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a breakfast date…soon

sunday breakfast buffet at marketplace



rigatoni time


Sometimes I think the husband’s erratic work schedule had its own advantage and well, a bit of lessons for me. When he had to work on days I’m off I have no choice but to stay home (most of the time) because I never liked the idea of going out alone. I always find comfort when he is around even if he would just normally stay put in one corner while I’m doing my thing at the mall, except when we’re at the supermarket because he loves to push cart and fill it with his favorite junk food. So everytime I’m left at home mostly on weekends this time, I have no choice but to cook my meals to survive the TV-iPhone-iPad routine. 🙂


I love easy-to-prepare meals because I don’t need to spend so much time in the kitchen and because we’re into pasta these days, I sampled yet another light and delicious dinner to date. Can I add it’s a bit on the healthy side?


Rigatoni with Sausage + Zucchini

4 cups of cooked rigatoni (al dente)
4 tablespoon olive oil
2 medium size Hungarian sausages
1 garlic bulb
1 medium-sized zucchini, sliced into ¼ inch rounds
4 sliced tomatoes (instead of bell pepper)
1/2 cup sliced black olives
salt and pepper, to taste
1 cup grated parmesan cheese


  • Cook pasta in a stockpot according to package direction. Drain, return to pot and set aside.
  • In a skillet, heat olive oil, add sausage and cook. Transfer sausage to a plate and set aside
  • In the same pan, sauté garlic and zucchini until starting to brown, halfway add tomatoes and black olives, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add in the reserved sausage then cook until heated through.
  • Pour in the mixture into the stockpot of drained pasta and carefully toss. I suggest use a wooden spoon here. Mix in ½ of the grated parmesan cheese and use the remaining to garnish on top before serving.



Enjoy immediately!

Next time, I’ll try to use some Manila artisan sausages which said to be flavorful and organic (and expensive). Calling sponsors her ye, please. 😀


P.S. Recipe inspiration from


kfc breakfast buffet

kfc breakfast buffet_1

Just because my breakfast routine on weekends doesn’t seem to expand here for the last couple of months now it doesn’t mean that I gave up my love affair with mornings and Sundays and breakfast, a good and sunny breakfast that is. ♥ It’s just that my weekend schedules now are quite knotty following ze husband’s erratic work plan and of course the hazy mornings ever since summer bid goodbye, say hello to rainshowers and bed weather folks.

Once a breakfast lover it’s meant to stay that way eternally, thanks to the many all-day breakfast places sprouting massively universally. Other than I still fancy breakfast food taken in the morning, it’s the law of nature I assume. 😀 So everytime I’m given the chance to date my husband on his precious day off I’d still go for a breakfast date, something to start our day early and something to make our tummy very happy.

kfc breakfast buffet_2

Two Saturdays ago we gave it a go once more, the KFC’s Breakfast Buffet to be exact. It’s one of the morning buffets we don’t want to miss so to make sure we get in that Saturday, I asked the husband to make a reservation the night before. He didn’t need to pay for the advance coupon thing as advertised and yes we were still accommodated at past 8am the following day.

kfc breakfast buffet_3

And what I thought was early because of the few diners I spotted on the 2nd floor of KFC Jupiter branch was a deceived. 😦 We should have gone earlier even before the 7:30am start because it was jam-packed at the 3rd level where the buffet area was served. I was a bit disappointed of the long line that welcomed us. Even a decent seat was so hard to reserve so we shared a long table with this guy who at first was feeling annoyed of the long line too. I allowed the husband to fall in line first knowing how impatient he is at times, I thought at least I have the time to observe and took photos for a while. And it gave me time to settle and strategize my supposed game plan at the buffet table soon as it’s my turn.

