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getting the hang of it

The-BIG-Summer-Outlet-Sale-2013-POSTER-18X24in_Updated-Logos-2 (1)

I’m seeing a very eventful weekend as early as now, there’s my favorite outlet sale happening starting today until Sunday (see flyer above),

cape 1228

there’s this 50% markdown on lunch and dinner buffet (tho this one can really, really wait until the end of May) and,

balik bukid

there’s this country fair I’m itching to pay a visit on Sunday. I also have to keep in mind to squeeze a date with my dear Tating, am still thinking if she would enjoy an afternoon tea in one of those posh Makati hotels. Oh my, I need to fully maximize my two days off this time and pass up the long sleep in the morning, avoid the internet as much as I can and start my day as early as 10am tomorrow by visiting the nail salon. Wow! And if I may add, I’ll date Mrs. F later; I thought this the best way to bond and for me to discuss quite a few things about work and her forthcoming assignment. 🙂

Anyhow, this week had been a challenging one for me especially that my attention was called last Tuesday, it still puzzles me where the heck that inkling came from, me and her conniving, probably the buzz went around because they thought we’re close like before. These people don’t really know our history, tsk! I guess this leave me no choice but to continue hating nonsense people at work; mind your own business please. I also had a heart-to-heart talk with two of my staffs; the first was with J, whom I’d started working with in 2010. I appreciate all her comments, her suggestions, her concerns, her initiatives, it warms the cockles of my heart to know she’s getting the hinge of work, finally she’ll advanced and I’ll get to relax on the side. With BJ, which I scheduled yesterday, was a different story. It’s sad that she had to feel that way, it saddened me more that she has to consider other things outside because she’s no longer pleased with the turnaround of events. I value her, a lot if I may say, because she’s committed, she’s hardworking and she’s easy to work with. I cannot recall any faulty issues with her, I never received any complain either. The past four years with BJ was all about teamwork and objectivity. I have bigger plans for her and I hope it won’t go to waste in the end. And I hope she got a better sleep last night after hearing all my two cents worth. Me –behind those defying moments, I felt proud of myself because I think I’ve given and said what’s needed to say including the right choice of words so as not to hurt or make anyone unhappy. I may be a silent creature at work because I choose to detached myself but I can be a roaring tiger if provoked, a small number of people know me by heart and I don’t mind how the others look upon me with hate. Huh!

It still summer in my country folks, I still don’t like much the outdoors but with good things lineup from time to time I’m willing to go and walk around. Remember I’m on instagram, so get your own account and stalk me there. Hehehe…But like what the Barreto’s had been shouting all over the net. “Enough is enough. Leave us alone. Leave my family alone.” Intiendes?

Oh these were my recent photos on instagram in case you missed to like it, hehehe

masflex from luigimuhlach

My latest winning, a masflex sauce pan from the celebrity chef Luigi Muhlach. Many thanks!

dinner at kfc

And my not so hungry dinner chow last night at KFC, a streetwise bucket meal just for the two of us. Burp! 


enjoining what is good

Going home in Cavite and seeing my maternal family means one happy weekend. Last Sunday was another occasion to make merry as we marked someone’s birthday. 🙂


It was Joel’s, Irish other half’s, so the generous cousin treats us out at two of our favorite hang-outs in Tagaytay –Yellow Cab and Army Navy. And unlike the previous visits at nightfall we’re out by mid-afternoon this time, I know it was abnormal for us to be out at that early but we very enjoyed the afternoon breeze and the food of course.


If you have been reading my old entries, you’ll know by now that I always look forward seeing my maternal relatives, I have a thing for them that is nonexistent from the paternal side. And every chance of reuniting with them brightens up any gloomy time.


There were supposed to be plenty of photos but my SD card was taken by the Shorcut Virus, no worries I successfully removed it today (well, I guess I downloaded the correct software this time). All photos here from my mini and thank you to Instragram for the instant effects. 😀


And like the old ways our Tagaytay date would not be complete without visiting the favorite coffee shop which we all love for its ambiance, its frappuccino, its sweet treat and all the memories in place through all these years. Starbucks is a must!

