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deals to end the week

In an hour or so I will be out of the office and will head to Greenhills Shopping Center to look for something for my Nanay. I hope to find a good pair of slip-ons for her. Goodness, I will be shopping for something I needed too for the longest time. At any rate, I hope to get a bargain.

And tomorrow, we will be driving South to visit all of them –parents, P, SAM and Ate Shen. I have no solid plans about going anywhere, probably will stay at home and have plenty of sleeps or we could do side visits to close relatives. I miss home…

I wish everyone a good weekend 🙂 !






P. S.  I can’t stand not to share this good deal I had today from Ensogo today. Such a steal at P340 on 2 whole Original Savory Fried Chicken, and I paid P280 only because I made use of my Ensogo credits 🙂 .


impromptu dinner at Jack’s Loft

Thursday night dinner was spur-of-the-moment after I went out of the office feeling almost sick. Husband was willing to drive anywhere but I refuse to go beyond the San Juan-Mandaluyong area because rain might fall anytime and I simply want a quick-decent meal. 

He was suggesting Bubble Tea, which I really appreciate Honey but I was not in the mood to try a new resto. I want it on a separate occasion please for me to enjoy it fully, thank you 🙂 . Going farther, I saw Pho-Hoa and My Thai signboards and then Emperor, by that time I was already asking him to get a parking slot.

These would be good choices already however Jack’s Loft at the 2nd level made me decide on impulse.

And why is that? I have been to Jack’s Loft a number of times and kept on repeating the same dishes over and over again besides they serve sweet slices so I was more than willing to eat dinner and lounge a little.

I don’t know but I had a hard time ordering this time, I was thorn between pasta and rice meals. And rice meal won 🙂 .

Husband had Chicken Stir-Fry P155. Mongolian style stir fry combination of chicken, rice, vegetable, nuts and stir fry sauce. Being a fan of Mongolian mixes I was drawn to husband’s plate.

It was so lovely to my eyes; I almost asked him if we could swap orders, hehehe…

I had HK Style Baked Pork Chop P220. Fried rice topped with breaded pork chop, cheese and tomato sauce, baked to perfection!  I have to disagree about the “baked to perfection” description, it wasn’t 😦 !

See the soggy paste all over my plate? Is this what you called baked? And it’s all tomato sauce, I was expecting more cheese melts. Though at some point I have to agree with husband that the pork chop tasted good and soft, serving is quite generous because I even gave husband 1/3 of it.

Fishbowl Iced Tea P115 satisfied our thirst. It was like ordering a bottomless drink that husband and I shared on one big bowl. I love this one!

Death by Chocolate P88 completed this impromptu dinner.

I was expecting a richly dense chocolate cake with chocolate filling but it turned out to be dry, it was a disappointment 😦 , I should have assent with husband when he suggested Jack’s Cheesecake 😐 .

We didn’t stay long even if the place is relaxing. It sits nearly al-fresco with a grand view of Wilson Street’s commercial area. I bet this a good place to unwind over a bottle or two of beer or cocktails after a very long day. It’s just that parking would be a headache for some.



204 Wilson St. Addition Hills
San Juan City, Metro Manila
Tel.  +632 726-3582

Cutest Pet Contest 2011

Again, FN will run the Cutest Pet Contest Promo and like last year though I have my apprehension I would love our dear Bea joined it however, she is disqualified from joining it this time. As announced, all pets who won last year’s contest are disqualified from this year’s competition. How’s that? Hay, it’s sad 😦 .

Anyway, I am still thinking of getting a slot for Shen. I have to consult husband later about this project, and I need Shen to strike a good pose for me over the weekend 🙂 .

Will finalise everything next week, and if we push to join, I am knocking once more for everyone’s support. Spaghetti day!


Full Promo Mechanics, click HERE.


Aling Banang (part 2)

After a week, husband and I found ourselves dining back at Aling Banang. I told you it would be a favorite stop since its location is down our way home.

This time I had the “silog” meal –Longsilog P55. I was content that the serving did not disappoint me at all. In fact the longanisa made me grin because it’s not the usual piece that is available at wet markets and even on supermarkets. I wonder what the brand is so I could sample it back home.

And husband cannot get over with his love affair with pancit so he got generous serving of Miki-Bihon P40. I only wish that Banang would come up with something to pair up with their pancit creations like“kakanins” 🙂 .

We have to repeat ordering the Halo-Halo Special P50 to end our reasonably priced dinner.

At times like this, where only rock salt can still be bought in bounty everyone should be practical but that doesn’t mean a break off from getting a little stopover once in a while. Enjoy life!



