The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

my birthday weekend

I have no plans of celebrating my birthday big this year but a Chinese friend told me that my age is a critical number for the Chinese so I should celebrate to shoo away whatever evil will come my way. The number of days per year is less in a Chinese calendar. Therefore, when compared to English Calendar, you’ll be older according to Chinese year calendar. That briefly explains because my Chinese age is accounted with the number 9 this year (yes! I’m marking my 39th in Chinese Calendar), which stands for finality and judgment. No, I am no Chinese for the nth time and I think there’s nothing to lose if I would take the advice. 🙂


January 14. I started the day early with husband and we delight our tummies at Ascott Makati –most luxurious of Manila’s serviced apartment that is conveniently located within Makati’s prime business district.

Café on the 6th can be found on its 6th floor which offer hearty breakfast buffets that is remarkable and classy. I never had any second thought soon as husband invited me over sms three days prior this day.

Because there were plenty of guests already when we arrived I shy away from taking photos of the buffet station. Anyway, I have save something to make you drool over. 😀

Cold cuts, bacon, Hungarian sausage, bacon with feta, brie and gorgonzola cheese. I super like their crispy bacon!

Steamed salmon, fish fillet in cream sauce, meatball, potato masala and scrambled egg. There was an egg omelette station that serves hot and fresh right off the pan but I didn’t sample it –I was saving space for croissants and fruits.

I love that the café have such a wide selection of bread, jams and butter.

And plentiful of fruits and yogurts.

I don’t know but coming from the very festive Christmas month I slow down my eating routine, I didn’t sample everything. But if you care to know they have mostly American staples –pancake, hash brown, cereals, nuts, garden salad station and cold cuts. They also have congee, egg drop soup and pancit canton; and juice station with flavors to choose from –four seasons, guava, cranberry and orange.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. T for sponsoring this delicious breakfast. 🙂


Well, before we left I made sure I had photo of the captivating hotel lobby which became once part of our political history.



Back at home, my Nanay was all day busy preparing a small dinner for few invitees.

You call these small? Oh my! I wonder how fancy it’s like if I say big, hehehe.

The spread,

Garden Salad our very own version with honey mustard and thousand islands dressing

Egg and Tuna canapé

Shrimp is everyone’s favorite 🙂

Baby back ribs, our second attempt was successful! Yehey! It was such a hit to our entire guest that night.

My Nanay’s pancit bihon with canton was very yummy! She also prepared palitaw with peanut toppings and creamy maja blanca.

Mixed sushi from Wasabi Sushi Bar

And my lovely cake from Costa Brava. Thanks for the sponsors! 🙂

I’m glad that even if my cousins had an occasion the following day, they make it and celebrate with me as I blow another birthday candle this year. Happy Birthday to me!

And I don’t regret turning down the Baguio trip over the weekend. Bea was the happiest!

And thank you ‘ney for starting my day right! 😀



January 15. My family and I drive to Monte Maria in Alfonso to attend the healing mass of Fr. Fernando Suarez.

It was our first time to see him and visit the place. The healing mass starts at 10am on Sunday and Fr. Suarez only prays with people after the celebration of a healing Mass.

As I witnessed the thousands of visitors and devotees that day, there’s no sense for me not to believe in and doubt. I silently pray for my intentions and with great faith seek for a miracle to happen.

And as we left the Monte Maria I feel blessed, I feel the Lord presence and I would find time to visit his ministry again.



Since it was nearly lunch time when we left Monte Maria our group decided to go straight into my cousin’s house in Alulod. We enjoyed the spread as they celebrate the feast of the Holy Child.

And we were able to watch the karakol dancers as they dance with colorful costumes.

We didn’t stay long like the usual probably because we were a bit tired and sleepy so we left earlier than the usual.





Before we end the day that Sunday, we gave Bea her most awaited treat –a trip to McDonald’s completed her day and our weekend too!

With all the happenings I had over the weekend I cannot ask for more. I had a wonderful birthday weekend and I want to thank everyone especially my maternal family for making it truly exceptional. 🙂


And I’ll pick up Lolo Mario’s words of wisdom as I age – “Napakabilis ng panahon, wag mong sasayanging sa mga walang kabuluhang bagay. At gaano man kalayo ang marating, wag mong kakalimutan kung saan ka nanggaling… Pinanganak ka para maging maligaya. Ang mga kaibigan at pamilya mo ang magpapakita kung paano.”



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  3. d'angle May 31, 2012 at 11:28 pm

    Fantastic blog. Looking forward for more posts like this.

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