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something for B, Ate Shen & Luckydoo

Before leaving work earlier I went out and visited Pet Express nearby the office to get B and the rest of the canine family some take home goodies. It’s not much but would definitely send B to ecstasy. She loves pasalubong that’s why it is a requirement every time we’re home bound.

The stash I got includes some (as in 3kgs) dog food (lamb & beef which is B’s favorite), some milk treats, a nail cutter and a new leash for Lucky. I needed to buy another collar but it’s cheaper at Handyman so we might get another one for Ate Shen over the weekend.

Arriving back at the office I was surprised to find a free item on my loot…it was a Christmas suit that will definitely fit Lucky. If I knew right that there is a free item I might have requested for a bigger size, say an XL 😀 , so it would fit B. You know how envious she can be at times, okay most of the time, especially if the attention is not on her. I don’t know where she got that “superstar” feeling.

Can’t wait to see B and introduce Lucky to the whole family. For sure Ate Shen would love to meet Lucky but don’t dare ask B’s supposed reaction, I could only wish everything will be just fine and all three of them would get along. 🙂



I don’t feel right not because of work this time as that one is already a given dilemma unless some miracle will happen, anyway, I feel unhappy and it’s way too private to share. I know it shouldn’t be the case after receiving a number of blessing this week but there’s something I can’t help feel bad about and sad. 😦

I’m getting too sappy here wherein I should already be out and starting to shop now. Honestly, I’m not in the mood to shop partly because I know I also need to save for 2013’s big project and besides there are issues I want to settle first. God, it’s too disturbing and I cannot even tell the husband everything as I don’t want to drag him with my issues.

On Friday, it would be the start of another long weekend and Nanay is coming with Sam and we plan to rummage Divi market. I have other plans too, like we need to do some thrift shopping at Tagaytay for husband’s suit, we also need to visit Noel’s Bazaar, we need to dedicate a day-out for B, we have a hundred of things to do before Christmas Day and yet I haven’t started on anything yet. Boo me! 😦

to myself: have a merry one

Yea, we’re off to Cavite over the weekend and I hope things would get better for me.



After B’s coming to our life 5 years ago we never considered anyone else except of course Ate Shen whom we adopted in 2008. We love every bits of B’s growing up years, even the rowdy days when she started chewing our Cleopatra, Dadi’s Adidas shoes, Momi’s havaianas’ (I can’t count Bunso how many pairs you actually masticate while Mom and Dad were at work, hay!) , Momi’s ATM card, Momi’s body pillow and so much more which I can no longer account by now. But despite B being housebroken and everything, our love for her has not change a bit. She would always be our adorable baby! 😛

our Luckydoo!

Luckily this year we’re blessed with yet another lap dog which will soon be part of our budding family. HE is a he this time and with two large SHE at home I could almost imagine the hullabaloo they would create. He would be our Lucky and as we welcome him this weekend may he grow up to be like her soon-to-be big sisters –affectionate and protective. 🙂


crab buffet

As a kid I never liked seafood (which is very understandable), even during my teen and until my late 20’s I hated it. 😦  There’s no bad taste to it but given there’s pork and chicken I would definitely go for it. In particular I disliked shrimps and crabs. If you’d ask why, it’s simple, I just don’t like unpeeling the skin and cracking the legs to get the meat. It’s a lot of hassle and because I’m a slow eater I would likely to end alone in the dinner table. I am that super lazy, I know, but that was me before. 🙂

My memory of huge and fresh crabs were probably in Quezon way back in 2002, sorry but my recall of it was not good by now especially that the person I’m with that time was long forgotten too…hehehe. And the only vivid recollection was that I had an allergic reaction on those crustaceans after wolfing down too much of it. I had swelling of the entire face which lasted for half a day and I have to take histamine capsules for it to recede. It was a bit scary but a couple of years after that episode I became a regular of Dampa sa Libis. And thus, my fondness to shrimp and crabs started thereon, the same time a new and lasting love was found.

Leoncio and I went on a group date many times before we became a couple and those dates happened every Fridays at Dampa. My old colleagues at work can attest to our beginnings but it’s been ages too and even after we got married we always look forward to date nights at Dampa to savor nothing but fresh seafood’s. Along these dates, our love for shrimp and crabs became a fixation. 😛

Because we’ve been dating at night more often than not, the lunch date last Sunday was a little unusual for us. Though we planned it weeks ago we kept on skipping it after giving way to free meals. Anyhow, we finally found time and even if we arrived at the date place an hour late of its opening the spread that welcomes us was still a delight.

The Red Crab Alimango House has been a dream resto for us, no need to explain more as the name of the resto itself signaled gastronomic adventure that’s perfectly fit for our liking. And though the choices for lunch weren’t as good and many compared to the dinner buffet it didn’t disappoint. Besides we are not so after the many viands this time, we’re only after the unlimited crabs. 🙂

Bottomless Red Iced Tea (P99) was served in advance.

