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Holy Week 2013: Part II –SVD, Pink Sisters, Angels’ Hills, Our Lady of Lourdes and The Little Souls

While Good Friday last year was spent some 400kms away from the city we dropped that idea this year and rather get through just 50kms+ away outside of the metropolis. We had a relaxing one less the long drive to my very own hometown.

good friday-23

Since we were not able to complete our seven churches during Maundy Thursday we were up early on Good Friday to continue our Visita Iglesia. We thought of Pink Sisters as our first stop but traffic was terrible so we decided to drive beyond and went to SVD first.

good friday-2

The Divine Word Seminary in Tagaytay or better known to us as SVD (Societas Verbi Divini) had been a special place for me all throughout my high school years. I remember us visiting the place during Inter-Catholic sportsfest wherein our school plays a big role. Oh no, I’m not a varsity player, I never excelled in any sports at all. I’m part of the sports committee that is. 🙂 And before this story gets lengthy I’ll cut here reminiscing high school life because it’s never ending. 😀 Anyhow, the visit at SVD was timely that morning, less people going around so we had our time to freely ramble around.

good friday-1good friday-3

I don’t know how you’d see it but through the years SVD stayed the same –serene, consoling and enchanting. And the araucaria trees make the place more sacred and conducive for retreats and recollections.

good friday-4

After visiting the chapel, we rove and found a makeshift store selling street food. We ordered the favorites –banana cue, qwek qwek and kikiam. A happy welcome to our tummy!

good friday-5

Just beside SVD is a small gate that leads to the Pink Sisters convent. Actually, we thought we can make use of it earlier when we saw the clogged road going at the Pink Sisters’, it’s the alternate route so we really thought. 😀

good friday-6

If you pass that small gate you’ll be lead to this narrow walkway with coffee trees surrounding. It’s not the regular pathway so be sure you have company when taking this trail. Gate schedule HERE.

good friday-7

The Pink Sisters Convent is a prominent minster in Tagaytay; it’s one of the mostly visited because of the pink sisters, hehehe. Kiddin aside, this community of nuns prays for your petitions continuously and many have attest that their prayers were answered. Blessed are those who believe. Amen. Taking of photos is not allowed inside the chapel and silence is observed thus the setting remains to be peaceful while you write your prayer petitions.

good friday-9good friday-10

We didn’t stay long and went our way to the bordering Queen of Angels Chapel within Angels’ Hills compound. Angels’ Hills is a community of lay persons committed in a special calling to serve people yearning to encounter God through our humble place and facilities. It’s a retreat and formation center that can accommodate 450 persons at any given time. If you want to know more please check HERE.

good friday-8

It’s my second time to visit the place and I remained in awe with this view from afar, a very pleasant one.

good friday-11

Following our chapel visit we look forward to this treat –Milo Freezz.

good friday-12good friday-13

We also sampled and took home Gourmet Lettuce Chips and Luyang Dilaw (I’ll write about these two when time permits me to do so 🙂 ). In fact, there were too many to take home on this side of the road between Angels’ Hills and the Pink Sisters convent. But beware of buying dried tawilis; it’s overpriced at P80 per pack. At Mahogany Market you’ll get the same pack at P50 only.

good friday-14good friday-15

Anyhow, we took the path again at the Pink Sisters compound going back at SVD where we parked earlier that day, we hang around a little to cool off and enjoy the cold breeze. I can stay the whole day here and picnic with B and Leoncio. 🙂 If only B can promise me to not woof I’ll definitely bring her there, she would surely enjoy the rolling hills. 😀

good friday-16

We chanced the SVD community doing the way of the cross and stayed a little to watch. It was an overwhelming scene for me.

good friday-18

Our next stop was our wedding church –Our Lady of Lourdes.

good friday-17

We frequent this church and attend mass at the same time. There was an ongoing mass when we entered the church; we attended a part of it only because we’re targeting to finish our rounds by 3pm.

good friday-19

Next to the parking area of Our Lady of Lourdes was another set of makeshift stalls that sells fruit and vegetables and kakanin. Probably because it’s already lunch time and we’re also drained from all the walking we felt famished. And Nilupak Master was the perfect snack while getting ready for our last church. An order of nilupak is at P20 and P30, yum!

By the way, we made a short stop at Mahogany Market, we were supposed to take lunch but the crowd was super and the hotness was irritating. 😦

good friday-20

The Little Souls convent was our last stop, I’ve written of it HERE and the family frequents the Sunday 10am mass here. The chapel remains solemn despite the many visitors that day. I don’t know but amongst the many we visited aside from SVD this place remains to be my favorite.

good friday-21

And don’t forget to try the ice cream sandwich and ice candy made by the Peach Sisters! 😛

good friday-22

The whole family convoyed home to drop by the little baby because we’re up somewhere else to complete the way of the cross before the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary, all before 3pm, our time to beat!

Next is the Significance of Good Friday…



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