kfc breakfast buffet_4

Okay, I wasn’t able to take photos of the spread because it’s not decent to look at anymore and some chafing dishes were almost empty (while some were really empty and waiting for refills). I had everything on my plate expect rice because I was planning to eat lightly at first but all viands call for a kind serving of rice so I had to get a bowl to fully enjoy my tocino. 😀

kfc breakfast buffet_6

kfc breakfast buffet_5

The buffet spread included plain rice and garlic rice, chicken tocino, chicken longganisa, chicken fillet, hash browns, pancakes and arrozcaldo, coffee and hot chocolate, orange, apple and iced tea. For its P199 price I think it’s worth your every penny. Surprisingly it passed the husband’s picky mood. By the way, for the unlimited coffee and juice, you have to add P30, not bad though.

kfc breakfast buffet_7

And if you really want to make “sulit” eat a lot of those chicken fillet. 🙂

kfc breakfast buffet_8

But never forget to save room for pancakes, their chocolate chip pancakes were a stand out that even our feeling annoyed tablemate had more than two plateful serving of it. And he went back three or four times to refill everything. I’m just guessing that maybe he hadn’t taken dinner the night before that’s why he wolfed down what three people can actually share. Hehehe.

kfc breakfast buffet_9

Ooops sorry if this promotion comes very late for you, the KFC Breakfast Buffet ended yesterday and we missed it because someone went to work again on a Sunday. 😦 And tho a lot of netizen were requesting an extension of it, KFC never confirmed any as of now. Well, let’s hope they’d come up with a second run!



104 Jupiter St Bel-Air 2 Subd Bel-Air, Makati City
T. +632-899 4220 

the rammasun & me

It’s been 2 days ago since the super Rammasun battered the metropolis and the nearby provinces including my very own hometown. The day before, we had too much work load at the work place that despite the typhoon warning and all I was kept occupied, I was more concerned about our impending cargoes, I was worried that deliveries would delay further because of this looming bad weather. So while everyone was packing up early for home last Tuesday I was like running with time to keep everything settle before calling off the day. I’m anticipating the worst.

On the early morning of Wednesday, I received the HR advisory about work call off. I was thankful that at least I don’t need to combat the gray skies and strong winds and the heavy downpour. I can just tuck myself to bed the entire day like Saturdays and sleep to my deepest but my worries rushed back after seeing my other half preparing for work. How come ‘ney? I hate it but I had to say all over again my speeches. Are you the President of your company? Will your company lose millions if you’d stay home for the day? Your employer would definitely understand if you can’t come today, just look at the news everyone is advised to stay home. But my supposed pleading to him to stay didn’t work, he can’t say no to people who trusted him and his competence. He assured me that he’ll be home early, that’s it and he went his way.

I was left at home when the Rammasun was fiercely felt, the wind was howling like this swirling storm inside, yes for a while you’d thought about the Frozen theme, it’s too apt for what was felt right then and there minus the snowing. I stayed in bed facebooking and getting the latest tweets, at least I’d be alerted if Pasig River overflows and the need to evacuate will be enforced. Sorry I’m just a bit paranoid but even if Pasig River overflowed during Ondoy’s time there was no need for us to leave home because our building is a bit elevated from the main streets. I was also eavesdropping the neighborhood, it gave me a little feeling of security that everyone around is watchful at least I have some people to run to, just in case something horrible happen. Thank God there’s none and our home was spared from any damage.

My family in Cavite was spared as well from any future repairs and expenses only that until now electrical power have been knocked out and water supply is very limited. While everything back home remained in chaos (because of blackout) my worries were minimized because the governor declared no classes, at least the kids were just around and Nanay had some help while managing the household, including my fur-babies of course. Bei was fine and Boi remained emotionless when I checked on them last night, tho during the typhoon my sister told me how Bei even feared the sound of the typhoon and that she was extra-clingy while the typhoon was raging wild. I can only wish I was around to protect her and assure her that everything is going to be fine. Momi woes.

At the end of this week, I realized how fortunate I am still that despite a super typhoon, despite life’s miseries, despite the scarcity of material things and all, I’m alive, I breathe with every heartbeat and I’m absolutely complete with two feet, two hands, I’m in my soundest mind and in my liveliest spirit. I thank God for the wisdom everyday, for His shield of protection and His loving arms, sometimes it makes me feel guilty that I have enough yet I still ask for more.