We ended the day beautifully without any fret, without any spring of fury, without any whining, I’m happy that way. Tho it’s hypocrite to say that our relationship as cousins isn’t anyway stained with resentment and annoyance, I believe that all things will end well at the right time, when wounds are healed and forgiveness has been sincerely given, in time we’ll be one bigger group again. I always believe that blood is thicker than water so do not let any outsider do evil and create a bigger hole in your heart, please.

It was dear weekend; again our birthday greetings to Joel and many thanks for the pizza treat! 😛


my friday thoughts

I stand no question that it’s really summer; the hotness is irritating especially at places where it’s supposed to be cold. Hello workplace, your AC isn’t working right and I hate it when I sweat while wrestling with work issues and difficult people around. Sigh!

Unlike past summers I have no clear plans of visiting the beach this time. We have cancelled our trip to Ilocos and moved it on the first weekend of May, however, we have to move it again because it falls on the same weekend of my company outing. Yes, I was obliged to join because my whole team is coming. Tho I’m not expecting so much from this, previous outings didn’t left a good impression on me, oh well to everyone I suppose. So let’s not rather talk about it now as I plan to stay dry and play Candy Crush while the girls go swimming. God, I feel so mother-ish doing it! 😀

You can’t help but crave for Razon’s yummiest Halo-Halo across the office building but nobody wants to call delivery, everyone was slow-moving, it’s like they’re not excited for Friday. Anyway, I’m not excited too because there seems no good about this week and the coming weekend except that we’re heading South to confirm if B is really heavy with puppies or she may have eaten too much the past weeks. Oh my, we’re gonna be grannies soon!

This morning our lobby guard says TGIF instead of his usual Goodmorning, on a second note do we really need to be thankful about Fridays? Well, not unless every Friday means payday and heyday. Hehehe. Excuse me here as there seems no real thought about this post, I just need to write to keep me up. Three more hours to go, I still need to complete some paperwork’s, I still need to read a hundred of mail and I need to post this one very soon.

By the way, I recently jumped on the bandwagon. I got myself an instagram account –januarylau, you could follow me or not. Your choice unless you just want to stalk around.

Crocs Cape Toe Flat Black

Instagraming this morning, my newest addition to my growing number of shoes. I never considered buying myself a pair of the rubber clogs until this classic style caught my eye. It was the perfect pair and I’m just testing this pair for the coming rainy months. Just so you know, I’m the Girl Scout type until this day. 😀


Giving Hope at the Ayala Museum

giving hope-1

Growing up I remember my keenness to art works and the like. I love doing crafts and DIY. I can spend a whole day doing collages and doodles. I don’t know what happened and suddenly I lost track of those hobbies. Maybe I have come to love the outdoors the reason why I bend over and all of a sudden realized I am really more of an extrovert. But my love for fine art never really dies.

I was surprised receiving an invite from one of my favorites at the blogosphere –Lui, Sweepy’s Keeper and the one behind these pages, Lui is Heaven, Lui is in Heaven, Hounds in Heaven, Ako si Sumo, Bogart in Heaven, SuperPinoyDogSweepy, SuperDogSweepy, I read all by the way and keep track of her updates on what’s goin’ on in Heaven. I highly recommend you start reading hers because it’s not just humorous, it’s inspiring generally.

giving hope-2

Anyhow, about the invite I was talking earlier. It was for an exhibit at the Ayala Museum. And since Sunday was the perfect time to go, Leoncio and I dropped by to say hi to the walls. Hehehe. The Giving Hope exhibit which was located at the Ground Floor Lobby is open to public for free and runs from April 6-10 (extended until today-April 18).

giving hope-3

At partial view I have to be honest that I wasn’t in awe, I don’t know what I was looking but I felt the room empty until I got a close up view of the exhibit. And I guess that’s the essence of appreciating art, you really have to see what’s beyond those frames and pictures and colors. I admire not only the kids and young adults who work here, but all the people and organizations involve in putting up this project.

giving hope-5giving hope-6giving hope-7giving hope-8giving hope-9

The love for art is beyond words and is overflowing. Hope is all over the place.

