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sumptuous lunch at Dusit Thani’s Basix

There’s no doubt that husband and I enjoyed dining out (it pretty shows on our bulging tummies 🙂 ), so, last Saturday prior driving to Cavite for the long weekend, we gave our palate a taste of international cuisine as we sampled Basix at Dusit Thani.

We arrived Dusit at 11am because I booked for lunch this time instead of the usual dinner, so, to kill time while waiting for the 11:30 lunch buffet we lounge at the hotel lobby and found ourselves amused on the Thai music played by this charming lady.

The Thai Zither was something very new for me and probably to most of the people who were around that day.

I shy away when husband told me to strike a pose beside the girl, I content with my own hehehe…

It was an advantage that I booked a month earlier so that gives us a comfy window seat, and soon as husband and I get settled with our seats we started our feast.

I went around first to check the spread, it wasn’t wide compared to Spiral and Circles but if you’re like me who gets easily pleased with seafood stations and rich display of desserts then Basix is not bad to be an option.

I had pumpkin soup and soft rolls at the start

And had a plate of California maki and slices of ham at the same time. I favored the black pepper ham 😀

I bumped with husband at the salad station busy with his own creation

And he also had grilled salmon and shrimp skewers to share. I especially love the skewers!

The next set we enjoyed,

Steamed veggies, boiled shrimps, mixed vegetable tempura. On this part, I suddenly asked myself, how come there were no shrimp tempura at all?

Grilled lamb chop, I only wish it was cooked well done. Nonetheless, despite the slight redness it was so tasty!

At the carving station, this is the star –Roast Beef!

I sampled and had it well done. I pour plenty of gravy to give flavor to and surprisingly husband liked it,

so, he gets another serving for us which we paired with our glasses of wine.

I sampled some of this, I don’t know how it’s called but it’s like a seafood salad with shrimp, squid and fish garnished with bell pepper and dill.

I didn’t try anything from the Indian Tandoori Kabab Station as it looks so dry for me.

By the way, there was also a Soup Station where you can choose your own toppings and since it was raining last Saturday it was a hit compared to its nearby Lumpiang Ubod Station, which I guess was a miss 😐 .

Amongst the fare we tried, the shrimp skewer became our favorite. I think we ate more than 10 sticks, and if not saving room for desserts I can finish off another 3 sticks or even 5, hehehe…

The final round – crepes, slices of cakes, fresh fruits, ice cream, chocolate fondue and halo-halo. Everything looks so delectable!

I had two servings of mango crepe with vanilla ice cream.

And husband and I sampled these slices!

Chilled juices are self-served while you have to request local beers and wines. Believe that I had two glasses of red wine while the husband had white wine and San Mig Light.  

We even had the chance to wash out a little with the aid of Camomille tea 🙂 .

I couldn’t complain much despite the deceiving highlights which Cash Cash Pinoy put in prints. Like the fresh oysters, newly-cooked tempura, sliced tuna which were all missing that day. For P699 per head it’s fairly reasonable + I get to bring home pasalubong from Dusit Gourmet, yummy Cheese Rolls for P25 per piece.

Now, if you will ask me if I want this deal back. Yes! I would love to bring my family here and let them experience the good food combined with nice ambiance, it rarely happen that we dine out lavishly as a family, so, I guess this one would be a good deal then 🙂 .




For Inquiries and Reservations:
Dusit Thani Manila
Ayala Centre, Makati City
Tel. +63 (2) 2388888 ext 8430
Lunch Buffet – P1600 net
Dinner Buffet – P1800 net
***Additional P500 net for free-flowing drinks (softdrinks, chilled juices, local beers and wines)
Children 6-12 year old are entitled for 50% discount, while 5 years old and below are free of charge
Open daily
Breakfast Buffet, 6:00am to 10:00am
Lunch Buffet, 11:30am to 2:30pm
Dinner Buffet, 6:00pm to 10:00pm

one loooong vacay

Hooray! Friday had come and in a few more hours the (work)week has finally ended 🙂 . I am excited to sleep early tonight as I look forward on the gastronomic activity waiting for us tomorrow. I can’t help but drool over on fresh crustaceans and sugar confections –mini cakes, crepes, etc. It would be one heavenly lunch as husband and I get dressed and fill up on a smorgasbord of international delights!

Come Sunday, well, I hope there would be no rains as my family and I plan to visit a remarkable place. Though at some point, it may bring about a dreadful recollection too I am positive that we can send away those emotions with sunny smiles. I long to see the old tree we used to sneak out and spend lazy afternoons.

