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Monthly Archives: November 2010

tired and excited…

At the start of this week, I wrote some, few lines, few photos of the weekend…honestly I don’t have the drive to write because I suddenly felt tired, of blogging? Of course not, maybe it’s my real job that occupying much of my time. I’m not complaining at all ha, I just need to say it over and over again.

That little happening this week –

Wednesday afternoon I went all the way from San Juan to Fairview to pick up my winning at the Muzikademy Blog Contest. Ms. Janice Hung personally handed me the tickets and other freebies, unfortunately my ever-reliable digicam, failed me that day, so, I left without any photo of that one-minute fame I had. Thank you also to Ms. Louise for being so accommodating 🙂 .

Just waiting now –

I told Ms. Louise I will be coming to Clark but will definitely be a little late tonight because of work again. Sayang un one day stay at Fontana, anyway husband and I still have tomorrow and Sunday to enjoy the Fontana’s wonderful offerings 🙂 .  And I am a little excited to pig-out, to shop 🙂 (the best part), to visit some friends and definitely to have fun on Muzikademy’s concert night.

I’ll write back probably on Sunday, have a happy weekend folks 🙂 !  



P.S. We will be missing Bea during this trip, sigh…her Lola would take care of her for the meantine 🙂 



tiny little baby

Right after the Baptismal Rite lunch followed at my cousin’s house. And again, it was like a get-together for us.

While everyone was busy catching up I took the chance to stage a small photo op for the little one 🙂 .


Cute, tiny, adorable…Banuy will be a big boy soon like Kuya Pao.

The season of month long celebration is just starting to gear up and I expect more bonding, more coffee sessions, more out of town and plentiful of food to feast 🙂 .


32 days more…



Dancel Jerus Baptismal

I missed my Sunday routine, getting up late and chillin’ under the blankets because I need to attend a Pre-Baptismal seminar. You know I am Ninang again so I need to show up, as this is required for both parents and godparents.

ok, excuse him for being sleepy all the time 🙂


Oh and the lucky kiddo was none other than baby B 🙂 .

during the Pre-Baptismal seminar


The talk took an hour and I was telling my cousin, Irish, to be ready for unexpected questions 🙂 . Remember Social Ethics in high school?  It’s more of that so I was a little coaching her every time the speaker would ask her about things related to Baptism.

welcome to the Christian World baby B!


And finally, the Baptismal Rite. I was a little amazed that on an ordinary Sunday there were many who went to have their child baptized. I wonder what its like on special days.

Ninangs L and J, mommy Irish and daddy Joel


Ninangs here wishing baby B a joyous beginning of a lifetime!  Sorry, I need to end this writing short, I feel so sleepy at the moment…ssshhh



Mango Outlet at SM Dasma

I have no idea that SM Dasmarinas is now house to another Mango Outlet until last Saturday. Okay, I am not a big fan of this clothing line but this time I tried it and gave in to my slight impulsiveness.


My weekend loot from the Mango Outlet was a knitted top, thanks Hon 🙂 .



Christmas rush, 2nd week

My weekend was spent away from the city and like the usual every time I am home to my family going out is regular thing.


It was late afternoon of Saturday when we went for a short drive from Tagaytay to Dasmarinas, it’s very evitable Christmas is right every corner 🙂 .



JM & Liza and my weekend writing…

This was yesterday’s happening at the office during our mid-afternoon snack. We had a small salo-salo to celebrate JM and Liza’s birthday. Happy Birthday to both of you 🙂 ! 

Anyway, we’re driving South tomorrow or probably later… I still don’t know 😐 .  I was invited to a 7th birthday tomorrow afternoon and on Sunday; I will play godmother to baby Banuy. I am excited to see home again after three weeks and I know Bea would love to see Ate Shen and Ate Sam 🙂 .

This is for now; I am not feeling any better about Friday 😦  . I wish everyone a happy weekend…