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sundate no.12


The recent work week concluded as it should be in spite of the annoyance, the rejection and the not-so-happy thoughts that nearly make me cry. Suddenly I had that ill-feeling again and I loathe it. I told you before I don’t want to dwell much on the negative thoughts because that would spoil my weekend and my love affair with Sundays. So to end the whining I treated myself a bit, a chicken inasal dinner on Friday night and over pizza & pasta and street food on Saturday. I know I’m quite back to my not-so-healthy eating habit and I’m guilty as charge other than those were the only distraction I know to stop my odd feelings and get back in track albeit the consequence of me getting out of shape. Hahaha. And because Sunday is extra-super-special, I saved all my energy and my belly to a warm and hearty meal.


We drove somewhere south, somewhere down my beloved Cavite after a cousin told me about the place. I dunno if he reads this blog and knows my current “thing” for breakfast and Sundays and tocino 😀 the reason perhaps he brings up the breakfast place. He even sampled it a day ahead of us but failed to impress him but I’m prepared to gamble because the place itself is enough to fill my Sunday morning routine.

Since it heavily rained the night before and the place is a bit distant from my two dearly loved cities, which is Makati and Mandaluyong, we arrived later than the usual breakfast time so we had brunch.


Bahay Tinapie was located shortly after exiting Cavitex, its Centennial Road address put me for a while in question mark. Where the hell is Centennial Road? It should be somewhere Aguinaldo and Bacao according to Google maps but still I can’t figure out. Oh there! Kartini was the prominent landmark and we regularly pass by the area when driving to my hometown. Surprisingly it sits only next to Kartini and we never spot the signage before. And what a shame because Centennial Road is the same highway I kept on referring as Bacao.


Even from its façade, Bahay Tinapie was pretty to look at, it’s homey and cozy feel easily caught my attention. This is the exact picture of my future eatery, my dream breakfast café. 🙂 Actually I’m aspiring of the outdoor sitting only because I want it to be quaint and have that down-to-earth impression, nothing snooty so the neighborhood will not have that awkward feeling.


Bahay Tinapie’s indoor dining was even more charming with all the cute stuffs hanging on the walls, every corner is lovely to look at so I had my time while our orders were being made.


And because I already spied its menu online we had our choices easily. For your sake, they have the usual breakfast meals served with rice and creamy scrambled egg –I spotted SPAM and Libby’s, tocino and tuyo and many more including the Subi-Monte Longganisa which I’m guessing is a best-seller because Bahay Tinapie is run by Subi-Monte, it’s  next-door restaurant that seems to cater more of lunch and dinner. Back to their one flyer laminated menu, they have Belgian waffles too, and pies and cakes to my delight. But as I told you, I have already decided for our breakfast plates even before coming here.

So, we’re both having the most expensive plates. ♥


The husband wanted to have something with rice so he picked Ultimate Breakfast 4, he loves me though that’s why he decides for the variant with tocino instead of his usual beef tapa pick. I love his plate other than I don’t find it apt that garlic rice and waffle comes in one plate here.


I had the Ultimate Breakfast 1, everything rhymes from bacon to Hungarian sausage, to scrambled eggs and waffle and toast. The cousin was foremost not impressed with the waffles as he was telling me “not worth it” but I have a different opinion and that would always count because I own this blog. Hehehe. A perfect waffle should be crispy on the outside, tender and moist on the inside with a near see thru appearance. Okay, we got a second-rate waffle here which is crispy and thin, it must be short of milk, or eggs, or butter. I really cannot tell but because it’s reasonably priced I cannot complain more. And like Belgians I consumed my waffle as dessert with butter and syrup.

*Most food items are already drinks inclusive; he got coffee while I got an orange juice.


We got an additional order of their Oh! Melette Tomato, Pesto and Cheese. They made it almost perfect –a little runny in the center but not as fluffy as I want it to be, never mind the burnt traces outside because the taste of pesto and cheese is a hit of its own.


And to add a little touch of Brit to my breakkie, I went to order Pork and Beans. I didn’t expect too much because it’s obvious that it’s something fresh from the can other than they warmed it for me. 🙂


We happily wolfed down our hale and hearty breakfast without anyone around. Yes, we owned the place because the last group left even before our food was served and maybe the early-risers left even before we arrived.


