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someday i’ll claim these moments back

It’s the time of the week when nothing but excitement runs in my vein –we’re heading south and visiting the house again. I wanted to pull time and leave the workplace right away. I can’t wait to see B and Lucky, and the lone pup (kept back for MJ and Kate) after the brood was adopted a week ago. If it’s only me, I wanted to keep the puppy, even all of them but it’s too hard to manage especially that I’m not physically present to care for them. As if I can afford to feed them all, 😀 probably if my paycheck would double its amount I won’t give up any of them for adoption. And I’ll get them their own nanny so to ensure they are well taken care of –meals on time, some play, some pampering, some cuddles and B would have someone to tap her to sleep. B loves to sleep with humans and I know everytime we left her back it breaks her heart to pieces, sorry Bunso. 😦 I know how people at my household many times would yell at her for breaking the rules and I know how she’s poorly treated everyday we’re apart. They’re not cruel for the record but for someone who does give so much love to these creatures I’m almost certainly do not feel their concern for B.


I love B and the rest of my fur family and someday I’ll get them back with me and we’ll live happily ever after. In God’s will Bunso, Momi and Dadi will be an everyday stature once more and cuddles would be frequent and regular. And you would age with me like you deserve a comfortable home and more love on your senior years.


I love you Bunso, Dadi longs for your wet kisses every morning and he looks forward to see you back in shape. Tell our Luckydoo that we miss him too, his loud woofs and clinching and handsome face.

P.S. I’ll be missing these scenes…


Priceless! ♥


a prayer on monday

It’s Monday already and I’m still all alone, wide awake missing the husband, in a few hours it would be daybreak and the start of another week long flight back at the office. It’s not that I don’t love what I do at work, it’s not that I’m not happy with the people around, there’s just something wrong in between which I cannot pin down right there and there. And while there are uncertainties and glitches only a powerful prayer will be my shield.

Lord, I’m not that hundred percent clean, I’ve sinned and sinned and despite my awareness I continued to fail you.  Forgive me for my evil ways, heal my soul and help me deserve your kindness and love.

Lord, as I come to sleep and close my eyes in a while let me dream nothing but of good things and good memories abound. Watch me as I sleep, that I may not succumb to any illness that will take my life shortly. As I go my way at the office, protect me from any mishap and evil doings. And while at work, comfort me to keep my temper, bestow me with a continuing patience and a sensible mind to be fair to any decision that may come to pass. Do not let other people induce me to wrongdoing, please.

Lord, as retire in a moment let me thank you big time for all things you’ve done, for giving more than what I prayed. I praise and love you with all my heart.



court shoes love

It took me another two weeks to bring home this lovely pair, another worth the wait because I got this at 70% off. Yay, this is my 4th pair of court shoes eversince I fell in love with its simple yet sturdy designs.

m&s court shoes-1

M&S Limited Collection Stiletto Heel Platform Court Shoes 

Product Information {source:}

There’s something ultra-feminine about a rounded toe. This pair will look beautiful with a floaty skirt and bare legs. 

  • Heel height: 104mm
  • Round toe
  • Slip-on
  • Platform and court style
  • Stiletto heel
  • Patent finish
  • Comes in sizes 3-8, including half sizes
Composition:  Composition 1:
Upper: textile
Composition 2:
Upper: other fibres
Lining and sock: textile and other fibres
Outer sole: other fibres
Lifestyle:  Casual
Item Styling:  High Heel 

 m&s court shoes-2

A stunner that is comfy and fierce! 😛


P.S. I have my eyes now on that pair of platform sandals I posted in IG last night, the perennial pair I just need right.


it’s worth the wait ♥♥♥

I grew up believing that Christmas is all about loving and gift-giving, that it’s all about Santa  making little children’s wish come true, I’m a firm believer of that until I found out who’s the real Santa is. But I can’t renounce the truth that gift giving remained to be a spirit for me rather than receiving. I even scheduled the Christmas season as shopping days for love ones, I love it when everyone has a gift to open on Christmas Day. And it’s too hypocrite to say I don’t want a lovely box too on Christmas Day. 🙂 However, I’m not the kind who’ll oblige anyone not even my family to gift me. If they remember me back then thank you but if they don’t that’s very fine with me. Other than Leoncio was an exemption because he’s the only one person I can bug to gift me. Hehehe

