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surviving Saturday without ‘ney

Whew! Thankful for C’s company because I survived Saturday without the husband, C and I splurged a little at those thrift shops in Market! Market! earlier and we’re both so happy with our purchases. Big TY to C for the Sbarro treat, no worries pizza won’t kill us in a snap. Let’s not forget that our perspective “once in a while” isn’t bad at all, remember we’re conscious eaters now only but hey we’re not sick. Guess eating hearty meals doesn’t need any reason at all. Oh, sorry Mrs. F you miss the fun and of course the bargains. 😀

Now here comes Sunday, I’m planning to do a quick-visit at Shangri-la Mall (I hope I’d wake up earlier so I can do this right away) and later on get that much-needed pedi. If everything would happen just the way I’m planning it at this time, I’ll be home earlier to complete the household chores (itago moko sa pangalang Inday 🙂  ). And the husband would be very happy to know that while he’s away Momi didn’t spent all her precious time at the mall poking around with those “further reductions” signs. Hehehe…

I miss the husband badly and I can’t wait for him to be home. Hay! 

egg salad sandwich

By the way, because I’m home alone I’m too lazy to cook up, I don’t feel eating scrumptious dishes all by myself so yesterday morning’s brunch was egg salad sandwich. I felt really full after finishing the three-layered goodness I personally prepared, di po over-the-counter yan! Tomorrow morning, oh I mean breakie later might be just the same unless I’ll find it boring and do a ham sandwich this time.

rbx chicken & chorizo

Uhm I know it’s unhealthy, spell M.S.G it probably has in huge amount but I’ve been an avid fan of this Chinese food take-out ever since it came in town. I had it for dinner with some dimsum take-out too from Paotsin. Solve!

Thank you Lord for the happy Saturday! 😛


the fabulous shopping day starts today!

The favorite shop is now on its final leg of sale but I’m half-excited this time because I will be visiting the shop without the husband. 😦

Debenhams Blue Cross 2013 Sale

Anyway, have a happy shopping weekend dears! 😛


project “forty”

project forty

…will commence this weekend but I won’t be physically present to witness the beginning of this big project of ours. I know it would be a lengthy struggle that would need great effort and hard cash (I can only wish the husband would win a lotto bet instantly) nevertheless, this would stand for a dream come true. 🙂


rekindling friendship?

A week after my birthday I was overly surprised to receive a belated birthday gift from this estrange couple I was once friends with. I don’t know what comes up and they suddenly had a change of heart. 😀

purple oven grandma's-1

D and R were former classmates and colleagues at the university. I’ve known R since day one of school; we became friends instantly because she was all alone like me and the big school was something very new for both of us, well, especially to R who went to an all-girls school in high school. D came into the picture after two semesters (now I’m guessing a little here 🙂  ). All three of us became close buddies in school together with another girlfriend, so that makes us four in our party. We grow to be special friends, always there to hand a hand, I remember how D & R would visit and bug me at my dorm whenever I would absent myself from mind-blowing subjects –Pascal, C+Linux, etc. and ruthless profs –San Gabriel (rest in peace), Austria (he’s not so ruthless after all so long as you have moolah to improve your class card), and I forgot the name of that prof in C. But tell you I still remember the times we would hang-out at U-Belt, we’re regulars of Jollibee and if there’s extra allowance we would spoil ourselves with Pizza Hut’s pizza-all-you-can. That’s how trouble-free our life was. D & R graduated ahead of me because I was not allowed by the university to overload on my last semester, so literally I’m a summer graduate. Probably because mobile phones and emails weren’t available that time, we lost contact. After two years (that was 1996 already), I bumped with R in Makati. She had work at the insurance previously while I was in the telecom business. Except on some occasional bump in McDonald’s during lunches we never get-together like the old days. The next thing I remember was the time I was applying a job at the present company. R and I were taken by surprise to see each other again after 3 years; I learned she got work at the company which will employ me consequently. Of course I was happy to see her again and just the thought of we’re going to work together excites me. We’re good on the first few months, we take lunch together, and we go out once in a while to do some thrift shopping at GH. But everything was momentarily, I don’t know what happened, it’s like waking up the next day and we’re like big strangers to each other. I have to recall over and over again but none that I can remember, we didn’t flight, we have no issues for all I know but things weirdly change between us. For more than 10 years this was a normal sight, we normally crash into each other anytime of the day, we’re used to it, you get a slight smile when we feel like giving one or engage in one small talk when waiting for the lift. I no longer ask questions why the friendship breaks off. I’m too busy to run through on things that will probably make the connection rekindle its spark. And things are better this way I guess.

