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i heart you…

Figuratively and literally I ♥ you!

30 may 2014

The forthcoming weekend would be one eventful weekend to date, I have a wedding to attend, a birthday to organize and a meeting to preside but I’m not complaining, I love it in fact because I’ll be around.

P.S. Today’s my dear Nanay’s 62th birthday and I’m wishing her nothing but of good health and more birthdays to celebrate. 😛




revisiting figaro


Husband and I frequent coffee shops because we find the food serving a bit light, ideal for our pretend diet :D, plus we don’t need to move for desserts. Most even became our default dinner place because they’re open up until late-night, it’s perfect for our late, late night cravings.

Coming from a very tiring weekend in Palawan I was dog-tired and hungry at the same time. When Leoncio picked me at the airport I was already half-awake but first I want something to eat, this is one of those times that I cannot just simply trade my hungry pangs to a catnap. We dropped Boni High for a quick dinner, we first lined for CBTL but the place was packed. I was drooling for their salad but waiting wasn’t an option that night. There were a good line-up of coffee shops at Boni High but I don’t have much energy to move from end to end so we settled with what’s nearby.

Figaro is one of the oldest coffee shops in the metropolis, it opened way back even before Starbucks had their first store in the Philippines. And because it is Filipino-owned they prickle the right aroma and taste of the perfect coffee, we Pinoy love. ♥ Like most coffee shops, Figaro these days not only offer coffee and pastries, they have specialty pasta, gourmet sandwiches, ala carte, salad, pizza, all-day breakfast and rice meals.


I really wanted some greens after missing it during my stay in Palawan but I wanted a bit of pasta too, the Tuscan Chicken ala carte was so perfect for my appetite. The chicken was flavorful tho a bit dry, the greens was crisp and dressed lightly, and the pasta was tomato-based which I like –my favorite food in one plate! The order came with a medium-sized iced tea, a real value for your money.


The husband chose a rice meal, I’m sensing he didn’t had a decent meal while I’m away, the reason why he ordered something filling that night. It’s called Pork Tenderloin in Asian Pesto Sauce. It was served with tomato and cucumber salsa and your choice of brewed coffee or iced tea. He paired his with coffee. I like the pesto because it wasn’t too strong for my taste.


We tried the Tablea Blackout Cake right after dinner and it’s definitely the thing we’d love to come back. Its deep chocolate flavor isn’t too sweet which I personally like.

I’m definitely coming back again at Figaro, it’s one the coffee shops I’d love to hang out minus the overly noise of teens lurking around. Hehehe…



Figaro, Bonifacio High Street
Quadrant 5 space #1E108 City Center
Bonifacio Global City
Tel: (02) 856-1507

i’m busy…


A week ago I woke up to this view, it was a happy sight despite the challenges I was about to face that day. For the first time in many years I traveled solo, I braved the sea and conquer my inferiority feelings, I’m not a sociable person and my self-esteem is sometimes zero but none that my faith and prayer can defeat and I rise victorious that weekend and won new friends. 🙂

To date, the work place remains to be a big chaos but I’m slowly adjusting and getting the hang of it. It may not be an easy charge other than I need to stand tall for people under my wing, I need to be the voice of those who are impaired and I need to survive and might as well enjoy this ride for as long as I can.

If you haven’t seeing the local channels these days, I think you’re missing a lot. I won’t be ashamed to admit that I’m currently hooked to this melodramatic family drama on ABS, not only that I am deeply touched by Monica’s sigh and suffering but more so on the struggles of married life and its flaws. I couldn’t help but shed a tear for her everytime she tries to be optimistic despite the crushing truth. I know how it feels to be like a walking time bomb waiting to explode. 😦

Anyway, I won’t keep this week ender long, I have tons of backlog to write and I don’t want to make promises, I’ll try to keep this journal updated everytime I have the luxe of time. We’re driving south tonight and I’m excited as usual to see my two B’s. I’m wishing everyone a nice Friday eve and a splendid weekend ahead. ♥


chili’s with friends ♥


I have the most unpredictable set of friends, they come in different form and sizes and color…hehehe, ano ito t-shirt lang, but seriously they really are spontaneous yet awesome and genuine in many ways. 😛

Ge and wifey came home from London last April without telling anyone of us, tho I had hint of his coming home I didn’t bother asking him anymore until I received his call, “I’m home!” It probably was one of the happiest second, my brother from another mother is back home to native land, and homecoming means get-together and merrymaking even just a night.

We initially set the meeting on May 2 but a day after Ge called me up to tell me that they would be staying short only this time and we need to meet right away, that night in particular. I contacted the group right away to let them know of the changes, happily even with that very, very short notice they all made it except Pel. We miss you Pel and your biblical verses. 😀


The usual, I arrange the venue, I wanted it at Holiday’s Inn Flavor’s Restaurant but George thought it was too much, he remained to be budget-conscious even if he’s not paying a single cent, another of the many best attributes I love about them, and I really appreciate their benevolent concern. Consensually we mutually agreed to meet at Chili’s, not a cheapo as well but I think a few pounds wouldn’t hurt our dear Ge’s pocket anyway.

