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promo is my thing

I am a self-confessed promo addict (wrote it many times here, here, and here) and I’m not ashamed to admit it, tell me who doesn’t want a free ticket, meal, gadget or anything that is being raffled these days. Actually, these online promotions prompt me to activate the facebook and twitter account, including the tumblr and GFC account. 😀

Joining promos here and there has been a routine for me and winning is a different story. I have my own share of triumphs including trips, accommodations, passes, stuffs, etc. but just like any of you there were things I really wanted but never won. But that doesn’t stop me at all; I continue to join one after the other. I think it’s making me productive at the same time, especially if I am spending the whole Saturday going online at home. At least it saves me from getting bored hence peeking to anyone’s page or anyone’s posts and begrudge on his new effects would be my least concern. I really wonder what do they got from posting telltale messages on their wall and getting it read by the public, bet getting something valuable from your positive wall post would be a lot more rewarding than those likes and comments which at times are uncalled-for.

Anyhow, let me continue my thing in joining online promos. The key would always be persistence, if you don’t get it today you’ll probably get it some other day. Join as many as you can and stay clear of the guidelines and mechanics all the time. Give time to write a good article if it’s being asked, or a sincere comment would just do it sometimes. Keep in mind that no matter how good your entry is, you need to submit on its deadline. And lastly, pin the promos you joined, this way you wouldn’t miss any announcement later on. Oh, I am most of time disastrous on this part. 😦

Counting the big and small freebies would somehow motivate you more; I always do that because it’s the only perk I can look forward at the end of each day. And I’d like to extend my thankfulness from generous bloggers and organizations sponsoring it. Keep it coming guys! 🙂

A rundown of my recent winning,

Dinner Buffet GC for 2 at Acacia Hotel Manila from Eats a Date! I am saving this one yet. 🙂

Something I won from their FB page but haven’t got it up until now. I wonder if this promo from Ma Chicken Mami House is a real one. 😦

Two tickets at the Yummy Eats 2012 which I wasn’t able to see right away, so in short, I wasn’t able to join the food trip that day. Sigh! 😦

And the very recent was from ANGEL’s Pizza Pasta Combo –P500 worth of GC which we availed last night! <Read: this is my second time to win from ANGEL’s FB promo>

It may sound petty to some but winning always brings in a good feel and a big smile! 😛


P.S.  I know there’s no such thing as free lunch that’s why I join promos to avail it, hehehe.


HBD Janet!

I didn’t intend to forget this celebration at the office two weeks ago; it’s just there were too many happenings recently that overlapped this special day.

Anyhow, here’s to another year for our Janet, our warm wishes to you still. 🙂

It’s a pleasure working with you and we wish you a heartfelt good luck for your future.

Life has set some other amazing plans for you. 😀


2011 – Another 365 Journey for Janet

2010 – Happy Birthday Janet!


Sunday and weekday meals (jun 18-22)

Other than the busier schedule these days and that the rebel baby had his trip at the service center all is well with me and my diet so far. Yea, that means I am still observing my routine no fast-food, no red meat ordeal and I am happy that people around me had been helping me to avoid the proscribed. 🙂

These were last week’s, which I failed to post last Friday. Not too much because some of the dishes I made had been a repeat of the past weeks.

Sinigang na Bangus with taro, mustard greens and lady fingers

Steamed Tilapia and lady fingers, chopped tomatoes and onions as sidings. I had fish sauce on the side too for dipping.

Cubed Melon for snacks

Oh, the “cheat-eat” happened last Sunday. We had Paa ng Baka cooked for hours and turned into a very tasty Bulalo, it was one superb dinner to account at my parent’s house in Cavite. No photo of it but I bet you will definitely salivate on it. 😛


top picks from Debenhams online

Counting and waiting patiently for Debenhams Bluecross Sale yet again. How many days more? A full month to go (?), I can’t wait to peek at the racks and start my list.

Anyway, just so to give me some peace of mind and quite sleeps at night, I decided to grab collections from Debenhams online shop and wished that the same items will be put on sale by July. 🙂

Random snapshot of the pieces I’d like to have.


I need to decide what I really need sooner than the sale so I won’t end up buying something I can’t wear for long. And I need to set my limit this time. Well, I guess I need just few pieces ‘ney –a pair of ballet flats, a day dress, 3-5 tops, 2 trousers, I tell you it isn’t much. 😛

<photo source:>


P.S. While finishing this post, I got an sms from Debenhams PH, the message “the Debenhams Loyalty Cardholders EXCLUSIVE ONE-DAY ONLY PREVIEW SALE IS ON JUNE 21! Be the first to enjoy up to 50% off on great selection of items…”  –God it’s happening so soon! 🙂


Daddy’s Day at MAFBEX

Leoncio and I didn’t plan any for Father’s Day, and like our ordinary Sundays we stayed late in bed. Bet it wouldn’t be the same if Bea was around 🙂  , nevertheless, I was forced to get up before the clock hits 9am. I want to surprise the husband a little, so, I head straight in the kitchen. He’s like that, always craving a hearty breakfast when both of us are just at home. In no time at all, I came up with our favorite mixed green with grapes and apple slices and Italian spaghetti.