Aside from cakes and pies, Bahay Tinapie also sells cookies. I got biscotti, sugar cookies (which was very good) and oatmeal cookies and I’m coming back to get a stash, they’re cute for gifts this coming Christmas.


Well, maybe it’s not one of the best breakfast places around but it’s not bad either. It sits in the middle with the “can also” caption and I wouldn’t mind stopping once in a while when we’re passing by. I love waffles and Nutella and fortunately they have that combination. ♥


P.S. We went on a short historical trip right after, to an old house that was built more than 100 years ago and that holds too many memoirs of our independence. 



Bahay Tinapie
Centennial Road, 4104 Kawit, Cavite
T. 046 4023759



Ever since I cut on the meat and processed food I seldom get to taste corned beef, which is by the way one of my favorite breakfast items. But once in a while when home in Cavite I got to savor the beefy flavor of this canned goodie. I love Purefoods corned beef, the classic one, and dislike the imported brands because some looks like meat loafs and the others look mushy like dog food. Eww!  Anyway, there’s no corned beef battle here, this post is about the culmination of my Delimondo’s experience.

Last week, I chanced upon Delimondo cans in Rustan’s and took home a thrift pack to end my ever curious side. I shortly documented the cooking part #walangmagawa 😀


Prepare your Delimondo can, 1 big onion and 1 head garlic.


Open the can, contrary to a review I read somewhere it does not have the usual lard and all but its natural juices. So what do we have here? Maybe the difference is Delimondo cans are not so fatty filled.


Saute your onion and garlic, I usually set aside half of the onions (half-cooked) for garnishing. And pour the whole can of your ranch style corned beef. Add salt to season. I noticed the sad state of my pan here, not good enough for this shoot. 😦


Delimondo’s empty can, with lard on its bottom too.


Now, get a charming plate to add colors and for a picture perfect photo for IG purposes.


Delimondo corned beef is true to its name, delicioso and shredded to the right consistency. I’m convinced why this has become the favored brand now by many. With its top-choice ingredients, the imported ones are no match.


And like Iya of Bacon and Bangles I had pandesal (Pan de Amerikana’s) with it, it’s so good! And I had it for dinner and breakfast the other day.


My rainy night comfort food ♥

Now, I’m contemplating on my next Delimondo can, the Garlic and Chili variant. I’m planning to get a stash again over the weekend, some 260g of ranch style which I’ll save for the rainy days.


I’ll try do a corned beef hash next.

Happy Friday foodies, the weather forecast says it’s going to be a rainy weekend, stay warm and safe. ♥


28th Negros Trade Fair


*photo via facebook

“This contest is open to those who can surely attend the lunch event!” (that was the last caption and condition on Ms. Fran’s gastronomic giveaway last Monday). I suddenly check my schedule, its mid-week only and I have work so how can that be? But because I’m the contest addict I don’t have to think much, I joined! And luckily won! 🙂 It was overwhelming and flattering at the same time especially when Penang’s multi-awarded blogger Doc Gelo even congratulated me on facebook.


Fast forward to September 25, 2013 I excused myself to leave early for lunch and put a note as well that I might be coming late in the afternoon. I don’t do this habitually so I was permitted right then and then. Thank you to the boss. But despite my leaving early at 11am in Greenhills I need a traffic-less route to Makati where the event awaits me. Feeling VIP hehehe. I have no choice for goodness sake but to consider the MRT, my third time to ride this year but alone for the first time yet again. You see I don’t normally pass by Edsa, so there’s no reason for me to take the trains unless it’s very necessary like this day. So after a jeepney ride from Greenhills-Edsa, a bus ride from Edsa-Ortigas to Ortigas MRT station and a quick train ride to Ayala I came on time, even a few minutes earlier to Fran’s 11:30am suggested time. I waited a few more minutes outside of the activity center for the husband who apparently mistaken the other event at the old activity center. Hay, was it really the wrong side of the event or it’s your arriving late ‘ney?