After lurking for a minute or two at the buffet spread, I started my lunch with Japanese fare –different types of maki, veggie and orange chicken. I was worried that the Japanese rice would stuff me at once so even if I love to go back for it I snub the idea.

The husband had some fishes grilled for us to share.

And a big bowl of sinigang na salmon & bangus belly!

And the feast! 🙂  While the husband chose his crabs any part, I remained partial to crab legs.

It was so flavorful! My first plate of crab legs 😀

Red Crab buffet includes a taco bar too which at the onset do not appeal to me. But hey, it’s something you shouldn’t miss. I had some different colored nachos mixed with some lettuce and topped with tomato-mango salsa and cheese. In between cracking of legs I munched on this taco salad to cleanse my palate. 😀

At the grilling station, they have fishes and chicken wings (which I sampled above). There’s also a salad bar where you can mix your greens. There were about four viands including the orange chicken, the rest it didn’t capture my interest at all. But of course the highlight of this buffet are the crabs cooked in two ways –with roasted garlic and the other one in chili garlic sauce with label “Crab Maritess”. The most ordered I think because even those guest not taking the buffet (meaning they go ala carte only) would place an order of the Crab Maritess. It’s normal that you peek at other tables, right? Hehehe. But believe me I overheard many guests ordering this crab cooking so I didn’t bother to get a piece of crab with roasted garlic only.

Because I go for Crab Maritess only!

The husband as always has his own share of plates but knowing him I didn’t attempt to interrupt his business. 🙂

For desserts Red Crab has fresh fruits, bite-size pudding and brownies, buko pandan and ice cream in three flavors.

Overall, our dining experience was a hit. In fact I’m not expecting too much because I’ve read some online reviews preceding Sunday and most of them were quite disappointed on the limited spread of food items. In my honest opinion, Red Crab was able to deliver what is expected, of course the limitless crab, at P588+ we find it reasonably priced. And my POV to enjoy the buffet; don’t look for something which they do not offer please.

We’re thinking of coming back soon with Nanay this time, who equally loves crabs like we do! 🙂


The Red Crab Alimango House
2nd Floor, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City
T. 7574129/7574716

thankful Sunday

I almost took home my Christmas gift from the husband today while at the mall but I’m having second thoughts because it’s too pricey (my concern). But I really love it and I’ve been wishing long enough to have one. I don’t know but even if we didn’t bring it home I didn’t feel sad or anything probably because I know we could make a trip to the mall anytime and pay for it. 😛

Anyhow, we decided to drop by at the supermarket before going home and I was delighted to bring home all these goodies.

Cream cheese spreads –Australian Cream Cheese and Laughing Cow Cheese Triangle. We got the Laughing Cow because it was on sale at P56+ only.

B1T1 Jed Oranges for P192 only

B1T1 Sugar Free Wheat Bread. We were supposed to get the Multigrain Wheat Bread at B1T1 too but its expiry date is on the verge already.

Before leaving the supermarket I got us some cold treats –Good Humor Reese for me and Oreo for the husband. At P50.25 per ice cream bar these would be frequent.


Just my Sunday thoughts,

It’s bed time and another weekend is over and work is due again tomorrow but before I’ll end this day let me thank the good Lord for all the things that happened today. I am thankful that God led me to his words today –I was able to attend mass and hear the gospel, I know I made a vouch before that we would not skip Sunday mass but we kept on missing it plenty of times. I am thankful that we had a rewarding lunch (which I will write next), it doesn’t happen every day so don’t make me feel guilty please. And I’m thankful that you let us witness another Sunday despite life’s adversities.

at lunch earlier

As we walk around the high-end mall earlier, I feel so blessed that you gave me someone who’s sensible, someone who’s selfless, someone who’s giving and someone to hold hands. It was indeed a beautiful Sunday! 🙂


because he loves me

The husband has this habit of bribing me with my favorites whenever he comes home late. No, I’m not at all a spoiled but if he insists on buying me something I make sure to pick the best. 🙂

Because I asked him to be home before dark (well, sorry ‘ney if 6pm these days look like 8pm already), he needs to be home no matter what. I have rules and they are meant to be followed, if it’s not then a very good reason is required or in his case he never runs out of alibis.

So even before I could say a thing of his coming behind the time yesterday, he handed me this sweet box. Do I need to say more and begin my oration? Of course not, my heart melts with his thoughtfulness and that’s how easy for him to appease me.

Love is chocolate! And I can’t deny the fact that the husband made an effort to drop by Red Ribbon considering that the branch nearby is out of his way. He really knows what will make my day! 😛

Ultimate Chocolate Cake by Red Ribbon. Chocolate cake overflowing with pure chocolate taste. Made with melt-in-your-mouth chocolate from the outside to the inside. 

It tasted so-so good and a second slice was necessary. 😀

I may not be the luckiest wife on earth but I am blessed to have Leoncio around. Super thank you ‘ney!