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a favorite dish?

After two days of eating over the counter meals, I was able to work on our kitchen again last night.

I had few staples on the fridge and so I came up with a favorite dish :).

My version is sweet and spicy however, I ran out of chili flakes so I make use of extra pepper and liver spread.

Can you make a wild guess what was cooking last night 🙂 ?

i am a Chef In You promo winner!

Chef's Knife (6 in) - A powerful tool in a more compact size. The 6-inch blade is hand-crafted from Japan standard HRC62 stainless steel and Nickel, which resists corrosion. The handle is made out of solid Philippine Rosewood. Php1, 595.00

My recent winning is this kitchen item from Winning this time is by luck since all the names who participated was drawn and I was fortunate to be one!

The down part is I had a hard time picking up the item and I had to ask someone for help but ended feeling guilty 😐 . But hey! I did not intend to put anyone in danger in anyway.

My big thank you JJ and E for the big help! 🙂

my very own! 🙂

This is the actual Gastro Chef Knife I got.

================================================================ 🙂 

Where to Buy?

Dimensione, Crossings Department Store, Rustan’s, Make Room, Cooks Exchange, Kultura, ISCAHM (International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management), Heny Sison Culinary School, Cash & Carry Supermarket, Robinsons Dept. Stores Galleria, Dinelli Gourmet, AICA (Academy for International Culinary Arts), Most Institute, Chef’s Nook, Culinary Institute for Aristocrat, SCulinary Academy, Barcino Gourmet, The Gustavian, a11 Gallery, Unimart, Inc., Makati Supermart Alabang.

an afternoon delight

Still last Sunday, after attending SeanJoe’s kiddie party in Makati the three of us, Leoncio, GP and I drove to Ortigas Center.


We went to Megatent to catch the last day of The Big Outlet Sale. I was excited to find a fab piece like the previous years but I was a little disappointed. Leoncio and GP score a good pair of Levi’s jeans while I end up with nothing 😐 . I was expecting Giordano would have a wide selection this time, as well as Speedo however, both stall occupy a small space with very limited designs.


I think Designer Eyewear had the largest sale. I was hoping to spot again that Morgan sunglass I’ve seen in Ideal Vision before but I didn’t find any. Anyway, it wasn’t on my priority list this time.

I was thinking home after Ortigas (because I was sleepy) but GP invited us back to Makati. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon because there was no rain and the mall was not too crowded. We went for a short walk around before we finally settle at Yellow Cab, Glorietta 5 to make use of our idle time :).

Wings, Chip and Wedges

After all, I didn’t regret going back to Makati. Yellow Cab’s Fleet Starters was superb! I like how the potato wedges was baked, it’s too delicious for me. The chips were crusty perfect for that salsa dip. And what can you expect from those Hot Wings? It wasn’t too hot, which I love! hehehe…

NY Classic

We also had a 14” classic pepperoni, which Leoncio and GP later on realized would be the perfect match of ice-cold beer while I had a bottle of Sola. It is because we were too busy with our tête-à-têtes we didn’t notice that our mouth became too busy too 🙂 .

It was already past five in the afternoon when we dropped off GP to a nearby Starbucks because he had to meet one of his clients. Husband and I head home this time, I wasn’t feeling good the whole day but getting to see old friends makes me sound well.

Thank you to our friend GP for the wonderful pizza treat :).

SeanJoe turns One!

Sunday, husband and I went out to attend a kiddie party.  Like wedding, I love kiddie parties -the loots, the party hats, balloon decors and all the party stuffs you can associate with it. Though kiddie parties on fast food chains are quite standard, a McDonald’s party would still be a stand out for me :).

this is Sean Joe Davidon Dempsey

Celebrating his 1st birthday is Sean Joe, my good friend’s youngest son.

Be the Kid! Join the Hero!

Cute little boy’s theme was McDonald’s latest Ben-10 party!

Let me share few photos, which were mostly courtesy of my husband’s initiative (Thank you Honey 🙂 ) I wasn’t feeling well to move around so I let him took care of the scene as it happened that day.

