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Holy Week 2013: Part I –Caleruega and Chapel on the Hill

Leoncio and I were home in Cavite for this year’s Holy Week; we skipped the long drive to Ilocos even if it was the original plan because of last minute emergencies –work, resources, etc. I feel sorry for his folks who were excited to pay a visit and spent the long break with the old ones. But I really don’t want to go in that trip unprepared because it will definitely end up in mayhem and I don’t want to hassle myself and end up strained even after vacationing. So while in Cavite, I ensure we’ll have a good time. I ensure that we spent our time sensibly. I kept a busy sched for us so we don’t bore ourselves at home doing the usual routine –eat, sleep, eat, sleep (repeat x times). 😀  And because everyone was like in a race to exit Manila on the night of Holy Wednesday we kill time and left Manila passed 11pm, we arrived in Cavite around 1am safely and just right. Thank you Lord!

maundy thursday-1

On Maundy Thursday, we spent half day at home and half day outside. We wanted to skip Tagaytay on that day –traffic and crowd, but Tagaytay have always held that charm that we cannot resist. Maybe it’s the cold wind that blows even during the summer months or maybe it’s because the place is simply beautiful on its own, it never fails to mesmerize me every single time. The whole family convoyed down to Nasugbu, Batangas to start on our Visita Iglesia. The Seven Churches Visitation is traditionally observed on Maundy Thursday and commonly practiced during any day of the Holy Week. Our timing was perfect only that because of the heavy build up of traffic along the highway we arrived in our first destination passed 3pm already.

maundy thursday-2

If I remember it right it’s our second time to visit Caleruega, it’s a must-see place I tell you. If you want some quite time to think about and wander, you’ve come to the right place. Tho on this visit there were plenty of people who’ve come also to stopover, we still found a spot where we can be with our own, close to nature and closer to God.

maundy thursday-3

The picturesque Transfiguration Chapel remains to be a favorite wedding destination, I remember inquiring here previously when we were scouting for our church in 2005. Unfortunately, our date was no longer available and our budget does not fit the rates. Nevertheless, I have no regrets when we had our wedding at Our Lady of Lourdes.

maundy thursday-4

My family loves to walk, both young and old, and I thank God that none of them ever complained about the long walk up and down except that our little P panicked when we cross the hanging bridge going on the other side of the greenery.

maundy thursday-9maundy thursday-10maundy thursday-11maundy thursday-5maundy thursday-6maundy thursday-12maundy thursday-13maundy thursday-14maundy thursday-7maundy thursday-8

We’d love to comeback once again and go on a picnic on a Sunday and hang around. I’d really love to.

maundy thursday-15maundy thursday-16

We wanted to stay longer but we’re up to visiting another church along the road. The Chapel on the Hill is equally stunning with its 360-degree view of its serene surroundings through its glass walls. Like the Transfiguration Chapel it’s another favored wedding destination.

maundy thursday-16

The chapel features a labyrinth –a sacred circle with a single path that leads to its center. Walking the path lends itself to prayer and meditation. This kinesthetic style of prayer is especially valuable during those times when words cannot express the depths of heights of our experience.  Really, I have no idea what it’s like because there was an ongoing mass when we arrived.

maundy thursday-18

After offering a short prayer and a quick look around, we left and were back on the hilly road going to Tagaytay.

maundy thursday-19

Our last stop that day was at Yellow Cab, a favorite of my family especially the kids who love pizza and nothing more. 😛 We had a wonderful dinner not just because the food was delicious rather because we were complete. One happy family sitting all together.

maundy thursday-20

I guess this Holy Week is one of my significant observances because I was home; I was home with my whole family. 🙂

 To be continued…



3 responses to “Holy Week 2013: Part I –Caleruega and Chapel on the Hill

  1. madjewel April 3, 2013 at 10:40 pm

    another ” church to visit ” on my list, your tagaytay posts are really inviting 🙂 btw, how many minutes away is this place from rotonda? i already find the bag of beans a bit far…

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