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an effortless v-date


I’ve almost forgotten that we had a lovely date (at home, ehem) last Valentine’s Day. It’s one of those remarkable dinners so far foremost because we ate on time not to mention that we had a mouth-watering spread, the best part I put a little effort only to achieve the romantic feel. 😛


On Valentine’s Day itself I stepped out of my work place around 7pm, good thing that traffic was middling because I arrived home without getting annoyed. Since I already prepared my pasta sauce a day ahead I had to reheat it simply, and boiled some pasta and voila I had a lovely plate of Filipino style spaghetti that tasted more of a kiddie-spaghetti. Hehehe


We also had a half rack of cooked baby back ribs from S&R, I had to reheat it as well and spread its barbecue sauce evenly. I remember us dining at Chili’s and ordering the same, I was a bit complaining because there was not much meat left and the price was overrated. See, we saved on half of our money here and we even got a free bottle of Pepsi.


Our Valentine spread complete with a bottle of wine from last Christmas and a Skittles scented candle which I got B1T1 from S&R.


French Mint Truffles


We had chocolates after –French Mint Truffles & Witor’s Golden, which were part of Christmas “leftover”. Thank you sponsors for sending me a good stash of sweets during the holidays. Oh, I had to have my chips as well.


I’m done shooting my simple set-up even before the husband arrives, so I don’t need to stop him anymore from forking or messing up anything.


And because it’s Valentine’s Day, he had chocolates for me. Thank you ‘ney for not spoiling my V-night. Hahaha.


We’re an ordinary couple, we’re not hard to please, we laugh even at our corniest, we have dogfights –no couple is perfect anyway, we do stupid things and goofed around. And our married life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here might as well savor every moment of it.

“Happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It’s a choice.” –Fawn Weaver


P.S. A good wife is one who cooks and nourishes her husband, a good husband in return is someone who do the little things…like doing the dishes after, which I hate. 😀


valentine’s day|2014

Its heart’s day today and I’m wishing everyone love. ♥♥♥

Husband and I don’t normally plan anything for V-Day but we do celebrate late or at times earlier, maybe because every year on Feb 14 the city but becomes a big chaos –traffic, crowded mall & resto & coffee shops, so we’d rather stay home and nibble on something. This year we’ll spend another night at home, we’ll have some pasta (I already pre-cooked the sauce last night to save on time) and BBQ ribs from S&R which the husband bought yesterday, it’s nothing fancy but the thought of us together amidst of all the misfortunes it’s more than worth celebrating. Remember that not every couple survives the challenges of married life, I’m thankful that we did. I chose to stay in love and I’m confident to say that my other half decides for the same intent. We’re far from being ideal but everyday we try to be at our best.

Actually we already dated last Saturday night at this cheap Korean eatery and feasted on the unlimited serving of samgyupsal and bulgogi. I’d die with their bulgogi. ♥ It’s our first official date in 2014 and also our so, so late anniversary date (and for that it deserves a separate post). We never really dated back in December (except Dec 29) because of the circumstances, we thought it’s not appropriate especially that the family is mournful. We also skipped dating during our birthdays because we felt it’s not economical after coming from the very lavish Christmas month. We thought our money can be saved for future dates even though there is no special occasion around. Sundates!


*As if Bea and Lucky isn’t enough I can always loan my sister’s kids for photo ops. 😛

Valentine’s Day is not just about couple expressing their loves, it’s about family on top, well, for me even though we don’t have any kid in tow we’re happy together. I don’t need to be in someone else’s shoes to know the key to happiness because choice is key and happiness is an unconditional subject. Honestly, the never ending brag-fest on facebook annoys me at times because facebook is supposed to be a place to connect with others, and reminisce other than some people don’t really get the message and go on fishing for compliments. Sick! Oh, this is supposed to be of lovely thoughts, pardon me for the negative feelings. 🙂

We still have some bottles of wine from last Christmas and boxes of chocolates, we’ll end the night sweet, sweeter than you can imagine. Hahaha. Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