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that mentos moment

jun 29, 2013

I was hyper ever since Friday night –from the street food dinner date at Eat Fresh, from the impromptu movie date, seen Four Sisters and a Wedding, yey! after ninety years we’ve watched a movie again, from the impulsive shopping at Power Plant’s Big Brands Sale. And yesterday I’ve never been this hyper –cooked three main dish one after the other (chicken & pork adobo, ground pork menudo and bangus paksiw), went out for a quick peep at Debenhams again and finally gave in to Sale on Sale promo. I don’t regret any at all knowing how my size easily goes out of stock, proof that my size is now the new sexy! Hahaha. And after seeing that gorgeous pair of platform court shoes from Marks & Spencer I do not know if I can wait until the Final Reductions signs. It fits me so well and oh so comfy and fierce. And while most people at my country now are in deep sleep, I’m out with my super doting husband, killing time at the favorite coffee shop at the heart of Makati, murmuring in between that typhoon Gorio would go and leave permanently. That heavy rain didn’t allow us to go home right away, so, we spent the next three hours trapped in the car. The husband easily made it to do a catnap while I remain wide awake facebooking and observing around. I felt like a lady guard keeping an eye on whiles his master’s sleep. We made it home by 4am and snug a lengthy nap until almost mid day today. Oh that thing, when your childless we don’t need to worry a thing. At least it has its own advantage in a way.

jun 28, 2013

Btw, I suggest you see Four Sisters and a Wedding. It’s worth your time and money. I love most Bobbie’s character here played by Bea Alonzo. It hit me especially that part when she was telling her mom and siblings how she felt ever since a kid, how she battled her jealousy over her sisters whose favored most from material things to their parents love and attention. I feel her, I feel the heartache of ruthlessly working hard to please the parental. I’m with her when she even felt sorry after the revelations. And if I would have to do the same line in the future, I’d probably say exactly the very same. I’m not bitter by all means, I long accepted my journey, my fate as a daughter, as a sister and even as a wife. I can never be this tough without those miseries in the past, they made me a lot better, gave me confidence to build my own identity, gave me reason to believe and smile. Tho still not as tough as people see me from the outside, you know I’m still am the cry baby you once knew. Now, that’s what I get from watching dramas and teleseryes, I’m becoming one drama queen of my own league. 🙂

A recent birthday bash back at the office with my favorite girls!

It’s Sunday today but I skipped to go out, we skipped supposedly sundate no. 3 because I feel the need to rest and ready myself as I claim Monday mine, ssssshhh,  the office may not the most friendly place I know but it’s one place I feel sheltered and appreciated. Thank you Lord for your amazing grace!


the iconic white

This forthcoming weekend will probably spent drooling over these lovelies. I can’t wait to visit the shop and be not tempted and wait for the final mark down. 🙂


I’m investing a bit on the whites because it’s practical, versatile and flattering. 😛


**Photos from here


sundate no.2

Yesterday afternoon was another spur of the moment after spying on the red tags at Debenhams and went ga-ga over the plethora of nice items, I needed a distraction or else I might end up broke until the much-awaited Blue Cross sale. I just wanted a good meal because it’s Sunday and the usual fare at Cucina Andare –wagyu, bbq, street food, crepe cakes and more excites me tho but it’s probably one of my unlucky day because Cucina Andare is now close on Sundays. Oh my! Oh really my!


The husband was offering a fast food meal but there’s no way I’m going to eat one after the unusual feast (to my eyes) I had at Red Herring, I was salivating really bad to have those lacey tops and cute tees. I needed a good match to keep me sane so without further ado I picked an upscale one, some place that we don’t normally pay a visit because it’s pricey. For us it’s not for everyday, any day consumption but I breach my limits this time (this time only I promise) and give my palate the green go! Hehehe


TGI Friday’s was our sundate venue yesterday. I know it’s too lavish for a meal without the occasion but I considered it necessary this time, excuse my self-indulgent please. Anyhow, with the great selection of food this post deserves a cheerful Hooray!

