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sundate no.24


Our sundate doesn’t need to be posh all the time, in most cases I just need to slow down and sit at one corner, have coffee and sweets and be with my favorite date. I’m solved to that.


Mar 2. After seeing plentiful of photos from facebook of this new mall nearby I was taken away and marked the day of our visit right away. Century City Mall is the newest shopping mall in Makati that sits at the stretch of Kalayaan Avenue where IS was formerly located. During our visit that Sunday evening only few were visiting, it’s like the time when Boni High was still on its soft launch in 2007, it’s rational of course because only few shops and restaurants were operational including the overstated TWG Tea, there’s also Pepper Lunch, Early Breakfast Club, Toby’s Estate (a coffee shop), Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen, CaliBurger, Isla Café, Chatime, Mochi Sweets, Taters, XO 46 and Starbucks Coffee but there will be a number of good stores opening soon so we’d better check back ‘ney.


Oh by the way, Century City Mall has its own modern-day cinemas and we plan to watch there, once a good and worth-seeing movie is in. 😀


We had a quick peeped around the mall and found out that our favorite supermarket branched out here, yep, Rustan’s Supermarket is located at the lower ground floor tho it’s a bit pack and small.



Other than my favorite Gourmet-To-Go is there and they have plenty of cheeses and cold cuts to boot. I love, love, love. ♥



Our tired feet and aching ankles led us naturally at Starbucks Coffee, our even place-to-go when we do not want to hassle ourselves. Besides we’re not that hungry so a cup of coffee and a piece of bread + a bonus sweet treat perfectly fed us two. We stayed for a while and kill time like most Sundays. I’m amenable now even if the husband needs to work on Sundays, I still get a day out after his work anyway. And most Saturdays he’s free so he’s mine all day.


I know our sundates are now becoming less significant but we have weekdates at times and more importantly even without these day outs our marriage is definitely not frozen, we love doing things at home like…playing Candy Crush and Bubble Witch and Jelly Splash at the same time. Hahaha.


To more Sundate and beyond! 😛


Century City Mall
Kalayaan Ave. cor. Salamanca St., Brgy. Poblacion Makati City 1210

ikkoryu fukuoka ramen

I’m not a real ramen fan but anything soupy will do for me, I’m easy like that especially when I’m sharing a meal with a friend, someone who is out of the ordinary. Well, nag-iisa lang sya in my life 😀


B and I we’re pretty like cats and dogs, we love each other but when we fight it’s like the end of the world. During the Christmas month we had a little sort of some falling out because I felt like he was making fun of me at our batch group chat on facebook. Because December had been a very lousy month for me, I thought it’s no longer funny, it’s not pertinent anymore especially that I was still in the midst of mourning and at the same time twisted after Nanay’s heart attack. The last thing I want to hear was unnecessary commentary, it easily boils me up. And because B had this tendency to be tactless he gave me one that made me freaks out and rumble and he, he got the prize of what he thought was a practical joke. I didn’t talk to him the entire Christmas time, not a single text, I’m not ready to talk nor open to apologize for those hurtful words I shouted out while we were on a the phone. I thought it’s just right for him.

On my birthday, there it happened, because I need all the positive energy I thought it’s the best time to send ceasefire notice and patch up things. I can easily forget by yesterday and kiss and make up, just like that in one single text. I invited him to drop by the house for some late light snacks, Christmas leftovers I even added just so he wouldn’t expect too much but knowing him, he cried out, “Leftovers?” Oo nga naman why on earth would he make an effort to stop by when there’s only leftover to catch…Hahaha, “Bonggang bonggang leftover”, I exclaimed to him. Unfortunately he didn’t make it that night because he went out late from work so we sched a lunch date during his off.

Jan 16. We agreed to meet at Greenhills area for lunch other than he woke up late, rode a wicked cab, etc., there were too many obstructions along his way and my lunch break had already been depleted without him in sight, so, to make the story shorter we moved our supposed lunch date to dinner time. And to end his dilemma in getting lost and all I told him to stay put at Shangri-la Plaza and wait for me.

We met at Debenhams because I was checking some stocks, it was very casual and the usual banter as if nothing had happen. It’s like I’m talking to you already because I have forgiven you by now, hindi uso sa amin ang drama. So we’re good again. 🙂 And I’m treating him over a sumptuous dinner. I picked the place because his choice is very traditional. And we had plenty of wrong turns before we stepped in to the right place.



Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen, except the ramen word, is so hard to pronounce, we couldn’t ask the uniformed guards around because we couldn’t spell it out either, so we look and look over the East Wing until we finally surrender and innocently asked help from the roving guard, akalain mo kaharap na pala namin. Hay! Its signage was so easy to miss especially that it was my first time to step foot at this new wing of the mall. Anyhoo, glad that we were seated right away despite its many customers savoring a bowl of ramen. The ramen must be good. Like what I normally do when visiting a new resto I would normally browse menu and reviews prior to dining so it would be easy for me to order.


I had the Ajitama Tonkatsu because it was mostly recommended especially for first timers who’d like their ramen simple and basic. It’s basically with pork slice (cashu) and ajitama (special hard-boiled egg which is like my 7-minute egg, the soft-boiled one with runny yolk) in rich pork broth. I ordered my noodles hard as recommended to fully enjoy it. It didn’t disappoint, I gulped down my ramen broth quickly. It’s creamy so you know and it’s full of flavors.


B had the Black Garlic Tonkatsu, it doesn’t really look as appetizing as my bowl of ramen because of the black garlic oil other than he loved it and kept on saying how good it was even after finishing his bowl. Di maka-get over! Hahaha.


I also got us an order of the famed Gyoza, it’s filling and simply delicious and I think I can finish a serving by myself. We also had Karaage, which are plain pieces of fried chicken. I’m not really impressed with this, I’d rather have another set of Gyoza please. 🙂

We didn’t order any drinks because I was cutting on soda plus I was still nursing a bad flu and anything cold irritates my throat. B and I had a lovely reunion date except for the repeated and chorus “irrashaimase’s” of wait staff and kitchen crew, tho it means welcome it somehow annoys me. Well, it’s just me and my love affair with brick walls and charming places with almost church-like ambiance, I’m extremely quiet and the reason why B and I clicked it’s because we’re like North and South, he’s loud you know. 🙂



Level 5, Shangri-la Plaza East Wing, Shaw Boulevard cor. EDSA, Mandaluyong City
T. +632 447-8333