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ysa’s happy 2nd!


How time flies? And our baby Ysa is now two. ♥

I want to believe that birthdays are significant to our family that’s why even it’s small and minimal I’d like to celebrate it because it’s the celebration of life, nothing but that. And every birthday is a milestone, right?

When the parental marked their 40 something wedding anniversary last September we were supposed to dine at Tong Yang but with all the smash up and postponement we had to re scheduled it again and again until its October already. And concurrence to the beer month, oh and rosary month, is Ysabel’s birthday. 🙂 So we thought that it’s perfect to schedule that belated lunch date with fambam.


Leoncio and I always make it to a point to be early when dining buffet, we want to see everything unscathed yet before the hungry pack arrives besides there’s a lot of advantage in being early (well, hello to me I wish I can observe the same during work days so I can be more productive and sympathetic to everyone, hehehe) because the early bird gets the worm, in our case the biggest share of shrimps and crabs. My family from Cavite arrived few minutes after us, they came without Tatay who decided to stay home because he finds it gruesome to travel to Makati. I remember last year’s Christmas shopping during the first day of December, he was complaining and holding his irritation to us all the time just because we can’t get enough of the shopping spree. Hay! He never changed, really, from being KJ even wayback our teen days. I wish I can bring Tong Yang in Tagaytay so he could experience and savor it, well, I guess he would definitely enjoy the unlimited beer. 🙂


Anyhow, we all enjoyed the spread at Tong Yang for lunch but we have to remind Nanay on the crabs which she fancies amongst the spread, Kuya P had his usual big appetite perhaps the reason why Tong Yang charged us 7 adult rate (instead of 6 only) and persuasively says that there is no kid discount anymore, 😦 we had to remind Arman & Leoncio to watch their eating of innards and other raw food like oysters, remember the last time they had diarrhea for days. 😀 Since its Ate SAM’s first time at Tong Yang, I thought it’s something new to her, and appealing except that she had dose of tocino just like me. And because it’s the little miss birthday, she had a whole bun of siopao and a small bowl of ice cream to her delight. And we had gifts to her except that for the second time Che and I picked the same doll once again. The first time was Christmas wayback when SAM was a little girl, we got her the same Winx doll. This time we gave Ysa the same Baby Alive character, so, Che ended having hers replaced by a Barbie doll, probably Ysa’s first Barbie to count. The only thing we missed was to bring a blowing cake.


Nevertheless, it’s was indeed a happy birthday lunch! 😛


After a hefty lunch at Tong Yang we drove to Boni High so the kids can run around especially our birthday baby who’d never been to places nothing like when SAM was growing up –blame the horrible traffic and busy household and priorities (?) I only wish the family can troop back to Baguio again this season, but wait that would mean “extra gastos” which I’ll be watching cautiously this Christmas, so let this remain on my bucket list for now.


Proud Ninang to these three, SAM, P and Ysa ♥

We had a light dinner at the lower level of Market! Market! before we bid goodbye to my folks, it was a day out I’d love to do over and over again, it’s one of those happy-go-lucky Saturdays when I don’t need to think of work and other responsibilities including the household chores.



As you marked the second of your many birthdays, may you grow up to be God-fearing, loving and beautiful inside and out. You’ll always be our little miss at home who’d always lighten up the mood especially the grumpy grandfather. Kiddin’ aside, continue to be a sweetheart to Mommy & Daddy, to Ate & Kuya, to Ninong & Ninang and to Boi & Bei. And don’t grow up too fast, please. I love you baby! 


kfc breakfast buffet

kfc breakfast buffet_1

Just because my breakfast routine on weekends doesn’t seem to expand here for the last couple of months now it doesn’t mean that I gave up my love affair with mornings and Sundays and breakfast, a good and sunny breakfast that is. ♥ It’s just that my weekend schedules now are quite knotty following ze husband’s erratic work plan and of course the hazy mornings ever since summer bid goodbye, say hello to rainshowers and bed weather folks.

Once a breakfast lover it’s meant to stay that way eternally, thanks to the many all-day breakfast places sprouting massively universally. Other than I still fancy breakfast food taken in the morning, it’s the law of nature I assume. 😀 So everytime I’m given the chance to date my husband on his precious day off I’d still go for a breakfast date, something to start our day early and something to make our tummy very happy.

kfc breakfast buffet_2

Two Saturdays ago we gave it a go once more, the KFC’s Breakfast Buffet to be exact. It’s one of the morning buffets we don’t want to miss so to make sure we get in that Saturday, I asked the husband to make a reservation the night before. He didn’t need to pay for the advance coupon thing as advertised and yes we were still accommodated at past 8am the following day.

kfc breakfast buffet_3

And what I thought was early because of the few diners I spotted on the 2nd floor of KFC Jupiter branch was a deceived. 😦 We should have gone earlier even before the 7:30am start because it was jam-packed at the 3rd level where the buffet area was served. I was a bit disappointed of the long line that welcomed us. Even a decent seat was so hard to reserve so we shared a long table with this guy who at first was feeling annoyed of the long line too. I allowed the husband to fall in line first knowing how impatient he is at times, I thought at least I have the time to observe and took photos for a while. And it gave me time to settle and strategize my supposed game plan at the buffet table soon as it’s my turn.