I don’t know but despite the extensive selection from cocktails to dessert I made an easy decision right away, not the usual me noh?


I got us Jack Daniel’s Pork Chop Two Piece (P605). Tender pork chop and a hefty helping of cheddar cheese mashed potatoes or rice pilaf. Served with corn on the cob and our original Jack Daniel’s sauce.


Hands down to this plate, I was really drooling on the red meat and its grill marks. Goodbye healthy food, hello to cholesterol and hello sickness. 😦  Please don’t make me feel guilty, this won’t happen again for the next six months, I’m dead serious of that unless some hotel buffet would go on sale in between. Hahaha


Pasta Puttanesca P365. A hearty spicy marinara with fresh basil, plum tomatoes, Kalamata olives, garlic and capers tossed with Fusilli pasta. This is the healthy side of our meal; see I’m not at all breaking the rules. It’s just that the husband find this too strong for his taste and a little bit salty on the side. This is definitely good for sharing.


Chicken Club Sandwich P395. Layers of ham, chargrilled chicken breast. American cheese and crisp bacon piled double high between three slices of choice white or wheat bread w/ fresh lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. I don’t know what’s up with me when I ordered this filling sandwich, I was probably thinking of breakfast but nonetheless this makes a good appetizer for me especially the generous serving of crispy seasoned fries.


Obviously it wasn’t only me who enjoyed this hearty meal, just don’t mind the bill ‘ney and indulge! Oh no, don’t be fooled by his no-smile photo, he’s enjoying every bits of that pork cut. 🙂


And I look prim and proper before wolfing down my share.


We love it at Friday’s because it exactly feels like Friday! 😛


I’m down to visiting back and I’d love to dine at their High Street branch, please ‘ney let me consume a full rack the next time. 😛



T.G.I. FRIDAY’S Glorietta
3rd floor, Glorietta 3, Ayala Center Makati City
T.  7527685 | Fax No – 8928910


in case you don’t know

…I own the cutest puppies in town and I miss them desperately now! ♥♥♥




beating the Monday blues


I intentionally skipped dessert from Java Jazz last Monday during our breakfast date and save room for it at our next stop –at the Cliffhouse Tagaytay.


We arrived at the Cliffhouse way even before some shops were opened but I already spotted my dessert place opened and inviting. But it’s too hard to resist this courtyard and its scenic view of Taal so we spent the next 30 minutes going round and purely embracing the cool weather at the view deck.


I can obviously spent hours sitting on those rocking chairs that were really designed for the elderly folks. I’m also an elderly now you know so that gave me a pass to use one, hehehe. It looks so countryside and peaceful.


Cliffhouse Tagaytay houses Fire Lake Grill, Buon Giorno, Café Platito, Fruits in Ice Cream, Mochiko and Café Breton. We picked the latter because I wanted none other than its delicious dessert crepes. I’m a forever crepe person and the husband knows it, so, I forced him to order for himself because I’m not sharing mine with him.


I heart Café Breton’s La Pinay because of its mango and vanilla ice crème but I wanted to try something different this time, so, I got one with Butter & Sugar with Lemon. It looks pretty plain in person but after being addicted to lemon squares just recently I became an instant fan of this zesty flavored crepe.


Actually the husband wasn’t really into crepes like me so I volunteered to order him A la Nutella, obviously with the hazelnut chocolate spread on it.


I wanted to order myself again a cup of coffee but I couldn’t drink too much in a day because of my hyperacidity, so, I content myself with a glass of warm water while the husband got an order of Hot Calamansi for his colds.


We settled in perfectly while reading the daily papers, I pictured us some sort of a sweet couple from a movie scene. I love the coolness of the place and the coldness of its surroundings.

