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seattle’s best coffee

Before the long break, the Holy Week that was, I’ve been on a busier sched, I was juggling between work and my household (as if I have a dozen of kids at home), so whenever we have the luxe of time to go out even if it was a weekday we’ll give it a go, besides the red-hot temperature was a good excuse for me not to cook, I hate sweating in the first place. Take me to Arendelle Castle so I can meet Elsa and froze, the cold never bothered me anyway! 🙂

One of our unplanned dinner date happened on Holy Monday, I was running after to use my discount voucher at Old Navy so we drove to BGC. The remaining voucher I had was nearly expiring I suspect esp that it’s almost a month since its opening day and that it’s a promotion thing only, so I’m not letting it perished just like that, it must be utilized. 😛 After a really quick peeped around Old Navy and shopping for new flip flops I heard my tummy growled. It’s like telling me I’m hungry sarcastically, just like that Lenovo guy whom I hate for his very disdainful remarks and comments. Hahaha. Anyhow, because it’s a week day most stores and restaurants closes early in Boni High so our choices were trimmed to coffee shops that normally stays open until past midnight.

seattle's best_1

Not that I’m tired of eating sandwiches at Starbucks other than I wanted a slight change that night and Seattle’s Best was the best option, me thinks. 🙂 Because they have more than pastries and dessert, they have light meals and even breakfast plate to proffer, that’s a weakness and I’m all in.

seattle's best_2

We opted for the light meals, which in my judgment wasn’t really light because the serving was quite huge and filling, coming from a big eater like me you should trust me here. Seattle’s Best light meals are pasta, sandwiches, salad and paninis. We got ourselves the pasta dishes because we feel like eating it that time, if you’d been following this blog and my IG account we’ve been eating pasta more than the regular meal these days because we feel its lighter than the usual combo of rice and meat or chicken, we feel it’s a little healthier tho it’s not really recommended esp on late nights, note to self: the calories from pasta is highly prone to settle around your waist. Now that explains the husband’s Pooh-belly, and that makes me Piglet. Hehehe.

seattle's best_3

I got the Amatriciana. Linguine pasta tossed with a tomato-based sauce and sautéed bacon slices, topped with parmesan cheese. Served with two slices of wheat bread. It tasted fresh tho a little salty probably because of the generous portion of bacon slices which makes this a traditional Italian pasta.

seattle's best_4

It’s Pesto for the husband. Inspired by fresh basil, this pesto pleaser is sprinkled with parmesan cheese, chopped walnut and fresh parsley. Served with two slices of wheat bread. I love that it’s not too oily and too strong for my taste, it’s just right.

I’m not really a frap person, I’d always go for the hot variety but you see the sweltering Manila climate is killing me and my baby fats 😀 so I paired my pasta with something cold and rich.

seattle's best_5

Mocha Javakula.Our deliciously rich classic mocha blended with ice and generously covered with whipped cream. I’ll be hypocrite if I won’t say that I love it better than Starbucks fraps, it’s smooth and not too sweet at all. While the husband enjoyed his Americano, the classic brew that is bold and traditional.

This to self and to people who have been inquest of a justifiable reason: I love the fact that we can date even on week days, I love the fact that we have nothing to worry at home, we’re childless and yes we have a myriad reasons and selfishness isn’t one of them so please excuse us. At times it’s almost irritating when everyone we knew would peppered us with the kid question, and I would simply smile and turn my back. I wish I could just exactly say “I don’t want a kid” to end their inquiry. It’s a personal choice and we don’t live in a vacuum for all ye know. 🙂



Seattle’s Best Coffee
Bonifacio High Street
City Center Quadrant 3
9th Avenue, Global City
Taguig City
T. 632 856-4527 / 856-4528

valentine’s day|2014

Its heart’s day today and I’m wishing everyone love. ♥♥♥

Husband and I don’t normally plan anything for V-Day but we do celebrate late or at times earlier, maybe because every year on Feb 14 the city but becomes a big chaos –traffic, crowded mall & resto & coffee shops, so we’d rather stay home and nibble on something. This year we’ll spend another night at home, we’ll have some pasta (I already pre-cooked the sauce last night to save on time) and BBQ ribs from S&R which the husband bought yesterday, it’s nothing fancy but the thought of us together amidst of all the misfortunes it’s more than worth celebrating. Remember that not every couple survives the challenges of married life, I’m thankful that we did. I chose to stay in love and I’m confident to say that my other half decides for the same intent. We’re far from being ideal but everyday we try to be at our best.

Actually we already dated last Saturday night at this cheap Korean eatery and feasted on the unlimited serving of samgyupsal and bulgogi. I’d die with their bulgogi. ♥ It’s our first official date in 2014 and also our so, so late anniversary date (and for that it deserves a separate post). We never really dated back in December (except Dec 29) because of the circumstances, we thought it’s not appropriate especially that the family is mournful. We also skipped dating during our birthdays because we felt it’s not economical after coming from the very lavish Christmas month. We thought our money can be saved for future dates even though there is no special occasion around. Sundates!


*As if Bea and Lucky isn’t enough I can always loan my sister’s kids for photo ops. 😛

Valentine’s Day is not just about couple expressing their loves, it’s about family on top, well, for me even though we don’t have any kid in tow we’re happy together. I don’t need to be in someone else’s shoes to know the key to happiness because choice is key and happiness is an unconditional subject. Honestly, the never ending brag-fest on facebook annoys me at times because facebook is supposed to be a place to connect with others, and reminisce other than some people don’t really get the message and go on fishing for compliments. Sick! Oh, this is supposed to be of lovely thoughts, pardon me for the negative feelings. 🙂

We still have some bottles of wine from last Christmas and boxes of chocolates, we’ll end the night sweet, sweeter than you can imagine. Hahaha. Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