“to renew hope for those who have lost it and give hope to those who have never had it.” –Consuelo Foundation

giving hope-4

I personally love the Shower of Roses, with writings on each piece. The kids aspirations were truly meant, how a kid wanted her mother to come back so they’ll have a happy family once more. I was a little emotional at this point. I’m always like that, I have a big heart for the less fortunate and I felt I was on the same shoe way back years ago. Lui, thanks again for the heads up. 🙂

b & i

Sunday afternoon made a big difference because I skipped the mall, I skipped buying anything except that I never gave up the love for coffee and long talks with a longtime friend. Yep, I’m reunited with B and I see us doing this frequently. 😀


hello Sunday!

pinoy breakfast

Something that I don’t normally prepare is the all-time favorite Pinoy breakfast fare but this morning we happily had it upon the husband’s request. I had my friends drool over it on facebook. Hehehe.

Anyway, the sun is still up on its mightiest but we need to go. I’m just having my hair dry while doing this entry and if you want to stalk me around this would be my schedule later.

–visit the Ayala Musuem to grace Lui’s invite

–short trip at the Supermarket

–dinner at Cucina Andare

–meet up a friend at Starbucks and hang out

See you when I see you! 😛


MIAS 2013


I was never been a car enthusiast until we got out first car in 2007 –Winnie, she was a baby, she was a darling and without her I would not be able to go to places. Leoncio shared that while growing up he really dreamed of having a car of his own, a common I think to his species. So, he took his driving lesson seriously and in no time he became another king of the road.

I thought Alfred’s coming to our life would make a difference to me and would somehow motivate me to drive but I’m always wishy-washy like that, afraid of the steering wheel perhaps. 😦 But my different views to drive didn’t have anything to do with my becoming a car enthusiast. I’ll soon drive my own just wait and watch me. Hehehe…


Anyhow, I received MIAS invite few days before the event and to make it here I immediately cleared our Sunday schedule. Manila International Auto Show by the way ran from April 4-7 at the World Trade Center and on its 9th year already. Our visit on its last day was packed with so many car lovers, evident was traffic along the stretch of Gil Puyat and we even have to line up going in at WTC. The last time we attended this event was way back in 2009 and I was in awe seeing hybrid cars up-close and all that. We were too busy last year to go.


They collect P100 entrance fee and I notice how it doubled after 4 years, it must have something to do with oil price. 😐 Leoncio and I split ways and at times would bump at each other inside the event. He had his own preferences which somehow differ from mine. 🙂

Let me take you around the exhibits,




BMW M-Power TRS –these look identical with Leoncio’s BMWs in Real Racing 3. Pls note the plural he has 2 units virtually.


MAN (Truck and Bus) –top-ranking international supplier of commercial vehicle and transport solution. I heart this!










Harley Davidson






Toyota, I was quite disappointed with theirs especially that my dream ride wasn’t part of their lineup 😦




Ape, I want one!






Ford had the biggest exhibit. Low end to high end including the Mustang.


Classic cars


And the most classic amongst –the Toyota FX! Hehehe


I love these two! 😛


I don’t know why but these trucks are my kind –tough!


My nephew P would love these set. The big trucks!


At WTC’s East Annex extending to the Philippine Trade Training Center you’ll find restoration and customization trade –tinsmiths, paintshop experts and mural artist, to engine rebuilders and leather craftsmen.


Compared to the last one I attended MIAS 2013 is the biggest so far, unfortunately we were not able to chance Russ Swift this time instead our local car racer, car enthusiast Jomari Yllana was there with his exhibits and fans. 😀


He’s so gwapo!


And the flock of males everywhere, car lovers?


Not everyone I guess, hehehe!


Leoncio of course didn’t let go of the chance and took home souvenir photo with some models.

On my case, I was only disheartened because there weren’t much food stalls inside. 😦


And finally, the one I was looking for, just before the exit door I found my dream ride with all the banging music filling the entire hall.


I’d die with this gorgeous! He is! Now, the question is when can I take you home?