Dear God, another work week is about to end, as we welcome the weekend may you continue to protect us from another typhoon coming in, may you give us strength to carry through amidst all these calamities, may you bestow us a happy yet sensible spirit and may we continue to live in faith everyday of our lives. I pray for the typhoon victims, I pray that they may find you still in their hearts despite the loss of their homes and their love ones. I pray that they may overcome the sadness or even the dearth of everything right now. I pray that they may recover soon and have a better chance in life. May those who are injured, those who are weak and those who are sick receive your healing power in no time.

And for the tragic death of more than 200 passengers of MH17, may their innocent souls find peace and justice be served.


P.S. I leave you this now…


*photo via


pyj food collage

My maternal family is a bunch of cook, there’s no question to that. We inherited the same passion from the matriarch who passed over the rich taste to her children and later on to us –the “innovative” grandchildren that we are. I have male cousins whose enthusiasm to culinary and degustation is way beyond the limit, meaning their highly dynamic and strong-willed to chase their dreams yet they frolic like kids while pursuing their heart’s desire, and I envy them for that.


A family legacy. My cousin JB foremost is the eldest amongst the male cousins and we’re just a year apart, I’m the eldest grandchild by the way. Way back when we were teens we used to test our culinary skills at their abode and the favorite subject is champorado or chocolate porridge for that part. Then we elevated our cooking a bit and sampled sinigang. I even had several attempts at home doing the same recipe and tho the taste ultimately passed the critics my sinigang always end up too soupy, it looked the one you see on cafeteria. Growing up individually we have mastered some and some remained a miss. JB and his coleslaw, his concoction simply became prominent to family gatherings and it became his trademark later on.


*photo via

Now that we have our own families, we’re matured and all, we dream big and high, cooking remains to be a big part of us that’s why we love family gathering and partying and eating certainly is the most look forward to. And if you’ve been reading this blog religiously you’d probably know by now that I wanted a café, if not soon, well someday. 😛 I wanted something that would create a diverse impression to dining customers, a twist like no other. Hehehe. While my dream remains a dream this day my cousin JB is now reaping the month old success of their food shop. The PYJ Food Collage which they co-owned with Jen’s college besties. The food shop is located at my hometown, a few meters away from the town plaza that’s why it easily became a hit to many. The concept is a bit vague because from pasta and quesadillas and wraps they now serve rice meals. Well, for someone like me who’s very particular with standards, I don’t see it as a good move because it depleted the original Italian-Mexican fusion they’d introduced. But maybe I can’t blame my cousin JB for the switch because as a beginner to the food business he’s after on paying the rentals, utilities, manpower and profit of course. So if in case you’d be passing by Indang, my beloved hometown, pay my cousin’s food shop a visit and let him feed you with some of his bestsellers.


Cheese Quesadillas. This was my first order of business during the opening last June 1. I won’t dare compare it to Army Navy of course, price wise you just get what you pay for.


Pasta Carbonara. My penchant would be biased because I’m not really into white sauce, I tasted it a bit and it tasted okay, it tasted carbonara only that I’d appreciate it better with a good dose bacon and a quality kind of cheese. By the way, the carbonara came with chicken fingers. A real value for your money here.


Tacos. It tasted okay other than its price is a bit steep at P50 considering that my office cafeteria can sells it at P30 only.