I arrived past the 7pm meet up and George and Babu were already filling up with some Classic Nachos and beers, it’s a bit boring to see how their nachos look like after an hour of exposure to humid and smoke. Hay! These guys, they can’t proceed without me, I would forever be their planner, their log book, their younger sister who’d do the little errands and so. While Ge would always allow me to do the necessary, even from wayback he gives me go signal even without me asking, he practically can read me. In fact, we’re the best tandem from our pack because we see things communally and because we’re of the same age bracket we follow the same wave length, we jibe in so many ways. But lo and behold I’m that someone who forbade his womanizing and all, I never tolerated his mischievous style kaya lang he knows how to flee from my sight and do the moves. Ge and his darkest secret long ago, I’m happy that the boy already outgrew that stage and he is now a dedicated husband to Den.





Back at Chili’s, I got us Bottomless Tostada Chips, Grilled Shrimp Alfredo Pasta, Fish & Chips, Calamari & Wings Over Buffalo tho we had to return the latter two because it was too salty for our taste, parang nabusan ng asin promise! 😦 And since they have this ongoing promotion –Margarita Madness, I decided to get myself a Frozen Top Shelf Classic Margarita with bottomless refills. It’s love! ♥

Ge and Den arrived and had the Big Mouth Burgers both, I shy away from taking photos of their gigantic burgers but it looks deli and real heavy. Our only Gem arrived late as expected. He loves being late up until now, the limelight of pacing like a VIP, the red carpet, and with everyone’s eyes locked on him. That’s Gem then and now, and I don’t think he’d ever change but we love him just the same.




We had a good chat while dosing ourselves with alcohol and chow, tho things were a lot like more different by now, age must have taken its toll and everyone drank moderately I noticed, even George. But because it’s Monday, we had to adjourn early. After everyone washed down with coffee at the nearby Seattle’s Best we had our goodnights.


Our friendship isn’t perfect, we had our fair share of disagreement, sarcasm and whatnot, we sometimes feel ill about the other person, we sometimes feel dullness but because we have a very solid foundation that no one can break apart, not even the wives and the husbands :D, those imperfections were too small to tell apart. We’d always be there for each other like what we used to 18 years ago, we’d always be each other’s shadow, and no matter how difficult and challenging life can be, we’d rise and conquer the same, we’re born fighters so you know.

Ge and Den, thank you for the wonderful time and hopefully we can spend a longer date in December. I won’t mind guys if you’d surprise us again. 🙂



Chili’s® Grill & Bar
2nd Level Greenbelt 5 Ayala Center Makati City 
T. +632 729-3022 / 729-2862

sundate no.28

Apr 27. It was the typical Sunday, I had errands to run while the husband had work the entire day, and as planned we met merely at dinner time to date around before welcoming the nerve-racking workweek. It’s a must that we go out during weekend and spend some time connecting with the real world a.k.a. shopping mall. 😀

sundate no.28_1

But since we still have to squeeze some time, on that particular day, to window shop for that top-sider he had long been yearning for (yes, we didn’t exactly bought it that day) we were able to sit down for dinner late. Most restaurants at the new wing of Glorietta had already pulled their “Closed” signage and we pinned down at least 2 or 3 that were still open. We’ve been passing Don Henrico’s every now and then but never considered it for the longest time because I find it steep for just the two of us and my recall of Don Henrico’s big plates is better for groups. Talk about days when SAM was growing up we used to frequent the old restaurant at Glorietta 4.

Anyhow, because I don’t want to walk any further and I’m famished by now, we settle on. The new store was very casual compared to the old store which was upscale based on my opinion. The new store had this fast food vibes and disorderly setting –mismatched chairs, compact couch seats (that’s very uncomfortable), the flooring wasn’t impressive as well, I should have taken a photo of the whole area tho you can check out here. It’s far different from the old store which was modish yet homey for my taste.

The food was another story. Because it’s late dinner already I thought of skipping the pizza, we had my usual favorite from Don Henrico’s –Onion Rings, Baked Ziti and Buffalo Wings.

sundate no.28_2

Homestyle Onion Rings. Sweet onion rings, lightly breaded and deep-fried until golden crisp; served with our very own ranch dressing.

My memory of Don Henrico’s Onion Rings was that of a basket full of lightly coated and crispy big slices of onion. So naturally I was surprised when our orders came in, more or less 10 pcs of onion rings which was oily and poorly coated (unevenly cut as well). I was dismayed. For its P170 price, it’s a rip-off! 😡

sundate no.28_3

Baked Ziti. Ziti seasoned with sautéed ground beef, Italian sausage, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and creamy white sauce. Baked until cheese is bubbly and garnished with red sauce. P310 To Share.

There might be a reason behind this unappetizing serving of pasta and I can only assume that the cook was in a rush because it’s nearly closing or was it me and my current obsession to red sauce and olive oil. I thought I was in the rival restaurant for a while.

sundate no.28_4

Don Henrico’s Buffalo Wings. Traditional upstate New York style tender pieces of chicken wings marinated, cooked to perfection and coated with tangy BBQ sauce; served with their creamy ranch dipping sauce. P390 for 3 pieces.

Probably because I’m by now upset I didn’t pay heed anymore to our Buffalo Wings order. I cannot tell exactly if it tasted the same. I wasn’t interested anymore. 😦

sundate no.28_5

I ♥ Don Henrico’s because it brings so many memories of the past esp its Session Road’s branch other than this recent dining experience didn’t impress me and left my palate in despair. What have you become now DH? Where’s that promise of great food and great ambiance go?



Don Henrico’s
Glorietta 1
2nd Floor, Glorietta Mall Ayala Center, Makati City
T. +632  511-1542 /  511-8196

here’s to end the workweek


It’s been a long and wearing one, I can only pray for a good weekend. 😀