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a Pinoy original + espresso brew = a perfect Sunday!

Husband and I spent the long weekend with my family in Cavite after missing my mother’s home cooking for a month. It was like the usual weekend, we had plenty of sleep and play with my sister’s kids.

And aside from what my family can offer the pleasurable time, I always have with my family 🙂 I always look forward on peeping at Tagaytay. Who wouldn’t love to steal a moment when Tagaytay is just a 10-minute drive away?

Sunday before dinnertime we made our way and drove to what is called “probably the most pleasant city in Asia” (says I had no idea that my favorite city today stands out with that label but probably I have to agree. Even if the place is now commercialized with its high-rise buildings, supermarkets and restaurants everywhere I still love the cool climate and the activities, which I find perfect for family bonding.


The Dinner

I picked Gerry’s Grill for last Sunday’s family dinner minus my Tatay. It was because I was craving for Kare-Kare and Crispy Pata. It’s a time-out to pizza and pasta dishes, which we frequent when in Tagaytay.

I have to give Gerry’s a visit and savor Pinoy original dishes this time 🙂 

The set we had,


Chili Cheese Stick with Garlic Mayo Dip. My sister and I loves that of Ibayo’s firesticks.


Inihaw na Pusit is an all-time favorite at Gerry’s.


Beef Kare-Kare is creamy and yummy!


Crispy Pata (Large). This would always be a winner for Sam, who can finish half of it 🙂

We also had Pork Sisig, which I didn’t bother to take photo because of the poor quality of serving.


I had Four Seasons Shake

While Nanay, Che and Sam had the controversial Sago’t Gulaman (no photo). I say so because the glass was delivered so so behind our ordering time, it is because the order taker failed to punch it (?) and worst was we were billed double for this. Tsk! I cannot account this as a single incident because even before it is a major complain. Good thing that we always check the receipt before paying so we do not overpay for foods we do not consume. I suggest you do the same 🙂


Currently Gerry’s Grill Tagaytay had this on-going promotion Beer All You Can for P199 during happy hour, which is 5-9pm. I don’t know with other branch but it’s a sure win for beer drinkers, four hours is long enough for alcohol intoxication.

Husband ended a little unsteady after six bottles…hehehe

Oh and by the way, Gerry’s Grill does have a live band that keeps its customers entertained while having a sumptuous dinner. I have no idea about the schedules but it’s definitely a plus factor for attracting local tourist.

Overall, Gerry’s Grill had gone beyond its expected market. I had no doubt that families, including us, who love to share quality time over dinner, had filled the place last Sunday night.


After-Dinner Coffee


We were supposed to drive home after dinner but my nephew, Pao, had been insisting about Starbucks so we had to stop at Summit Ridge Promenade.

We thought of backing out after we were greeted by the long queue of customers but it would be too hard to convince the little boy about going home. After 20 minutes, we were finally seated and sipping the hottest brew.

I don’t need to be a kid but I love the mood of Starbucks especially those branches in Tagaytay. It’s perfect for coffee sipping and lounging with family and friends.

What’s more, ending a delicious dinner with a superb coffee serving is a happy tradition. 🙂

We went home past 11pm and I stayed awake finishing all the editing for this week’s post. I look forward on changing this week’s disposition; tomorrow will be the start of the “ber”months. I smell Christmas; I am excited about this year’s red cups blend; I wish to get a lot of good vibes before the year-end.

Have a happy weekday everyone! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Amber on the road

Driving South to my hometown is not a regular thing for husband and I especially now that prices of gas seems had fixed to P40+ per liter. It saves us from at least a thousand if our visits would be as scheduled only. And saving means we have some to spend on sumptuous dinners!  

Anyhoo, last Saturday we had the chance to visit back. It was another short road trip with a tummy filling take-out food from Amber.


Husband shared this Canton-Bihon Mixed with our Bea


While I had The Original Pancit Malabon.

We had an order of Pichi-Pichi too, which I forgot to take photos because the smell of the pancit malabon made me hungrier.


This is what I love about driving on weekends, no rush, laid back –anything goes! And what I love most is spending a three days off and away (?) from inconsiderate people. 🙂

Oh and by the way, we made a short trip at Salcedo Saturday Market. I did not bother to step out of the car because they were packing up when we arrived however, husband and Bea went on a quick round and brought me a Lumpiang Ubod. I will find time one of this Saturday to revisit and pig-out! 🙂

=============================================================== 🙂


1324 Filmore corner Emilia Streets

Brgy. Palanan, Makati City

Telephone Numbers:

884-8888 / 884-2222 / 845-0964 / 843-8722 / 886-1313

For Dine-In, Take-Out and Special Food Orders, click HERE.

random things t’is week

Friday is over and another week had passed. How was it? It wasn’t really good. During the first two days of this week, I was suffering from a very bad flu so on the third I gave up. I decided to stay home and bed rest but ended working from home…sigh!  😦 Thursday night was a big misfortune. I was stuck in traffic for one and half hour and worst was the long queue of taxi I withstand for another one and half hour. Followed by being deprived to eat BBQ and Pakbet because parking was a major, major problem.  Friday was that craving for something, which I do not know so I end up eating too many things and spending more than my allowance. 😦

On the lighter side, Tuesday I rekindle friendship with N, a long time friend (?). Thursday I received an email from Christine of Hit A Bargain! about claiming my Microtel Boracay’s GC. And during Thursday and Friday amidst the bad luck I had husband came to rescue me from being annoyed and exhausted. I love you Honey for giving me all the reason to smile everyday especially during our Mike Enriquez moments our way to Greenhills. And I thank the Lord for giving us Bea; I look forward on her jumps and big woofs as we open the door everyday.

