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Monthly Archives: June 2010

at the moment…

I am currently occupied with my day job, its quarter end close and during these times, I cannot compromise this page by having that rubbish entry. I have had a wonderful weekend with my family. It was one of the most unforgettable happenings. I was on limelight, which is every blogger’s dream 🙂  it feels good when people appreciate and recognize your existence, it inspire me more to do better and write sincere thoughts. I wish I had plenty of time. 

Tomorrow I am off with some friends. Will drive south and enjoy the freshness of nature. I will write soon 🙂

when li’l boy asked…

My sister’s little boy is asking,

Kung si Lola e galing sa tiyan ni Ina (my maternal grandmother) at ako at Ate Sam e galing sa tummy ni Mommy, san galing si Bea? Ke ninang ba?


He is starting to ask questions now maybe because he is now attending school. O well, expects a more complicated Q from him on the days to come. And mind you, he found a friend at school named Bruno. I wonder how Bruno look like, naughtier than our Pao? hehehe

atypical treat for Dad…

Unlike last year when husband and I went out to mark Daddy’s Day Off this time we decided to stay home and rest. Initially I planned a dinner date for us but later on call off that idea and allow my Leoncio to sleep the entire afternoon. That was my treat for him!  

And he got a day off from his steering wheel this day. Practically, that saves us from another spending spree as well.

A rewarding vacay is set next weekend in time also for my Tatay’s big day. Still a Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Dads out there. 🙂

uncovering TBR

During last night’s lazing at Starbucks Theater Mall with husband, I chance reading this mini magazine. The magazine’s label “The Bull Runner”.

From the sound of it, I thought of it as a men’s magazine because of the masculinity however, what made me scanned the pages was Karylle on the front cover. Okay, I am not a big fan of K but I gave in on my wondering.

Clearly, it was a running magazine from top cover to bottom. And I enjoyed reading the colorful leaf packed with information on training, nutrition, gear and calendar of running activities in and out of the metropolis.

TBR mag occupied my Starbucks moment particularly the writings about the “The 7 Deadly Sins of First Time Marathoners”.

I even copied it on my venzi mini notebook. It got me really specially No. 5. I remember buying a complete set of new outfit when I finally decided to join my husband on his Sunday running activity. And I end up getting irritated on my new shorts. That realization made me smile last night. 🙂

If you mind to ask, I have my own share of running event, which debuted last year at the 33rd Milo Marathon with my husband and with our canine housemate. I had fun and at the same time felt that I needed that activity to break my routine. At my mid 30’s age, I need to stay healthy and running is the only work out I know I can do better if not do extremely well. The entire summer, I ran with my sister at Boni High Street at least an hour after work. And currently looking forward on the 34th Milo Marathon happening on July 4.

photo borrowed from

Definitely, I would look great on that pair of Nike Lunar Elite. Whatchathink folks?

PS. I love to be part of this Donate-A-Shoe (DASH) project.

I will ask for old running shoes from family and friends.

Oh and I was so happy I got a downloadable copy of TBR mag from The Bull Runner blog. You see, I almost slip that Starbucks copy on my bag last night…hehehe

TBR you will be part of my daily read from now on. Thank you for the announcements and Free downloads. Carry on the good spirit!

savory and sweet

Husband and I thought of Max’s Chicken All-You-Can last night for dinner but I declined after feeling a little bit unusual on my stomach. I know I would not enjoy much that chicken in abundance so we ended at Savory Chicken in Theater Mall.

Savory Chicken is not new to us, we frequent the Combo meals, which is actually just enough for the two of us.

At P295.00 you can enjoy a ½ chicken, pancit canton, shanghai roll, rice and turon, and we paired our order with Hototai Soup this time. We skipped ordering dessert; I wanted something sweeter than buko pandan.

Overall, I find Savory’s combo meals satisfactory. Oh and I got a real steal! Savory Chicken does have an on-going rainy day promo, for every P500.00 purchase, you can purchase an umbrella for P49.00 only. Great di ba!

Right after dinner, we stayed for coffee at Starbucks. Since it is Friday night, we hung out for a while.

I want to enjoy every sip of my Caffe Mocha and morsel the sweetness of the Caramel Symphony, which is my Leoncio’s best choice for the night.

Lazing on Friday night relaxes me, it somehow lighten up the mood. It gives me a good start of having a productive weekend too. And productive means spending more time blogging, hehehe 🙂


There was a time when Colette’s Buko Pie is the only pasalubong available in Tagaytay City. Since it was Colette’s first branch, going to Tagaytay go side by side with Colette’s pasabubong. Until Rowena’s opening last 2000, offering a different variety of pasalubong. Known for their scrumptious tarts, Rowena’s had expounded their products from blueberry cheesecake to spicy tamarind preserves over the years.

During my last trip to Tagaytay, I was happy to see this newly opened branch at SM Save More. By the way, SM Save More is located at a corner lot of Tagaytay-Mendez Crossing. Rowena’s is facing Mendez Road. This would be a good spot, an accessible one for all Tagaytay visitors.

And I went home with these homemade food items.


I especially love the sylvannas, while Uraro was introduced to my Leoncio.

I find their cakes a bit expensive at P850.00 however, those bags of banana chips are real value for your money. I will definitely be back on month end to enjoy these delicacies. 🙂

Click for more of Rowena’s offerings.