kfc breakfast buffet_4

Okay, I wasn’t able to take photos of the spread because it’s not decent to look at anymore and some chafing dishes were almost empty (while some were really empty and waiting for refills). I had everything on my plate expect rice because I was planning to eat lightly at first but all viands call for a kind serving of rice so I had to get a bowl to fully enjoy my tocino. 😀

kfc breakfast buffet_6

kfc breakfast buffet_5

The buffet spread included plain rice and garlic rice, chicken tocino, chicken longganisa, chicken fillet, hash browns, pancakes and arrozcaldo, coffee and hot chocolate, orange, apple and iced tea. For its P199 price I think it’s worth your every penny. Surprisingly it passed the husband’s picky mood. By the way, for the unlimited coffee and juice, you have to add P30, not bad though.

kfc breakfast buffet_7

And if you really want to make “sulit” eat a lot of those chicken fillet. 🙂

kfc breakfast buffet_8

But never forget to save room for pancakes, their chocolate chip pancakes were a stand out that even our feeling annoyed tablemate had more than two plateful serving of it. And he went back three or four times to refill everything. I’m just guessing that maybe he hadn’t taken dinner the night before that’s why he wolfed down what three people can actually share. Hehehe.

kfc breakfast buffet_9

Ooops sorry if this promotion comes very late for you, the KFC Breakfast Buffet ended yesterday and we missed it because someone went to work again on a Sunday. 😦 And tho a lot of netizen were requesting an extension of it, KFC never confirmed any as of now. Well, let’s hope they’d come up with a second run!



104 Jupiter St Bel-Air 2 Subd Bel-Air, Makati City
T. +632-899 4220 

matgalne korean restaurant

If you’d notice husband and I slowed down our eating habits on weekend, we don’t frequent buffets like before, we don’t go to American restaurants that normally serves big plates nowadays, tho we’d like to think that we’re still young and healthy to consume anything fatty and oily our body whines naturally. Sometime in November last year, husband and BIL went through intestinal distress for days after a hefty dinner at Tong Yang, we assumed it’s the unlimited pork intestines and innards other than they really overfed themselves. Hahaha


But you know when buffet is as cheap as P399 only, sometimes you can’t sleep right and couldn’t wait to stop and dine there soon. Husband and I regularly pass by Kalayaan Avenue coming from Rockwell and everytime traffic slows down at the façade of this Korean restaurant I couldn’t help but crave for samgyupsal (pork belly) and kimchi. Yes, I’m no pork lover but samgyupsal is a different thing, I couldn’t describe more how it creates a flavorful sensation in my mouth.


The weekend before Valentine’s week, husband and I decided to visit the place and have dinner, finally I was able to convince him that with its unlimited serving of pork and beef our money will be worth it and that kimchi is a healthier option. We arrived at the restaurant around 7pm and good thing that the parking spaces alongside the building were still vacant. If you’ll plan to dine there I suggest you go early so you won’t worry about being towed.


Matgalne Korean Restaurant is easy to miss if you’re not too familiar with the place, the signage outside is written in Korean except for the word Korean Restaurant. But if you happen to know Makati Prime Tower the restaurant sits next to it. It’s interiors is bright and welcoming, tho I’d love it better if tables would be place a little apart from each other, talk about a little privacy here. During our visit the restaurant was half-filled of Korean nationals, I’m guessing the food must be authentic tho I can’t really tell because I haven’t been to Korea myself, and the closest I could get is here with plentiful of banchan (side dishes).


I scanned the spread, it was cleanly plated tho some needs to be refilled. I had some japchae, kimchi, Korean pancake, kimbap and more. Kimchi was so good!


I had fried rice on my second serving which was so good paired with beef and kimchi, I rolled even some in lettuce with soybean paste and popped it my mouth like what real Koreans do. Sarap! I can live everyday having this, the lettuce put balance to my meat consumption. 🙂



Leoncio always find its fun to cook and eat at the same time, so he’s in-charge of grilling everything raw. We had four servings of beef and one serving of pork only. I don’t know but I end up liking their chadolbaegi (beef) more. The thin slices of beef were to die for and shredded cabbage is so good! The spread maybe minimal but with its price I think it’s not bad at all.


For dessert they have banana fritters and glazed sweet potato. I hope they will give away at least one Melona ice cream bar to all dining customers, honey dew please! 😀


We left stuffed, I felt a bit giddy, I’m wondering if its protein overload or the oil I consumed from the fried dishes nonetheless I had a wonderful dinner, we had a lovely date night and the best thing –it doesn’t hurt our pocket so much. And for that it deserves a second come back! ♥



Matgalne Korean Restaurant
4768 Kalayaan Avenue cor. Mariano Street, Poblacion
Makati City, Metro Manila
T. +632 8902949
Operating Hours: 11:00 am to 12:00 midnight, Monday to Saturday