On a lovely Monday morning, a drive to Tagaytay would be exciting 😀 ! I always love the smell of nature+embrace the cold breeze. And a side visit to my favorite thrift shops would be rewarding too 🙂 .

And on Tuesday, all I wanted to do is laze and sleep and eat.

I long waited for this long vacay and despite the glitch of being a corporate slave I love my life, I love how things fall into place and I love the people who have been supportive thru thick and thin.

Enjoy the looooooong weekend everyone!



another buffet from Metrodeal

Saturday, when this deal was offered at Metrodeal I am so tempted to get at least two slots but until now I am half-decided. You may be asking why? That was after reading plethora of bad reviews from Metrodeal’s offering of Eat-All-You-Can-Dinner Buffet Ship Cruise at P250. In fact, I got 4 vouchers of that, which I already saved for December + another slot (for me) on September with my office groupie. Depending on the turnaround of events at the buffet ship cruise this September, I would push with my 4 more vouchers. However, if things would be exactly like the rest of those who availed it prior (with unpleasant reviews), sorry, but I would demand a refund for my 4 vouchers, Metrodeal 😐 .

On the lighter side, Metrodeal’s offering of Barbara’s was a good one. I sampled it days ago. I hope this new deal expires soon at kunyari nakalimutan ko na lang 😀



my last pair this season

From my recent shopping pursuit (that was two weeks ago) I catch sight of this sandals at Market! Market! while actually looking one for Nanay.  

I initially fell in love with the green flower details of this piece plus it had a wider fit, so it makes a perfect pair for my ginger shaped foot 😀 .  Besides it’s inexpensive at P299 only  😀 .

Now, the pair remains intact on its box waiting for an adventure to happen.


P.S.  The brand is Casadei but I don’t think it’s anyway related to the designer brand. Promise this will be my last pair for the year, err, for the quarter please 😀 .


the “dog in two feet” love

As I see the two of them sleeping soundly in the comfort of our home it’s priceless. Love as I see it is unconditional, it’s always!

Following our union seven years ago, we are a childless couple to date.  It wasn’t a choice at all but as we always account God has other plans for us. In 2007, though half-decided we welcome a puppy to our home, to our life in full. I, being a certified dog lover was the happiest; however, my other half being the stand out against had his reservations. Fondly, it didn’t take a month to win his heart.  Bea, our adorable became an instant hit to his affection. She became “Daddy’s Little Girl”, her coming to our life made a big difference as we became responsible humans.

It’s too hard to explain in words how we love her and how she loves us back. It’s beyond measure as we always see love in her eyes. People around us may not see that spark nevertheless “Mom and Dad” see it, it isn’t ordinary, it’s pure –much like that between a parent and child.


This is my entry to “Love as I see it”. A project of flowers Philippines.


cozy weekend at home (plus an Original SAVORY Chicken review)

I saved the Original Savory Fried Chicken voucher I got from Ensogo this weekend, so, husband and I can enjoy a delicious meal time even if we chose to stay home. Buying on group buying sites these days is the newest fad among average citizens (like me) who cannot always afford the indulgence of dining out. And whenever I spot something that would just cost me a fast food meal, I would get a ticket for two or more. Besides it gives me the chance also to sample something else from the usual favorites.  


The deal in print, call at least 2 days in advance prior to promo redemption, so, I ring the Makati Avenue branch last Thursday and sched Saturday morning pick up. The pick-up was easy because it was just a few minutes from our place.

And unpacking the box at home was mouth-watering as you could smell the fragrance of the chicken flavorings.

I had the other chicken cut into pieces and the other one as is –whole chicken to go!

Husband couldn’t resist that he started to nibble even before we had lunch. I can’t blame him; it’s very hard to resist the tempting treat of this weekend 😀 .

Before husband fork in my favorite parts, I rushed my very own fried rice.

The verdict, the chicken is so tasty, tender and juicy! And Savory gravy is the perfect match! We still have half chicken on the fridge as this entry is written. I wonder if that piece can still be saved until tomorrow, hehehe…

I can only wish Ensogo would bring this promo back 😀 .


And before I forget, we ended lunch with my favorite slice from Goldilocks –Sansrival!


The luxury of dining at home would always be a preference, it’s economical aside from the fact that you don’t need to dress up really modishly.

Have a brand new week everyone 🙂 !