While this trip is purposely for me to have some time alone or rather our couple time alone, my cousin Irish and Mikko’s arrival at Cliffhouse was all right. And it seems they won in pushing me to treat them, well your lucky day folks because it seldom happens. Hehehe. They had their fair share of Café Breton’s favorite!


Chicken Run for Mikko


And Breton Mozzarella Burger for Irish.


We stayed until mid-afternoon catchin’ up like we’ve never seen for ages when in fact we were just together the preceding day at their humble abode during Aouie’s baptismal. I love my maternal cousins like that, no pretentions, no bragging, I hope everyone is like that so we’ll live in harmony. It’s been a week now since that Monday blues, I’m not yet over it but I’m perfectly fine to handle day to day.

Happy Monday today! 🙂



Café Breton – CliffHouse Tagaytay
Km. 58 General Emilio Aguinaldo Highway
Maharlika East, Tagaytay City
T. 63-46 4832093


homey and cozy coffee place

When you’re at my age you’ll probably need to have that time off to stop and smell the roses once in a while (tho at my case I notice its becoming a regular thing these days). I find it relaxing to drive in Tagaytay, dine in and sit for hours while conversing with the husband. Feeling mayaman paminsan-minsan hehehe. But I guess there’s nothing wrong with it so long as I’m not pestering anyone with my little lavishness.

Last Monday, I went on extended vacay to savor a day out while everyone is at work. I find it peace and quiet to go out as early as 8am, except for the early Monday blues I am so ready to welcome a brand new day. I’ve been planning for so long a breakfast date with the husband but none of those I planned had happen so far, so, it’s one of another first for us based on my recall.

java jazz-1

Our first stop was this quaint coffee shop at Tagaytay-Calamba Road. I learned about Java Jazz Coffee Shop at some blog articles I read sometime last month but because my party always preferred pizza and quesadillas we didn’t have the chance to visit. It’s easy to miss this shop if you’re not too familiar with the place but if you happen to know the church of Ina ng Laging Saklolo and its neighboring T-House it sits right next to it, so, slow down a bit once you hit the two landmarks.

java jazz-2java jazz-3java jazz-4

The place is a revelation of its own especially its dining area. By the way, I mentioned dining area because the place is a lodging house too for those who wish to stay overnight. Tho I already saw photos of it online I was still awed seeing everything on my own –the Sining sa Sahig, which is the main attraction, is something that set this coffee shop distinctive amongst its rivals. And because we have the place by ourselves that time I captured everything unscathed.

java jazz-5

This place really has its own beauty and charm!

java jazz-9

And since we came here for breakfast we pleased our tummies with filling breakfast fare at its very affordable price yet filling size.

java jazz-7

I remember our coffee went first –we both got their house blend Café de Tagaytay P99. I have to admit that I was not really blown away by its aroma, it’s flat. I was expecting more to it but it wasn’t bad either so I guess it’s fair for what you pay for. Maybe I’ll try to order Tsokolate-eh the next time.

java jazz-8

Our coffee pairing was none other than the usual hot pandesal with cream cheese P99, other than my choice you have the option to go for peanut butter, jam and I forgot the other two. Hehehe

java jazz-6

We’re not leaving the place of course without sampling its hot meals, besides you know how I love breakfast, a full breakfast that is.

java jazz-10

Beef Tapa P99 for the husband

java jazz-11

While I enjoyed my Spanish Sardines P99 to its last bite, the serving is quite generous for a single serve. 🙂

java jazz-12

We even stayed even after finishing our hot meals; I love this part because it gives us time to communicate, to talk about everything and anything under the sun. It gives me some unsullied air to take breathes and release the anger. I’m easy like that I just need a good meal to stop thinking about the world. I just need time to restore my senses. And I just need a good company to smile back and laugh it off!

java jazz-13

Java Jazz is a must visit from now on. 😛


Java Jazz Coffee Shop
442 Tagaytay – Calamba Road, Sungay West, Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines
Tel. No. (046)8602699