The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Elaine’s visit

Even if I wanted to keep in tune and hang back on what’s going on around the blogosphere time is not permitting me to do it this time. My hands are full of things needed to close before the long break and I only have a day to wrap up everything. Sigh!


Anyhow, my high school best buddy is currently in town and we explored some of Manila’s. Take note that right after her 18 hours flight, we had bottomless mojitos and margaritas to our heart’s content. I promise to be back at Agave. Burp!


Elaine was not so impressed with BGC, probably she would enjoy more if she had seen it at daytime when there’s more green in its place. But hey, we goofed around and pretend that we’re in NY waiting for yellow cabs. Nice idea Albert!


By the way, I stayed with her 2-bedroom suite the first night, yep, her deluxe booking was upgraded to a suite only that we have to request a transfer the following day because of a busted aircon. Boo to Best Western Antel Plus for it. 😦


Breakfast buffet is a-okay, nothing to rave about in fact she’s willing to trade off for a Jollibee meal. Hehehe…


I wanted to tour her around downtown but because of her very tight schedule, it didn’t happen and put in the nearby Ayala Center in our list.


Well, there are basically two things to do while at the heart of Makati –eating and shopping! We pick out the former and gone PG (patay-gutom) at Bubba Gump!


And at noon time we’re having some alcohol mixed drinks aka Specialty Drinks. 😀


And oh I didn’t know that Conti’s already made a name in the US, Elaine was bugging me even prior to her arrival that we should include this in our list and Mango Bravo is a must. She finally got her sweet fix though I didn’t hear her comment on it yet.


Sunday night, I invited her out for coffee but her liking for beer won over. Instead of Starbucks we settled at Army Navy for some cold beer and fries and onion rings. Greg who’s from another planet (peace man! 🙂 ) joined our party.  It was a beautiful occasion to catch up even if the meeting was too short. I can only wish there’s no work that waits for me the following day guys.

And to end this post, I wish the universe would conspire and allow us to meet once more before she leaves Manila on the 4th of April, it would definitely end in never-ending fun. 😛


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