Anyhow, a lot of people were already lining up to go in at the trade fair so we lined up as well at the registration area and asked for the supposed people I need to look at. The registration girl referred us to look for Mariel at Domesticity booth, she was somewhere else around the fair but eventually came back to welcome some guests. Ms. Mariel was nice and accommodating and helped us check-in at the lunch area in a breeze. We were actually the first two lunch goers to show off, so I was feeling like everyone’s eyes on us. Who’s these two hungry looking folks? Hahaha.


Negros Trade Fair is the longest running provincial trade fair started in 1985 by the Manila-based Negrenses who were moved by the news of poverty among the sugar farm workers in Negros. The First Negros Trade Fair was organized at the Makati Carpark at the behest of Bea Zobel from Ayala Land, Inc. with goods coming from backyard industries of Negros. Daniel “Bitay” Lacson, Jr., then Negros Navigation President and CEO, shipped the goods from Bacolod to Manila for free. The movement later grew as Bitay Lacson was appointed as OIC Governor of Negros and was re-elected into office. 

This annual trade fair became a precursor for a vision to organize a formal association to consolidate the then fledgling individual producers. The Association of Negros Producers (ANP) was formed and registered in 1988 with the Securities and Exchange Commission, incorporated by the so-called “14+1″ from the fourteen housewives and one gentleman who became incorporators of ANP. From then on, the task of organizing the annual Negros Trade Fair was passed on to the newly formed association. {source:}


Now on its 28th year, the Negros Trade Fair with theme Evolving Lifestyles will run from September 25-29, 2013 at the Glorietta Activity Center, near Palm Drive Entrance. It’s open during mall hours, 10AM-9PM on Wed, Thurs and Sun and 10AM-10PM on Fri and Sat. Please note that this is not a shopping event per se but a total family fun experience –the scheduled line up includes fashion show, tea time, cooking demo, an annual fellowship of USLS alumni, photo wall, etc. And there were actually too many items to look at, most are perfect for gifts for the coming holidays –food, gifts & houseware, garments & bag, natural & organic, home furnishings. If not with my very limited time I’d probably have score gourmet food from T-Flavors and some yummy and sweet treats from Virgie’s Home Made Products. Well, I might be visiting back on Sunday, let’s see what’s left then.


It’s Raining Men! Literally it was! Famous Ilonggo men chefs such as JP Anglo of Mushu and Master Chef, Manny Torrejon of Manolo’s, Gerald Montelibano, Fernando Aracama of Aracama, Tom Bascon, and Richard Ynayan cooked for the luncheon event. Each of them cooked a dish using a Negros food product and come up with a “Negros food with a twist” repertoire.


Check out the lunch menu, I took a mental note of Lechon Baka Skewers!


Each table by the way was styled using Negros products, I especially love the capiz charger plate as it provides a lovely golden glow that is so Christmassy for my taste.


The food, oh we waited a bit which excites me even more.


Organic Vegatable Lasagna by Richard Ynanan, I’m not really fond of lasagna but this one is love at first sight, everything tasted just right and every layer is full of hearty ingredients and cheese –ricotta and mozzarella (I’m guessing now hehehe).


And what makes this dish apart from the usual, they used biscocho as side instead of the usual garlic stick.


Chicken Inasal Confit by Manny Torrejon and Lechon Baka Skewers by JP Anglo.


I was pretty expecting more flavors from the Inasal other than I’m giving two thumbs up for the Skewers. It was tender and flavorful. One is not enough, bitin. 😀


Buko Pannacota with Crushed Barquillos, Baby Sago in Spiced Muscovado Syrup and Crispy Green Saba Chips by Fernando Aracama.


I wowed with this divine looking dessert plate, I always do that, lovely food decorations always amaze and entice me to bits.

The husband and I had a wonderful time, we’ve been raving about the Lechon Skewers until today. Hehehe  

What we missed –coffee and tea while brushing shoulders with the VIPs 😀 and that chance of a lifetime to get a souvenir photo with her Excellency Imelda R. Marcos. She and entourage did not eat lunch with us but she graced the trade fair as her way of showing support to the Negros producers. This is off topic, despite the age Mrs. Marcos still looks beautiful in her terno. And I’m loving the woman for her flamboyancy. 😛


