yet and photos on facebook by my niece and cousin excites me more so I’m scheduling the trip this evening. I can’t wait to hug my B! 😛


Lord, hear me…

Lord, it’ll be daybreak in a few hours and I haven’t gone sleeping yet. I have anxieties and it’s slowly pinning me down. I hate it when things get rough and I have no one to share my woes. But I’m contented that I have you to comfort me, to give me wisdom and strength to carry through.

Please allow me to welcome Sunday with a peaceful mind, give me something worthy to look forward to. Take away all my worries, all my negative thoughts and those unhappy thoughts I’m having right now.

And I pray for my loves to get better, to stay healthier, to live longer, to love unconditionally, to get by amidst all the adversities.

Lord, heal me and lift me. I leave everything to you now. Amen.


a golden goodbye

It’s never been easy to write of someone’s saying goodbye much more of someone’s passing away. But I needed to let it out, I need to pour my emotions to let go of all the grief and woes I have now. I have a heavy heart and tears flow freely as I recollect that five wonderful years she’s been with us.

Our dear Shen bid goodbye to everyone at my household at 8:00pm today. It saddened me that I wasn’t there to hug her one last time. I was praying since Wednesday night for Ate Shen after receiving bad news of her failing. She’s old but I didn’t expect she’ll leave us this soon. Tho a lot has been saying that I should be ready for this, it didn’t help because I was caught unprepared of her departure. I was praying that she’ll get by for another week or so, I was wishing to see her and talk to her and say goodbye. But I guess I’m late, by the time I’ll get home next week I won’t be seeing her around. I won’t see her welcoming us despite her difficulty in getting up. I won’t hear her soft whimper that’s like telling me how happy she is seeing me home again.

Ate Shen, I want to say I’m sorry for the times I took you for granted. I’m sorry that my promise of bringing you to the beach never happened. I’m sorry that we have to leave you many times. I’m sorry that I wasn’t there when you needed me most. I’m sorry that I wasn’t there to make sure everything is comfortable when it’s time to go. I never love you less despite your old age, despite your blurry sight, despite your frailty. I’ve always love you like the first time we met, the first time you looked at me as if begging me to take you home. Thank you for the wonderful memories, for loving us unconditionally, for being B’s protective big sister and just for being you who never failed to put a smile in our face. I love you Ate Shen, we love you from the deepest of the sea and from the highest of the skies. Love, Momi.

I don’t know when I’ll stop crying, Dadi is mourning too and I feel shaky and powerless. They say it’s normal to grief but if until when I really don’t know. I’ll carry all our happy memories. Run free at Rainbow Bridge and until our joyous reunion, welcome me with happy kisses.

goodbye shen

Shen you will never be absent from our heart.


For Shen • 15 March 2003 – 25 May 2013


saturday blues


I’m not in my best mood.

I worry,

I fear,

I’m sad.

I’m a bit lost,

I’m broke.

I’m admitting I’m not in the bestest of everything right now, I hate being deprived to swim when in fact the water is just knee-deep.

Overall, I’m hurting. And I need a soundless flight from all of this.

Lord, help me to get through…


soon-to-be mom

Six years ago we were blessed with a cute and adorable pup, which we owned and eventually named Bea. She was the love of our life, the one who fulfilled our baby-less stat. She was my baby, my very own, tho saying my one and only would hurt Ate and our BabyBoy, I’d rather say she’s our first and the one who really grew up under our care.


In less than two weeks, our baby would soon-to-be mom now and we’re excited, everyone is and we wish a safe delivery and healthy pups Bunso. You made Momi and Dadi grannies so soon but we’re really counting the days to cuddle the new pups at home. 😛


happy friday foodies!

Friday once more and I’ve got nothing but leave you drooling on this,

eat fresh-11

Hongkong Style Street Food –Big Isaw, Tito, Crab Balls, Pig Ears and Breaded Scallops

eat fresh-12

Tausi Spareribs

eat fresh-13


eat fresh-14

Pancakes (which are called Egg Puffs back in HK)

Oh, I asked the husband to date me out again tonight, TGIF! 😛


Eat Fresh Hong Kong Famous Street Food