Last year even before the Christmas season has started I asked him to gift me a new bag, you know that pricey nylon bag that comes in varied colors. I used to despise the brand having too many replicas in Greenhills aside from anybody I know almost have it tho most are not the authentic piece, until I found a line of this branded bag that fits my personality so well. I couldn’t take my eyes on it the first time I hold it close. It was so dear that’s why I had to think a hundred times again if it’s worth keeping. And I have to completely convince the husband that I need at least one although not the ordinary one ‘ney. I’m special you know. 😀


**the teaser I posted in IG 

So last weekend soon as the stocks in Rustan’s were replenished (waiting was more than half a year so you can imagine my excitement), the husband got it right away even before everyone else. It’s only a few pieces so we can’t delay like what we did last year and eventually regret when the stocks were already depleted.

Drumroll…my first Longchamp from the Planètes trend.


The Longchamp Planètes line is instantly recognizable. Strong top quality canvas, bright colors, a resemblance to the Le Pliage® line… Planètes bags are designed to accompany women on the go, any place, any time. An accessories line that has what it takes to be a must!


Longchamp Planètes: an inspired collection

The Longchamp Planètes line presents tone-on-tone bags, sized from small city bag to shopping bag, with the hobo bag in between. The collection coordinates with the Roseau line and includes, for Longchamp Planètes addicts, a coin purse, a wallet and a diary. In heavy canvas with leather trim, these bags are sober and sophisticated.


Longchamp Planètes bags: fashionable and practical

The complete Longchamp Planètes line is designed for both style and practicality. There’s a handbag version with a crocodile pattern flap, a hobo bag or a clutch for evening, in an array of colors. Hazelnut? Red? Black? Mix and match them with what you wear. Longchamp Planètes colors change with the season and reflect the latest trends.


Tote bag

With more than a passing resemblance to Le Pliage®, the Planètes line is distinguished by its structured form, thick fabric trimmed with full-grain cowhide and its satiny feel. Handbag, tote or hobo bag… each model is sealed by a leather medallion featuring the Longchamp logo that makes it unique.

{info source, read here}

Because the weather is very unstable these days I’m limiting its use only when the husband can bring me to work in the morning and can pick up me at night. And I’m looking now for a similar size plastic-made bag which I can use to cover it during unexpected rains. OA ba masyado? You can’t blame me because it’s not every year a perfect gift comes along. And I don’t mind its being delayed because it’s all worth the wait. Super thank you ‘ney! 😛


and no-one else…

It wasn’t even a day yet but I’m terribly missing the husband, I wonder how will I survive another day without him by my side? I’m getting sick thinking how I’ll spend Sunday this time again. 😦 I’m not really used to him going away overnight and I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to that idea of us sleeping separately at night. Sigh!

Because of family errand Leoncio will be travelling North once again, that is without me for the third time this year. I hated the idea but it would be too selfish of me if I’ll go up against and argue. If you must know my in-laws are both very old now, they need someone to check on them regularly, actually what they need is someone who’s willing to stay there for good. But definitely it’s not going to be my Leoncio, I’d die okay, it’s my sis-in-law who volunteered to reside in Ilocos permanently but not until this December. So, that means Leoncio might do another trip and another again before the year end. I’m sad, really sad. Sigh!

He’s too far from being perfect but I love him just the way he is. 😛

I miss annoying him especially if he’s not really paying attention on what I say. I miss interrupting him everytime his focus is on that racing game in iPad. I miss him doing errands for me and carry the can when it comes to major chores at home. I miss his patience because he has enough of it, in short mahaba ang pisi nya, which is very opposing of me. I miss him making fun of me despite my fury.