P.S. I’m giving another shout-out for Fran of Frannywanny for this chance, many thanks for the bigheartedness! Btw, just this morning I received another blessing, truly, when it rains, it pours! ♥


sundate no.11 part ii

Following our filling lunch at You Jie Xiao Chao was a stopover at the nearby The Powerplant Mall, we attended the mid-afternoon mass. Anyway, this is somewhere out of topic but I can’t help but feel bad for shameless people attending the holy mass. At the chapel’s entrance there’s an advisory to mass goers that say something like reservation of seats, actually I didn’t read it in full details but I’m guessing it has something to do with people or group reserving seats for their family members or friends who’d come in late to mass. In reality we tend to do that and it’s happening anywhere but I find the incident yesterday miserly. In a particular row or four, two seats were occupied only while the other two were duly reserved for their companions, which eventually did not show up until the offertory part. My take is, give up the empty seats if you’re companion is showing up so late (late means the first reading is already being read). There were elderly folks who needed it most besides you don’t pay to reserve those. There was even a very pregnant woman who initially asked for the vacant seat which they snubbed. My inner self was almost screaming and I don’t like fuming silently about these people’s attitude, buti na lang there’s a Good Samaritan who willingly gave his seat to the soon-to-be mom. Kudos to you Sir! 🙂

By the way, we were standing the whole mass so I have no seat to share with the elderly and the pregnant woman.


After mass, we make a quick round at the supermarket to buy some of this week’s supply including wheat bread, peanut butter spread, paper towels, chips, chocolate and look what I found. Yes, the Delimondo corned beef which I recently stumbled on this blog (Bacon and Bangles). I became curious on the pricey-ness of this can so I grabbed the promo pack right away. We’ll sample it within the week and let you know if it’s really worth the price.

sundate no.11_9

And to cap of the day, we pay a visit the newly-opened Café Mary Grace in Kalayaan. You see we’ve been many times in Serendra but never took time to stop and consider the café, probably because my impression of Mary Grace was all about cheese rolls and ensaymadas. Other than my much-loved, must-read breakfast blog visited the place beforehand I feel the need to visit too. Tina said about the Christmas-feel and that enough excites me oh so high.

sundate no.11_10sundate no.11_11sundate no.11_12

And she was right, soon as we stepped in at Café Mary Grace, I felt the holidays, the yuletide happenings, it’s so Christmassy inside. I adore the entire place and immediately fell in love. ♥

sundate no.11_13sundate no.11_14sundate no.11_15sundate no.11_16

This is the exact place I’d want to spend hours and hours –writing and musing, coffee sipping and eating my sweets.

sundate no.11_17

Café Mary Grace menu was lovely as I expected it to be, I was drooling to eat pasta while browsing it but not this time because I’m feeling classy and lush, a big-time wannabe. Hahaha. So we got a tasteful of this and that.

sundate no.11_18

Cappucino Regular P98. Its froth and coffee art alone makes me wanted to come back, I’m very pleased with my cup.

sundate no.11_19

Traditional Chocolate P110. This is what Christmas is all about, it’s a Christmas recipe which I’ve been missing from my childhood, and I was telling the husband that while he was finishing his merry cup.

sundate no.11_20

Sansrival P105. Crisp and chewy meringue, French butter cream and cashews –a torte truly without rival! This is to die for! ♥

sundate no.11_21

Mary Grace Ensaymada Classic P90. 100% real butter and eggs, topped with grated Edam cheese! Soft and delicate, pure and premium. Handmade and homemade. Guaranteed fresh from the oven!

sundate no.11_22

Lemon Squares P19/pc. Yes, I’m addicted to this eversince I got a mouthful of it at Cucina Andare and Purple Oven. I’m getting it anytime whenever it’s available.

sundate no.11_23

I’m very sure that this occasion would be followed and I’m getting myself some flavorful pasta and hearty sandwiches and more delectable desserts next.

sundate no.11_24

Thank you for the warm welcome!

