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groupons for the average Juan

The increasing number of group buying sites had gotten me; it gets so tempting especially if the markdown is more than 50%. So, tell me how I can hold back from not splurging too much when luxury becomes handy for every Juan.

My recent purchases from my most visit buying sites 😀


Unique Dinner Buffet & Cultural Dance Show at Barbara’s Restaurant from Metrodeal, I got 4 vouchers for P1,000


Dusit Thani Manila Buffet from Cash Cash Pinoy, 2 voucher for P1,398

And yesterday I gave in to this irresistible offer from David’s! P2,000 for Hair Rebonding (any length) with Ceramide Treatment and with Foot Spa and Pedicure from Ensogo. It was a steal!

Last week I passed on the Spiral Buffet voucher because I am happily waiting for Circles Buffet deal, will probably get for the whole family and save it for Christmas 😀


The 60th Birthday!

The weekend that has just passed was tiring yet it was one remarkable weekend to recollect.

We celebrate my Tatay’s 60th Birthday with a blast –literally drink and eat all you can, and we made happy guests went home with something to remember about this day 😀

Despite the heavy rains and flooding on Friday night husband and I brave the roads to get those miniatures I was eyeing in a liquor store in Gil Puyat. Only to find out that the stocks were numbered 😦 . I settled for two dozens, assorted and a bit expensive –I feel I was charge too much bluntly because I have no choice.

And because rain was continuous, we overslept and reached Sunvalley Paranaque two hours behind the scheduled pick up. I worried that the lechon I ordered from the General’s wouldn’t be crusty and hot by the time we reached Cavite.

In no time, we reached home and get on with all the preparations, which my Nanay was completely supervising. We didn’t served lunch this time and invited everyone for merienda cena.


Now, be my guest as you read along –it was a birthday bash!

The lechon I ordered from General’s Lechon came with a reminder that says: ‘Better not to chop the lechon until it is ready to be eaten’ so I abide.

I take advantage of the time to get photos while it’s still untouched.

And I manned the chopping and was surprised on how crispy the skin was even after hours. I can’t help but get a bite of it from time to time. It was so tasty!

Like what I read on blogs who made a kitchen taste test on this lechon brand, I followed the chopping directions –crisscross the skin and serve the skin separately from the meat. Everyone loved the skin so I saved some for late comers 🙂 .


The spread –pork siomai, lumpiang shanghai, pancit bihon, dinuguan at puto, ground pork (cooked menudo-style) and pandesal, lomi and boiled egg, carioca, palitaw, kutsinta, biko, lechon, buko pandan, sansrival and chiffon cake.

This cake from Iko’s Bakeshop -Savemore Supermarket branch (Tagaytay-Mendez crossing)


My Tatay’s guests were former classmates, office friends and bosses and relatives from both sides. And everyone wished my Tatay healthiness and that he may consider another three years in service. Well, he’s having second thoughts right now about his retirement and I wished he would come up with a sensible decision soon.

Tatay, as you marked this birthday I want you to know how grateful I am to have a father like you. And as the years come and go, I appreciate you more –your love, your care, your kindness and your strength. May you continue to give us purpose and direction in making the hardest decisions.

Happy Birthday and may there be many more so we can enjoy a blissful occasion every year!


Tatay’s Birthday Last Year


P.S. Thank you to everyone who made it last Saturday 🙂


thrilled but hurting…

I hate it that the rain is non-stop until today and I worry about tomorrow :|. I wish we can move tomorrow’s happenings to another day when the sun is up, so, everyone dear to us can come.

At any rate, postponement would never be a thing –all is set and I am down onto the last touches of it. What left me now is to chase away the rain like a little kid, ‘rain, rain, go away come again another day…’

Later today, I need to buy some ribbons, some miniatures and cut out some blue tags.

And tomorrow will drive South with frills to complete the big day. I can’t wait for it! 😀


P.S. I feel bad and I am hurting but there’s no room for my emotions now, I wonder why people you value most tends to hurt you more and more. Now, tell me how can I say happy when it’s not 😦 and how can I say I’m okay when I’m not 😦 . I told you it’s like this damp day cannot turn me down from doing things I love.


Appease me with Sundae please…


‘Basaan’ in SJ

San Juan Town Fiesta is the feast of St. John the Baptist, patron saint of San Juan City, and of many other communities throughout the Philippines, held every 24th of June.

Filipinos appropriately commemorate the birth of St. John (other than the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. John the Baptist is the only saint whose birth is celebrated in the Christian liturgy; feasts of other saints are celebrated on the day of their death), who cleansed and prepared the people for the coming of Jesus Christ by baptizing them with water.  (source: wikipilipinas)


I capture this photo from last years’ at Wilson Street on my way to work 🙂


‘Basaan’ in San Juan is customary every year and for 11 years I became an observant of this tradition. Today, even if tropical storm Falcon is hitting the city, it didn’t stop the locals in getting out of the streets and douse passersby, commuters and even on private vehicles with water. It’s supposed to be a reminder of baptism but for party pooper people these acts are foolish and questionable. Well, for me it’s happening only once a year so let the people embrace and celebrate the feast. And for commuters who doesn’t want to be victim of this dousing –take alternate routes 😀


another birthday in June

Before our short visit in Cavite concluded last Monday we went to my cousin’s house to make merry and be part of Kuya Romy’s birthday 🙂 .

That’s the celebrant (in the middle) getting intoxicated on his special day!


It’s because husband and I don’t regularly make visits we’ve been missing occasions, like Moki’s birthday last April and Jheck’s birthday and Joel’s send off in May.

Now, I am counting the next event –most likely the whole family will get-together in September in time for our Lola Ina’s 1st year Death Anniversary and there be another one to look forward in October, its’ DJ’s 1st Birthday!

Well, husband and I will have scheduled visits from time to time, so, a coffee date is probable to happen especially if my ‘richie rich’ cousin Irish will treat us anytime soon. Advance Happy Birthday nga pala ‘day! 😀 



P.S. I’m back to work and this quarter end close is killing me softly! I need a good break after June, please!


Shen and her e-collar

She was diagnosed with a canine cyst and went on a minor surgery three weeks ago. Though her wound has not healed fully when we got to see her last weekend, we’re glad that she’s back into shape.

And she’s pretty enjoying her Elizabeth Collar these days. See you again on Saturday Ate Shen 🙂 !


P.S. Bea detest that lampshade on her neck, I’ll post pic of her trying it on hehehe…