Healthy and delicious at the same time! 😛

Right after brunch, I felt sleepy again but shed the idea of lounging the whole day thinking that we need to drive at the supermarket to get our weekly supply of bread and veggies. Other than what we thought would just be an ordinary trip at the supermarket, we found ourselves driving to World Trade Center to pig-out. Yes, we had a slight change of schedule after eyeing the billboards at Makati-Mandaluyong bridge.

MAFBEX 2012 was still ongoing, who could resist the fact that it’s the biggest and most awaited food event of the year? Most likely not us!

Entrance Fee is P100.

Its theme “Back to Basics” was understandably fit for me.

And despite the certainty that I no longer crave for pizza these days I was drawn to Shakey’s On Wheels and even want one in the future. Nangangarap lang po. 😀

Aside from Shakey’s, Cheese Steak Shop also had their own mobile. Just not so sure if the same was functional.

World Trade Center was jam-packed of food distributor here and there and visitors were equally countless.

The highlight of MAFBEX,

Delicacies all over the world, I  was hooked to Taiwan Sausage way back I cannot remember and I was happy to saw plentiful of it last Sunday. Chicken for me please! I was nagging the husband that we should buy a pack of it to take home but he was so firm not to give in to my begging. (No, he wasn’t depriving me because of anything else, he was just helping me to eat healthy even that means saying no to most of my cravings. 🙂 )

He allowed me to have a stick only and I was satisfied. 😀

Ready-to-buy products,

Julie’s Biscuits

Peanut Butter by EHJE’s

Dee’s Gourmet Popcorns


And more sweets!

Ready-to-sample products,

Philadelphia’s Cheese

Muncher Crackers and Chips

Injoy Lomi for everyone! 🙂

Razzo’s Pizza

Wheat Grass and Soy Milk

Ceres Juices

Suman sa Ibos and Kasuy

Actually, there were too many to sample including dumplings and balls, white and brown rice topped with bangus, freshly baked pandesal, wine, pancake syrups on pancakes, pancit bihon with special sauce, dried mangoes, hopia, sausages, milk teas, coffee, etc. You’ll get full just by sampling everything being offered there.

Kitchen items are also on sale and demoed to your usefulness.

Food Caterers were also there to showcase their styling on food preparation.

Renowned chefs were there on a cooking spot demo. We chanced Chef Sau del Rosario.

Exhibits at the East Wing include this beautiful Cake Decorations.

And aside from all the products and items, there were free seminars for people who would like to know more about the food service industry.

By the way, the organizer WorldbBex teamed up with De La Salle-CSB for the benefit of ABS CBN Foundation.

Until the next event! And still a Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Dads I know! 😛


Intramuros: The Walled City Part II

Intramuros: The Walled City Part I


We’re not wasting any single minute while inside the Walled City, from San Agustin Church we walked down at the stretch of General Luna Street going to Plaza de Roma. Glad that the weather was very cooperating that day and that we were able to stand the walk without much fret at all.

The cobblestoned streets remained as is but it could probably survive another century if cars would not be allowed to enter this site. Take for example Calle Crisologo in Vigan, only caleza are allowed to cross the threshold to conserve the pavement.

Anyhow, I enjoyed the pace as I was entertained by the sight of commercial establishments which remained in classic baroque styles. And yes calezas remained to be a hit for local and foreign tourist at this side of the city.

Along the way, we passed by Plazuela de Sta. Isabel. Probably we have the same feeling of that blogger who wrote a blog post about this monument. It’s one of the least interesting attractions in Intramuros, the reason why we didn’t stop and look around.

Not too long we hit the other end of General Luna where Manila Cathedral stands.

The Manila Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica (also known as the Cathedral-Basilica of the Immaculate Conception and informally as Manila Cathedral) is a prominent Latin Rite Roman Catholic basilica located in Manila, Philippines, honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary as Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, the Principal Patroness of the Philippines.

Unfortunately the church was closed to public since February 7 because of a newly discovered structural deficiency. And its temporary closure will last for a year.

On the other side of Plaza Roma is Palacio Del Gobernador. It’s literally became the residence and office of the governor general during the 17th century.