Life isn’t perfect but everyday is a promise of a better one. Have a wonderful long weekend everyone! 🙂

P.S. We are driving South tomorrow with Bea and we look forward on coffee sipping, more bonding and a refreshing vacay all throughout the weekend 🙂

grounds for your garden

Starbucks introduced Grounds For Your Garden in 1995 as one of their Recycling and Reducing Waste campaign, which offers customers complimentary five-pound (2.27-kilogram) bags of used coffee grounds to enrich garden soil. And where commercial composting is available, many stores are able to divert other food waste and coffee grounds from the landfill as well.


And it was last December only when I found out this Starbucks significant moved in reducing waste. It was my sister, Che, who told me about it during one of our coffee session in Tagaytay. However, being away in the rural area, gardening was never been a serious diversion. I have one potted plant, which my mother gave me before we got married. It’s a money plant, which I am keeping until now for fear that money would go away forever if the plant would die 🙂

One of city living’s challenge to everyone is how we could help save planet earth, what green practices can we do, etc and so on. There are many campaigns but most of the times we fail to notice or rather practice. And then the question, how can you help? Okay, let me grow some flowering plants pretty soon with the help of this used coffee grounds. I am dead serious this time; I will try to buy some pots during the weekend.

Let me give back love to Starbucks for this environmental commitment in building a greener place to live in. Wish I could chance again a bag of this “green” material, the early bird catches the worms 🙂

N is alive, i miss my P-Boys!

It was Monday when I got an sms from my friend B, he was telling me then that finally he had news about N, another friend, which we had lost contact some 10 years ago…whew! We thought he was gone forever…hahaha

GP's fb upload with N, I was the one in the middle of it 🙂

GP and I were actually talking about N few weeks ago...

Anyway, I had second thoughts of getting in touch with N, knowing him he might not return back my messages. And I felt a little awkward; shy…we had past, past falling-out or whatsoever. The thing I remember we went a little distant even before our telecom career ended in 1999.  That was long, long enough for us to forget what was then before. So Tuesday, I sent him a very short message. It was all hi and hello, a few minutes after I was surprised to receive a return message from him. We started to communicate and it was like the old times. He was the same minimalist person, low profile I may call. Good-natured (?).

N with Atty. Tan, in one of our Tagaytay get-aways

N told me that he just arrived from KSA after about 4 months of working as a sales man. He was telling like, the job is not for him so I assume he is staying back to his hometown for now. He missed “us” so I instantly told him it was mutual, we missed him during occasions and travels.

Ka Lito, George, Rolly, N, Gem, Ge (i miss them minus Ka Lito and Rolly) 🙂

Honestly, I look forward on seeing him again. I missed my Piltel boys!

I was kinda mesmerized by his message…hahaha; it was unexpected that at our age he was still ngpapacute 🙂

“Pogi parin ako humble hehe . Just txt  me kung gimik kayo manila its easy 4 me 2 travel der.”


Too bad one of our friend, G, was Cebu based right now so it will not be a happy get-together.

a late weekend post

Last Sunday I missed to run with my husband, he left me chilling under my blankets. I felt I am going to get sick that morning and it happened. The trip to Robinsons Midtown did not happen too because I backed out, thinking that it’s Sunday, the mall could be so crowded by then. I had apprehensions too so we drove to Makati like the one we used to on Sundays.


How I wish Makati Avenue would be like this everyday.

We chance by Sunday mass was just beginning at Greenbelt so husband and I took that time to hear mass after skipping this Sunday obligation for so many times. 😦

Right after, we went for a walk at Greenbelt 5, we were actually checking an item at M&S but my size was no longer available. From Greenbelt 5, we walked towards the connecting bridge going to Landmark. I suddenly remember the years I spent crossing this footbridge the time when my work was still in Ayala Avenue.  This has been a convenience for most people especially during the rainy months.

At Landmark, most of the items at the 2nd floor (woman section) were on 50% markdown. I tried some blouses but it’s either I don’t have my size or my color preference. I went home with a piece, which I got from the bazaar section. We checked Debenhams again, I was hoping to bring home that Duvets bed linen sets but the stocks were all out…sigh! I told husband I should have bought it last week.


Before we went home, we spent an hour lounging at Starbucks 6750. Husband and I took a very light dinner over a filling serving of latte and frap plus a classic sausage, egg and cheese sandwich, which we shared.

And finale was that hard to resist slice of Very Berry Cheesecake.

The week had started not so right but I am hoping to conclude it well. Wish me a happy long weekend folks and do not forget to VOTE for BEA, 10 TIMES a day please. 🙂


P.S. Can somebody tell me what you call this plant? I snag photo of it after attending mass at Greenbelt.