P.S.  I noticed that Aling Banang eatery has an improved menu board this time 😀


Su Zhou, a new favorite!

Su Zhou Dimsum had been on my list a couple of weeks ago but had to skip it again and again because we always preferred to drive to Makati on weekends. So, last Friday after my date with David’s we have no excuse to let goes the chance considering that it’s a few turns away.

I remember voting for this eatery at the Nescafe’s Gold Spot Awards in 2009 even without sampling any of its dishes yet. I guess it sounded so authentic for me 🙂 . And even before this dining event I had been peeking on different blogs who made good reviews about the food, mostly what to order on the first time. It always helps to choose easily and grab a bite without delay!

I was expecting a Chinese-inspired theme all over the eatery but it wasn’t at all, in fact it’s more of homey and native set-up that is far comfortable. The menu is very easy to browse as well and since I have already something in mind we only added some more and started our feast.

Xiao Long Bao (Shanghai Soup Dumplings) P100 is house specialty, a must order uniquely for seasoned first timers.

I have to agree that it was so deli of its kind and because all I wanted is to sample it right away I failed to observe the step-by-step guide in eating the dumplings (as written by Ding Tai Fung of .

As DTF writes, it should be dipped in ginger vinegar sauce. Oh, I miss to recognize the ginger because it looked like an “atchara” to me. And husband mistaken the black vinegar as soy sauce 😦 . I got one step correct, not to break the dumpling skin 😀 . I didn’t because I know the soup would come out and I will spoil the wonder of these small buns.

Taiwan Beef Noodle with Soup P175, the broth is of quality and I love that they serve it piping hot.

Fish Tofu in Tausi P230, I always loved tofu in Chinese eatery because they serve it fresh and flavorful. By the way, the serving is good enough for two.

And our staple, the Su Zhou Fried Rice P130. It was flavored with chorizo, which gave it an extra appetizing taste.

We didn’t miss out ordering Mango Sago P100. I was a bit disappointed when SD failed to impress me with their creation even though the serving was generous. It lacks the thick mango crush and the pearls were gluey so it doesn’t mix at all with the puree.

Thank you for the Burp!

Su Zhou dinner was one of the most satisfying dinners to count. And for this, it deserves a second visit or maybe third, fourth and fifth to go.



837 A. Mabini St. cor. Araullo St.Mandaluyong City,
Telephone: +632 721-6105

an afternoon with David’s

I had a wonderful day today-Jul 22 despite the heavy work load back at the office, and I want to give credit to my team for delivering well even though half was on leave. I am happy that they are maturing gradually 🙂 .

I was part of the other half that took a leave from work today (I went on half day) because I needed to, I really do! I cannot cancel on last minute, so, I have to choose between work and a “little” pleasure. I have to choose the latter 😀 .  And head my way to Wilson St. and had a 6-hour pampering session.

I pre-arrange this activity two weeks ago, so, when I arrived at David’s Salon I was attended right away. I am a holder of Ensogo’s voucher, Hair Rebonding. The package is for any length, with intense Ceramide Treatment and Foot Spa with Pedicure –all valued for P2000 only! It was such a steal, so, when I stumble upon this promo last June I immediately bought one. It was timely because I was scouting a good salon then that is fairly priced.

My review of the treatment,

I am particular with foot spa because until now I couldn’t find any salon that is comparable to Focus Salon’s (previously located at Glorietta 2) foot services. Maybe I am into more scrubbing but hey, I enjoyed the foot massage earlier but I’m in no way coming back for pedicure 😦 . I would still go to my trusted shop for mani and pedi services.

The rebonding process, I had my first rebonding treatment last year by Sir George and I thought it was so okay until I noticed that my hair had some damages especially on the center top and worst is the hair seemed overdone because it was easy to break. Though I can tell the first rebond uses quality brands and mixtures. Why so? I felt lighter and straighter before. Anyway, David’s uses L’Oreal products (Matrix, I guess) and I cannot measure the effort of the attendant (Myrna or Merce, short memory gap here :D) especially on the straightening process. She assured that there would be no tangle after the application of the Neutralizer. Okay I have a week to observe, for now Thank You Miss 🙂 !

For somebody like me who just wanted a smoother hair every day, David’s Rebond is more than enough besides the P5,650 savings is no joke after all 🙂 !

And the new hair after conquering the heavy-eyed feels during the entire process.

I love it 😀 !



David’s Salon
2F Promenade Bldg., 198 Wilson St., cor P. Guevarra St.
San Juan
Tel.  632 7266615