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one busy Sunday to go

After spending the weekend at the beach last week, I’m home and decided to spend more me-time this day. I know I needed one especially after the chaotic sched I had back at the office.

Well, probably not tomorrow as I am thorn to events and sales happening only until this day. I hope to decide overnight.

If going to MIAS would be a good move.

Manila International Auto Show is the biggest motoring event in the Philippines which aims to uplift the local automotive industry in the country. And I remember attending this same event in 2009. I wanted to see it again this year but I am not so decided. 😦

I haven’t been to Binondo Sale and I thought it would be a good idea to pay State Center a visit this time. The last I heard I could score cheap branded luggage’s here. And because I need a good hand carry bag, I wanted to take a look around.

Being a big fan of this clothing brand, it’s a crime to miss this amazing Debenhams offer! Gosh!

SM Homeworld Sale is on top of my priority because we need to buy a new comfortable mattress or if the budget will fit in will get a new bed frame too.

Oh my, Sunday would be one big and busy day! Don’t forget to attend mass, it’s already Palm Sunday. 🙂



you bring pride

Mar 27, my favorite niece was the center of everyone (well, for our families definitely) when she graduated with honors from grade school.

SAM may not get the No. 1 slot in school this time but she proved her aptitude when she topped the entrance exam in Cavite State U Science High School.

Now, we all wish her a good high school life. Congrats Ate SAM for all the achievements! Stay smart and beautiful! 🙂



prologue to a Boracay travelogue

Without any post for the last 12 days, did I miss any from the Blogosphere? Okay, the short pause was because I was occupied much at the office these days –meetings, reports, deadlines, quarter end close dilemma, they eat up 12 hours every day and by the time I hit home, I feel drowsy and the least I could do is to sit in front of the TV and wait for my favorite teleseryes. By the way, I cannot miss any. 🙂

Seriously, with my recent routine I sometimes feel like bursting out. It wasn’t an easy job but don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining anyway. I love what I do and the challenges abound. And because I needed to breathe in between, I managed to escape for a while and pack and go on vacay. It’s workable at any rate, hehehe.

Last Mar 22, we (with Nanay and Leoncio) took off flight Z2 300 to Kalibo and rode the comfy coaster of Southwest Tours that leads us a dive away from the island paradise.

All my little worries went away soon as we stepped in the powdery white sands of Boracay.

My Nanay’s first time and our second visit.

We spent our 3D/2N at the posh boutique hotel –Astoria Boracay.

We felt well-off, who wouldn’t anyway?

A laid-back space in Boracay was so perfect for that much needed relaxation while having fun.

Leoncio and I didn’t waste any single minute of this second chance.

Meanwhile, Nanay enjoyed the walks, despite her aching toes.

And anywhere we go, we delight our tummies with good food. In Boracay, there’s abundance of it.

If only we can extend our stay, we would want to discover more. At least we still have plenty of things to look forward to on our next visit. Not any time this year but probably when next summer comes. 🙂

And I don’t believe at all that whatever happens in Boracay stays in Boracay because I will not stop recounting the pleasant events of our short escape.

A detailed Boracay chronicle will follow soon. Happy Weekend peeps! 😛



ToT Goodie Giveaway: Vosges Chocolates Truffles

I’m joining again and hopefully bring home this box of sweets!

photo credits:

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you are only as old as you are

We didn’t have a big party for our canine celebrant over the weekend but despite its being minimal we all know Ate Shen was very happy with all the greetings she got from our household. Besides she enjoyed the pancit which she shared with Bea and to all human friends however, being a very picky eater she didn’t even taste the cheese flavored ice cream we bought. 😦


And the sugar-free apple pie was for picture taking only for Ate Shen, she turned away after she smelled a spoonful. Well, not for Bea dear as she wolfed down her share right away. 😀

We love you dearly and we want you to know that –more snuggle and play!


P.S. I don’t have too many photos over the weekend because the rebel baby is being serviced at the moment…



Le Ching TOO

While Leoncio and I were out on Sunday evening, we had the chance to dine again at one of our favorite Chinese eatery in Greenhills Shopping Center. Okay, don’t ask anymore what I am doing in Greenhills on weekends, hehehe.

Le Ching Too is the other store that is tucked inside the mall’s tiangge. And despite its being crammed most of the time, we still prefer the place and ambiance. There’s just this authentic feel that I cannot describe.

We had the usual order of Spareribs Rice, the all-time best-seller.

To some this serving style maybe inconvenient but for me it’s appealing –hot served in metal bowls! Yum!

Because we wanted something to warm our tummies, we ordered Wanton Noodle Soup. I love that its shrimp wanton was generous as well as the leafy vegetables. The bouillon was tasty, yet not so strong as to overpower the delicate taste of the wanton and the noodles. I could finish this bowl all by myself but since we have rice bowls it can serve two easily.

And I don’t mind getting feed with this comfort food every day. It’s divine!



Le Ching Too
G/F Shoppesville, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan