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Maja’s Birthday!


Maja is one of my girls in the office and as she marked her 20 something birthday we gave her a little surprise 🙂 .


Your best years are still ahead of you, Happy Birthday!

***Photos from my Nokia E72 and Maja’s Nokia C3


I don’t know how to label this pig-out because this shouldn’t be a new discovery after all as we have been passing this eatery for a long time now however, it was only last 16-Apr when we get to try this panciteria. Little Ongpin Panciteria Too is located at Mandaluyong circle; they occupy a very small space that sits beside an auto shop after Sr. Pedro.

Because we are not in the mood to eat rice that time, Little Ongpin’s set of choices is just the thing for us. So, immediately we placed an order to fill our hunger.   

Miki Bihon Small Php100.00 is good for two but in our case it was more than enough, we even had the left over wrapped. It was seasoned just right for my hard to please appetite that day. Husband’s only whine was they overdo the noodles. In some point, I realized that it tasted very similar to what we had at 168 Mall before, paired with hot pandesal, yum!

We also had an order or Shark’s Fin Dumpling, 3pcs for Php40.00 (no decent photo) and a Jumbo Siopao for Php35.00. I cannot recommend this two because it would be very hard to match up Wai Ying or even Le Ching serving. However, if you’re too budget-conscious this place would definitely delight your bellies.  

Btw, aside from what we had they serve rice meals and big orders of pansit for your party needs.  

The place has an outdoor seating for smokers and has two slots parking and mind you service is fast.

Generally, the dining experience was good enough for a second visit soon.

**Photos from husband’s BB


Little Ongpin Panciteria Too
Maysilo Circle, Mandaluyong City 
For Delivery Call 5346469/7473565

weekend therapy

April 16 – From The Big Hot Summer Outlet Sale 2011 husband scored a new pair of jeans from Levis at 50%. He was hesitant to take it at first because the style is little offbeat and he kept on saying I’m over it, other than that he loves it because the cut is slim and fits him perfectly 🙂 . I was expecting that Giordano Ladies would have a widespread unfortunately they don’t have, so, that ended a not so happy me 😦 .

I was tempted to line up at Stella Luna; the price was a whopping give-away 🙂 . The deal is you Buy 1 pair for only Php1, 999.00 and get 1 pair FREE. Okay, I got hold of my longing and passed on. Anyway, those heels wouldn’t be of use much these days. But really, I heart those shoe boxes 🙂 ! 

Ipanema’s flip-flops were also on sale starting from Php400-800, I only wish my sizes were available 😦 . I also wish Marks & Spencer or Debenhams would be included back on their line-up pretty soon.

Right after, we drive to San Juan, I had been seeing this store on my way home every day and the tarp would always captivate me. The store has no name at all so I can only give you directions just in case you want to visit soon. The store houses brands like Gap, Hollister, Diesel, Daisy Fuentes, Old Navy, Abercrombie and Fitch, Aéropostale to name some. However, if you would compare prices from Surplus shops their prices were higher. I bet the same pieces of clothing could also be found in Greenhills and Market! Market!, which can go way cheaper. Price starts at Php249.00 for basic tees, dresses at Php550+, shorts at Php450.00+ and there were sale items at Php150.00 per piece. They also have Ninewest Bags, which I didn’t bother to ask how much because it seems the sales staff had little patience on my inquiries. I suggest them to put visible price tags on all items, so, it would be painless to bargain hunter like me.  Anyway, the plus factor of this shop is its set up, you don’t need to dig good finds, they were on hangers or either folded nicely and the shop itself could pass a fashionable boutique.

How to get there? From Unimart in Greenhills, drive towards Wilson St. and turn right to P. Guevarra Sts. It’s beside Happy Feet and is used to be a Barrio Fiesta branch. Btw, new stocks are available every two weeks as advised.


I went home with a V-neck tee similar to this –soft cotton tee in brown earth.

Later that day we went to Fashion Market in Market! Market! where Nanay and I had shopped some items on sale.

It was a well spent calendar day in April 🙂 !

**Photos from husband’s BB

as Holy Week begins…

The most recent weekend was stressful as we prepared for an upcoming trip this Holy Week. We were able to go to see The BOS in Pasig and make a quick stop at a Warehouse Export Overrun shop in SJ. Nanay’s visit was a surprised last Saturday nonetheless, I enjoyed the shopping spree we had at Market Market! And last night before we went to mass, we drive to Pasig Market to buy all the necessities we would transport to Ilocos – from soy sauce to pancit bihon noodles. A thanksgiving feast would be offered on Black Saturday.

Like other bloggers I would stay behind my notebook for the rest of the Lent. This would be the best time for me to recollect, to be remorseful and to be thankful for all things that had happened. I will be away from the city to let go all the negative vibes and spend more time with people dear to me.

A blessed Holy Week to everyone!

God’s words are pure, eternal truth

Shall yet unshaken stay,

When all man has thought or planned,

Like chaff has passed away  –Anon.

back in the house

When it was pull out from supermarkets last year I felt sad, even my colleague back at the office because this is the only local luncheon meat, which is comparable to Spam. Purefoods Luncheon Meat is comfort food at times I am not in the mood to cook and it’s good even on macaroni soups, so, I am so so glad its back 🙂 !

mid-week hiccups

Husband and I spent our Sunday lazing at the house; I have no energy to go out. I felt like I need that day to relax, so, I skipped even going online. I know I haven’t been active in the blogosphere, and contests and promos does not appeal so much to me this time.  Maybe it’s because I am waiting for the right contest for me, where I can show off my specialty. Anyway, I need to buy more time and wait for the right piece.

Let me go back about Sunday, well, I did not bore myself the whole day at home 🙂 . Husband and I went out and drive to Makati later in the afternoon to do our supermarket thing. You know how I love to be at the supermarket; I always look forward on getting a good deal on sale items while husband loves to sample new products -free taste test! hehehe…

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I stepped in at the newly opened Forever 21 store in SM Makati, people was in panic buying mode. I was really surprised at the crowd; everyone wants a piece of this clothing line. I was slightly taken away 🙂 , especially because the prices are okay. It would definitely fit every Juana’s budget. I would give Forever 21 a second visit soon and decide.

Okay, so Holy Week vacay is a week from now and I haven’t told you yet our plans. We will be spending it away from the metropolis and I am pretty excited to see the beach, surf dudes, surf boards, watch tower ruins, River, LL and many more. My only wish is, I hope gas prices would dropped down by next week so we can visit more towns and give our palate a distinct experience.

And for the coming weekend, we will definitely visit BOS at Megatent. And will also check a factory overrun warehouse in SJ. Meanwhile, this week would be very tight at work, so, that would give me less time to write, read and blog hop. As of the moment, my hands are tied with plenty of challenge but you see I manage to write down these random thoughts because that gives me unexplained fulfillment 🙂 .

Have a happy Wednesday folks! –January and Leoncio