sundate no.11_24sundate no.11_26

That’s me and my favorite date! ♥



Café Mary Grace
Unit 1-A Kalayaan Avenue. Makati City

sundate no.11

Sundays are meant for dating, church, dining out, supermarkets and coffee sipping, that’s me, that’s why all in all people surrounds me sees my favorite day as over-spending because I tend to splurge the whole day paying bills after bills. What they do not know is I pass over on many things during the weekday including the cheapest McDonald’s meal, soda, chips, mid-afternoon snacks, etc. I’m keeping it to a minimum in which the daily expense should consist of taxi fare only (on days I commute to work) added to the P20 bill I expend to buy myself a slice of watermelon from Manong on the streets. And while people at my workplace enjoy food delivery, take outs or even lunch outs, I’m savoring home-cooked meals by yours truly (or the husband’s if he’s in the mood to impress me). I even have sandwiches for mid-afternoon snack and some biscuits to keep me company when staying late. I don’t splurge on milk teas and hardly ever peep at the mall or at the supermarket to keep me away from things I don’t really need. So don’t ever judge me for treating myself a bit because I make a supreme effort five days a week for it. Ang drama noh? 🙂  Nah, I’m just giving myself a good excuse not to feel guilty while many suffer from hunger including our soldiers in Zamboanga. I prayed at mass earlier that this hostility will end and that life for our fellow Filipinos in Zamboanga will be back to normal and free.

sundate no.11_1

September 22, 2013

Anyhow, while the past Sundays were happily spent savoring a hearty breakfast meal we altered the routine today. It’s because the rain was nonstop, we curled a bit and woke up at past 8am, too late to my ideal breakfast time. Apart from that, the brunch place I have in mind opens at 10am only and unfortunately closed on Sundays. Sigh! Good thing we’ve checked back before we left or else we’ll end up feeling low literally resembling to the gloomy skies. And while the rain continuously poured and flooded some major streets, we kept our option limited to the neighboring city, this time for lunch.

Hunan Lutong Bahay was like everyone’s craving three years ago, most of the food blogs I follow have something to say about this hole-in-the-wall eatery –authentic, flavorsome and affordable. And because its location is somewhat secret to many, getting there was like puzzle solving. But not in our case, we quickly figured out its exact location the moment we tried our luck earlier, thank you to the many reviews that gave landmarks and shared photos of its façade. Who needs a GPS, definitely not us?

If you’re coming from Edsa-Rockwell flyover (Estrella), turn right to Gumamela St., which is the last turn before J.P. Rizal or before ramping over the Estrella-Pantaleon Bridge, once you see the Barangay Hall on the corner of Camia and Gumamela Sts. turn left to Camia St. and slow down, on your right don’t miss this 3-door apartment house with painted gates in white, the last gateway is No. 6404. There is no signage outside so if you go beyond Coznuts salon you overdrive by now. I hope I’m giving everyone a clearer route here, otherwise you can always call the number below and ask anyone from the store to step outside so you won’t miss the spot. 😀

sundate no.11_2

Since its 1pm when we arrived at the eatery the place was almost empty except for a corner table occupied by two Chinese national. The server readily handed us out the menu, not so complicated not like the early years I thought (they say there were no caption on the food items, only Chinese characters). But because I already have in mind the bestsellers as recommended by renowned food bloggers we place our orders in a breeze.

Service is quick! I commend their cook for not making us wait. 🙂

sundate no.11_3

Steamed Pork P260 was first to arrive. I’m guessing slow-cooked pork belly embedded in cured mustard greens with Chinese spices. I was guessing too its taste on the sweet side while taking photos of it but it tasted more of Chinese adobo which is my sister-in-law’s specialty dish.

sundate no.11_4

Fried Rice with Egg P100. Not that it wasn’t good but next time we’ll go for the eat-all-you-can steamed rice.

sundate no.11_5

Cold Pig’s Ear P180. This thin and tender slices of pig ears fueled the husband’s appetite.

sundate no.11_6

Boiled Dumpling P140. It’s commonly called Kuchay with egg and greens fillings.

We forgot to ask for house tea but we happily settled with potable water served in pitchers.

sundate no.11_7

And wiped out everything with gusto, I even asked for some chili sauce to spice up the full Chinese flavors. Ah, we’re definitely coming back especially if parking wouldn’t be a common headache.

sundate no.11_8

And by the way, the eatery has a more apt name printed on the menu book, mark it –You Jie Xiao Chao. ♥



You Jie Xiao Chao
6404 Camia St., Guadalupe Viejo, Makati City
T. +63 917 7876999 / 915 4252972