Really I miss our Saturday night dates and Sundates, we could have one last night only that we need to hurry home and pack. So, these were the memoirs of our past Saturdates hanging out at the favorite coffee shop, where I’d do this blogging most and facebooking while he would happily occupied himself with that racing game again.


‘Ney, I miss you. Weekends would never be the same without you…


sundate no.3

I always say that blood is thicker than water, I do believe that by all means and despite how wicked a family member can be or his doings maybe, disowning them and cursing them wouldn’t do any good. I am very careful on that because once you said something awful it could never be the same back again, not even with a thousand sorry can patch-up things or even if you does the connection will never be the same. It’s flawed and all unless of course you’ll treat the person to Disneyland, it would be another story I bet. 😀

And as always I want to believe that the family that stays together lives happily ever after (sounding like a fairy story here). Seriously I don’t want to stain the relationship especially with the maternals because they were the people I grew up with, they were the people who never failed to understand and I believe they were the least to judge. Tho sometimes you have this people in your life that seems to be transparent and concerned and nicey for a while other than I’ve already learned my lesson not to trust them –I would forever call them the unrelated people that even if you try to flip them up and down they would never be anyway related by consanguinity and that makes them very capable of being destructive with their big mouth.

If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all.

Anyhow, that has really nothing to do with last Sunday’s sundate no. 3, hehehe. Just like the ordinary Sunday’s the husband and I never planned anything biggie but because my cousin Irish was itching to shop around and make herself visible to me 🙂 she ringed me for a lunch date. I was half thinking of meeting her and Joel in Makati but because they came without the driver (aka Moki) and commuted all the way from Cavite I thought it would be inconvenient for them to run from Greenhills to Makati for lunch, so, husband and I adjusted our preference and met them up rather in Greenhills. I wanted to dine Chinese and that the husband was looking forward to dining at Le Ching for that bowl of steamed spareribs but I had no idea if the couple (Irish and Joel) fancy Chinese cuisine like we do. I know everyone will give a thumb up for pizza and pasta but we’re having that usual feast back in Tagaytay so for a change let’s try something else. Give me a break please. 🙂

sundate no.3

Steaks are a good pick which made everyone excited except me who pretended I was not affected with the sizzling and good looks of their meat. House of Minis was the perfect venue because the choices were easy; it won’t send anyone a headache picking his order. I love it that most of their dishes came with soup, salad and dessert already, no-brainer ika nga.

sundate no.3_1

So that sizzling was teasing me so bad…

sundate no.3_2

T-Bone Steak! 😛

sundate no.3_3

And while my party was devouring on that juicy red meat I was having a plate of Gambaretti, buti na lang favorite ko to. But of course the husband forked some of his steak for me. He probably seen the desire in my eyes so his heart melted in a way. Hahaha

sundate no.3_4sundate no.3_5

It was a calming lunch minus the drama, I love it that these people have a way of making me feel closer to home.

sundate no.3_6

We skipped Conti’s for dessert but we’ll definitely plan a trip next time. The couple didn’t stay long after lunch, after a few rounds at Greenhills Shopping Center they bid goodbye.

sundate no.3_7

And because it’s too early to head home for us, we continued our sundate at the supermarket and shop to my heart’s content.

sundate no.3_8

Yay, I overdo again on chips and junks but I didn’t forget the yogurt and cheese, the healthy bread and the canned fish and gourmetisized Spanish sardines, and fresh Salmon head and belly from the freezer. I love it when the stock is overflowing as if preparing for a big rain, oh no I’m not praying for any big rain anytime soon.

sundate no.3_9

Sundate No. 3 was a big day because we were able to share it with people dear to us. We’ll be missing supposedly Sundate No. 4 again tomorrow because the husband is going away to do some family errands. I’ll be missing him dearly! (So, if you’re free for some catchin up ring me, your coffee and sweets on me 🙂 ) 



House of Minis
Greenhills Shopping Center
G/F Unit 75/76/77 Shoppesville 
Greenhills, San Juan
T. (02) 721-1410