What I love most that Sunday? Is seeing old friends and having small talks. And did I mention that it was held at that old McDonald’s Greenbelt, which we frequent during the 90’s. I always look forward reuniting with old friends, those tangible one, those you can call your other self. Those I have too many memories to recount every now and then. 🙂


Anyway, I look forward on more occasions with them. For now, let me wish the little boy good health and to grow as gorgeous as her mom! 🙂

an old photo with one of my favorite couple

By the way, Sean Joe is Gerry and Genny’s beautiful son. 🙂

swallowing my pride for food

I was craving for Le Ching’s spareribs rice since mid of the week and I told husband that he should leave Makati early on Friday night so we could still dine before closing however the more I reminded him to be early the more he came late.  😦 There was nothing new and I hate it. He came past nine in the evening to pick me up at Greenhills and I can’t help but show him how disappointed I am. Sigh!

Our way to Mandaluyong was a complete silence. By the time we reached the city hall, he began asking me something like “where do we go now?” I don’t want to answer any of his questions, I don’t want to hear even his voice 😦 that’s how bad I could get at times (okay, most of the time 😐 ) He had to stop for a moment so I could decide among the eatery at the circle. There’s Som’s, RJ’s, Ineng’s, Jollibee, Greenwich, Chowking, he even suggested Tapa King and so on and so forth. I didn’t nod to any of his suggestions; still I don’t want to hear him. hahaha 🙂 when he finally says, “okay let’s just go home”. I panicked, No to that of course!

And the next thing I remember he was driving towards Makati and that we made a 360 turn in 6750 loop. And I have to walk ahead of him going to Glorietta 5 and finally I felt we came in to the right place. 🙂 

Luk Yuen Noodle House

 Even without asking husband, I decided for Luk Yuen. I ordered too even without his approval of the food, sabi nya di sya picky eater eh ako daw masyadong maarte, haist! Anyway, the last thing I don’t want to happen is to remain annoyed by the time our food was served so I swallow my big pride and started small talks with him. Hay

Our food was served fast, which was a good point because if it doesn’t it would be another misery for me and I cannot promise to be nice to anyone this time. 🙂 

Our set, 

Seafood Roll Wrapped in Japanese Seaweed Php105.00 (3 pcs)

This is my ultimate favorite dimsum in Luk Yuen. I always look forward eating 2 pcs of this and sharing 1pc only to whoever is my companion. 🙂 

Noodles Feast Php295.00

It’s simply dry noodles and dumplings but this is so tasty! I heart this too for the generous serving of wanton, steamed shrimp dumpling, braised beef, white chicken, Chinese pechay and flat noodles with spicy pork strips. 

Luk Yuen and Noodle's Feast brings a lot of memories, hehehe 🙂

Serving is always good for two but if you have a bigger appetite, you can finish this by yourself. 

We skipped soda and ordered Chinese Tea; I said ordered because they don’t serve house tea free unlike in the many Chinese eateries we frequent. I was really dead hungry so it didn’t take long for us to savor the flavorful dishes; we feasted fast. 🙂 

We ended the night as if like nothing had happen, it was like the normal Friday eat out. 🙂 


P.S.  Husband and I found out later on that we were not charge for the Chinese Tea. It was on the bill but was at no value. I wonder if it’s now truly free or somebody made a mistake. 🙂 

wanton chips is absolutely free!

Oh and by the way, thank you LY for the complimentary wanton chips with sweet and sour sauce. 

========================================================= 🙂 


Luk Yuen Noodle House 

Level 1, Glorietta 5 

Ayala Center, Makati

piece of my peace

I recently stumble to this article at FN (Female Network) asking everyone, “Hold Out The Olive Branch: Quotes about Peace” and in an instant, I found myself sharing my thoughts about it and I came up with the simplest reason I could think of. 🙂

this is my contribution on that FN article minus the photo 🙂


September 21 is the International Day of Peace and FN readers like me shares our opinion of defining peace. Read the full article HERE.

As this week ends, let me throw that same question to all of you. What does peace mean to you?