The building now houses government offices and the Intramuros Administration.

Down to our last destination –Fort Santiago, this is located at the northern tip of Intramuros. Actually, when we planned this visit we had only Fort Santiago in mind but given all the Spanish architecture we passed we took the same opportunity to discover more of historic Manila.

Admission Fees is P75 and its open daily from 8:00-6:00pm.

Rizal Shrine schedule

Plaza Moriones –a lush of greens will welcome you upfront; it’s like a promenade with numerous steel benches and trees lined-up surrounding the fountain. I can stay here for long and be idle.

The visitor center can be found at the 10 chambers near the gate, there are also a snack bar and a souvenir shop alongside.

Remnants of the warfare are visible ubiquitously.

Oh no, we didn’t mean to make the kid a cannonball here, he just can’t get over the existence of real cannons in his time. 😀

You can opt to ride a horse and carriage while touring this side of Fort Santiago, they charge P50 per head and if husband heard it right, they will make two rounds at the promenade. We didn’t try it because we’re so prepared to walk. 🙂

A tranvia (old style tram) can also be hired (I guess) if you’re travelling with a bigger group.

At the edge of the promenade, the inner wall of Fort Santiago welcomes you.

Fort Santiago is а citadel first built by Spanish conquistador, Miguel López de Legazpi for the new established city of Manila in the Philippines. The defense fortress is part of the structures of the walled city of Manila referred to as Intramuros (“within the walls”).

The picturesque archway leading to the fort proper, most tourists would stop and have their photo taken here. We did the same! 😛

And the highlight of our visit begins here.

The bronze footsteps on the fort’s ground represent the final steps Dr. Jose Rizal, the National Hero, took from his cell to his execution site on December 29, 1896.

Don’t miss to check this landmark –The Last Walk to Martyrdom.

A scenic garden and a statue of Dr. Jose Rizal (extreme in photo).

The Rizal Shrine is dedicated to the lifework of Dr. José Rizal.

This is a fortified complex which houses the building the Philippines’ national hero spent his last night and where his family later found concealed in an oil lamp, the famous poem Mi Ultimo Adiós (My Last Farewell). The shrine is home to various memorabilia such as the shells he collected in Dapitan, books, manuscripts and artworks belonging to the prodigious and multifaceted Rizal.

I failed to capture the Spanish version of Mi Ultimo Adios but was able to shoot the Chinese version.

Rizal poems and writing were carved on panels this way; it was very inspiring to read significant lines from our National Hero.

His medical tools.

Leoncio while checking a “piece of Rizal” –a piece of Rizal’s vertebra believed to be where the bullet from the firing squad hit him.

On the other room, a manuscript was written on the flooring. It narrates the last day of Dr. Jose Rizal.

From Rizal Shrine’s 2nd floor there’s an exit connecting the old barracks to the Baluarte de Sta. Barbara which houses the Rizaliana Furniture Hall.

A P10 fee is collected here to cover maintenance of the old furniture and furnishings of Rizal and his family.

Also on display are furniture pieces used by the Rizals during their exiled in Hongkong.

Next stop was Baluarte de Santa Barbara, built in 1593, is a stone bastion that forms a part of the Santiago Fort in Manila. It brings back the memories of Second World War where 600 American and Filipinos where killed by the Japanese before their surrender in 1945. Formerly, a storage house of ammunition and arms, it was converted into a prison.

These dungeons are located below the high tide level, so tales of deaths during floods and high-tide are in abundance.

On the other side of the ground is The Rajah Sulayman Theater (Dulaang Rajah Sulayman). It is an open air theater under the grounds of Fort Santiago which was ruins of a former Spanish military barracks. It had served as a highly atmospheric setting for contemporary theater-in-the-round productions by PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association). It was designed and conceptualized by Guidote. It was named Rajah Sulayman in honor of the leader of the Mohammedan Malays who first inhabited the area.

The rest of the fort you’ll see building ruins and others memoirs of the war.

Once last look at Fort Santiago from the wall –the gate and the moat.

Before our exit to the main gate, we passed by Baluartillo de San Francisco Javier. It is an extended curtain wall that is adjoined by a tunnel that leads to the Reducto de San Francisco Javier, which now enshrines the image of the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. A mass was offered at 5:30pm that day, though I don’t know if there is a regular mass being offered here.

This is also an entrée to the exclusive golf course. All non-golfers are strictly not allowed in the golf course. 🙂

All in all, the visit at Fort Santiago was worthwhile, you get your history fix here and in a nutshell I was back in the Hispanic time.



P.S. We look forward to visiting more historic places on the days to come, that is if our schedule and budget will allow us to do so all the time.

January and Leoncio 😛