Nevertheless, at least once in my life I became friends with D & R, besides who know if there would be second chances for us. I’m not closing my doors despite our life’s differences now; we never come to the closing stages of anything so anything could happen anytime. At the moment, I’m just very thankful that someone put forth and breaks the ice.

purple oven grandma's-2

Thank you for the sweet gift! How’d you know it’s one of my favorites? 🙂  And thank you both for giving me a buzz! 🙂


a merry day with the maternals

And another overdue post with hardly any photos to share (remember what happened to my external HD?) was the post-Christmas party with the maternals. We set the date on December 30 for everyone’s convenience, the venue didn’t change probably because we all feel its right that this occasion should always happen close to where our Ina and Ama grew old and died. Though it feels sad now that the bungalow that used to be a happy-house turns to be lonely now. I hope my cousin Miwi who’s now in-charge of the property should would give the house a make-over or something that would bring life to its surroundings. 🙂


Anyhow, we had a fun-party, happier than last year because everyone was in attendance. And everyone really made an effort to buy their gifts for the Kris-Kringle. Unlike last year, we didn’t pick any name in particular this time for a change and went back to the tricky one. But I’m so pleased that it turned out really well because everyone was cautious, everyone received the perfect gift including B (she received a very soft pillow). I guess the huge success of this year’s party should be tagged to everyone because everyone came out so thoughtful and creative with their gifts. Everyone was delighted to open his, this year’s Kris Kringle was truly meant –a light-hearted tradition and is meant to be just fun!


Now, if only I have a way to recover the photos and share it here. Sigh! Nevertheless, I saved the group shot that depicts splendidly how it’s been –we’re all in high spirits so you know. 🙂


post-Christmas party with the P-boys

Part of my overdue post was my reunion with the P-boys. I call it reunion because our encounters are becoming much lesser despite the fact that we’re just all Manila-based. I guess 2012 was such a very busy year for everyone the reason why we keep on cancelling our dates. Anyhow, we’re all okay to go after Christmas so we set the date on December 27. Yea, I partied with them and snubbed my 2nd niece’s baptism. 😀  Just kiddin, I have work that day and I cannot take a leave anymore considering that year-end is a busier sight at the office, so right after work I met up with the group. Sorry Ysa for Ninang’s absence on your special day. 😐

talyer dec2012-12

We didn’t consider any other place for this post-Christmas gathering, so you’re guessing it easily –Talyer is the best place we could ever think of anytime of the year. It doesn’t matter if the place looks crappy and old, perhaps it’s the only place we feel comfortable like our own. And every time we hit the place we feel 10 years younger and 20 pounds lighter (well, in my case hehehe).

talyer dec2012-3talyer dec2012-2talyer dec2012-1

Apart from the fact that the place is like second home for us, we preferred the food, no not just the appetizers, they cook way better than any of its rivalry, besides the prices are so affordable. 🙂

And of the plethora of reasons why I love that date night.

talyer dec2012-4

Cheap beers, a little over than its supposed SRP. 🙂

talyer dec2012-5talyer dec2012-6talyer dec2012-7

Happy faces 😀

talyer dec2012-8

Normal signs of aging –the need for eye glasses!

talyer dec2012-9

Pel’s was on the bottom, we don’t understand why he keeps on coming late when in fact his time is much in advance that any other. 😀

talyer dec2012-10

I love this bunch of friends because they don’t ran out of stories to share, of topics to discuss and disagree, of chismis to talk about, of life lessons to tell. They can talk about anything and everything under the sun, so you’ll feel witty as well with their intelligent conversation. And the husband feels comfortable with them especially with the person right next to him. 🙂

talyer dec2012-11

I look forward to celebrating more occasions with you guys, for me our friendship remains to be the BEST I ever had. Let’s hang out once again! 🙂



P.S. Original photos where corrupted and the following were shortly downloaded from facebook, sorry for the poor copies. 😦