Healthy Wraps. There’s no doubt to it that it became the instant bestseller because it’s new for the townsfolk other than it’s an old story for me. Hehehe. Sorry if this does not impress me at all because I’ve been preparing this at home for the longest time, read here, way back even when South Diet was a hit and blue cheese is love. ♥


PYJ Food Collage may have failed to make an impression to me but it was just me okay, there’s too many around town who were wowed and it’s a good hint because I’m all after supporting the business, and I’m equally happy that at least someone from the maternal is starting to steal a scene and make a name in the food business. Way to go JB, impress me on my next visit please. 🙂



PYJ Food Collage
#546 Mabini Street, Indang, Cavite

sundate no.32|tatay’s 63rd

sundate no.32_4

Jun 29. A month after Nanay’s birthday weekend we marked Tatay’s birthday this time, it was another belated celebration because his birthday fell on mid-week and everyone had work except the celebrator of course because he had a valid birthday leave, the additional perks of a government employee. I somehow regret the opportunity I had before, probably if I did pursue my pre-mature career in the bureau I’m now in a more secured post and just the same expectant of a good retirement pay by the time comes. But all because I’m young and eager that time, and the government scene wasn’t yet in my terms I flew back to the city to try my luck. After 18 years I can’t say I won my battle, not yet, I still have a lot of chasing to do.

Back at my Tatay’s belated birthday celebration, we drove to The Little Souls first to hear mass in the morning. I love that Tagaytay’s weather is gradually picking up, the cold breeze is definitely there even at mid-morning. Actually the temperature didn’t go beyond its 24°C daily mean even during the peak of summer that’s why I don’t get it when someone went home disappointed about Tagaytay and complained about how humid it was. Maybe she went on the wrong side of the ridge or probably her normal is way beyond the 37 °C body temperature, I thought I was the only one born in Alaska for that matter (that’s how my friend Minerva always tell me esp when everyone else at the workplace is chilling and yet I’m no way wearing my coat). I’ve been telling it in the past, I love everything in Tagaytay, and one feels solace and quietness particularly if you’d discover isolated places within the city. The mass offered at The Little Souls is one of the things I always look forward when coming home, the homily is solid without any stain of political issues and I guess it’s just right because that’s the very essence why there is a separation of the church and the state. I hope my town folks would realize that.

I just wondered why there’s no healing at The Little Soul’s right after the mass, probably we missed the announcement. Right after the mass we trouped at Josephine’s for lunch, it was a communal choice between my sister and I especially that we haven’t dined there as a family. We were supposed to dine at the upper dining area when everyone else’s order ala carte dishes but we were all taken shortly soon as we checked the Weekend Lunch Buffet. It was a sudden feast to our eyes and we all bet it’s pretty worth it –seize the chance, we’re big eaters so you know!

sundate no.32_1

Josephine’s Weekend Buffet Lunch is definitely grill and more, they had grilled tilapia & pork liempo, hot dishes includes kare-kare, pork binagoongan, glass noodles, steamed mussels, blanched veggies (lady fingers, eggplant & water spinach), fish spring rolls, pork sinigang. There’s a DIY salad station for the healthy eaters and a dessert corner for your sweet fix. Fruit juice is overflowing if you’d ask. The rate is P550+ per head. But since we had two senior in tow, we got theirs discounted and another round of discount because we had a social contact who works at the restaurant and this was the second time he extended his employee discount to us. Thanks Itoy!

sundate no.32_2

sundate no.32_9

We even requested the restaurant crew for a surprise birthday greeting with candle blowing and all. Tatay was surprised of course but being the natural party pooper he is, it was like “fine” and “thank you”. That’s the obvious reason also why we didn’t took the effort to give him a surprise party like Nanay’s, because he don’t have that whoop it up personality unlike us who love the merrymaking and partying. Nonetheless, we love him still and we all look up to him and thank you will not be enough for everything he had done for the family.

sundate no.32_3

Happy Birthday Tatay! 🙂

sundate no.32_10

sundate no.32_5

sundate no.32_6

sundate no.32_7

sundate no.32_8

Sundays and family are synonymous, if only I have the energy and the mean to drive back home every week I’d love to go because I feel belongingness and I’m at my peacefulness whenever I’m home. ♥



Josephine Restaurant
Km. 58 Gen. Aguinaldo Highway, Maharlika West, Tagaytay City • © Josephine Restaurant 2010
Manila Landline: (02) 871.5627
Tagaytay: (046) 413.1801
Mobile: 09159856711
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