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jt’s, angel’s + rustan’s

I still got a dozen of unwritten post up until now, I don’t know probably it’s the mood swings and the unpredictable weather that’s causing my idleness, lost of interest or whatsoever you’d like to call my delays. But believe me I’m trying to get a good recall of the photos I have so I can start a good, readable piece. Hehehe.

jt's manukan_1

Mar 1. It’s supposed to be a bright day because it’s the first day of the month plus it’s a Saturday but I don’t know what made me busy that day. 😦 All I can remember now was the simple dinner we had at JT’s Manukan in Malugay. It’s been ages since I last dined at JT’s, the one in Gilmore which I think is the first branch to open amongst the many stores now around Metro Manila and Tagaytay. It used to be our even place to-go after a badminton routine at Valencia Badminton Center, see I’m not at all a sleeping giant all my life I have a healthier schedule back then when life was still easier, back when I’m still pretty enjoying my early 30’s.

jt's manukan_2

Anyhow, JT’s Manukan specializes in chicken inasal, I remember how its owner Joel Torre (yes, the actor) keeps a close eye of the operation in Gilmore, he himself supervised the grilling part the most and everytime we’ll dine there we’ll bumped to him casually. The branch in Malugay was a permanent sight everytime we’ll pass by the area but it’s only that Saturday eve that we got the chance to dine and come back for its famed “inasal”.

jt's manukan_3

jt's manukan_4

There were a number of items on their menu but most were not available that night including an order or pork sisig, and pecho, tho a little disappointed we happily settled for an order of paa, stuffed squids and dinuguan. I wasn’t so happy with the chicken inasal but the stuffed squid was the winner of them all! ♥ Two baby squids for P65 was such as steal so I got two more orders which I willingly shared with the husband. I’ll be honest here, JT’s Manukan didn’t left an impressive impact on me other than the food is cheap and service is fast. 🙂

angel's pizza mar15_1

Mar 15. Another Saturday to lurve! ♥ Sometimes I don’t dare to ask the husband his preference because it tends to be a repeat of a repeat, hahaha, but on days I don’t really have any specific in mind he wins the restaurant of his choice.  On this day we revisited one of our favorite pizza parlors in Makati Avenue –Angel’s Pizza! Tho I wanted more to eat rice that time I can’t complain anymore because already picked the place and ordered our staples in a breeze.

angel's pizza mar15_2

The secret to a happy marriage order the pizza of your choice! *Excuse his not-so-happy-look here, deep within him he’s rejoicin’ 😀

angel's pizza mar15_3

We had two family size pizza, he got his favorite Fancy Aloha with bacon, ham, pineapple, mushroom, green pepper, mozzarella cheese with gravy sauce. I don’t really like the gravy sauce so he requested the half without it so I can savor a slice without having to dab the gravy sauce. Thank you ‘ney!

angel's pizza mar15_4

I had my favorite Garlic Shrimp pizza topped with culinary sauce (?), shrimp and garlic of course, cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese. See how my preference can be so uncomplicated. I’m not so hard to please and feed.

angel's pizza mar15_5

Just so you know we didn’t finished our pizza, we took home more than half of what we ordered because it’s stuffing and I don’t want to feel blown up especially at dinner time. I’ve learned my lessons now to enjoy a sound sleep at night. Hehehe.

rustan's summer_3daysale_1

Right after we drove to Rustan’s Supermarket in Ayala Center. I remember Rustan’s Supermarket was having that Summer 3-day sale where it’s mostly Christmas chocolates and wines and sauces and pasta. There were items for kids as well including princess costumes and Halloween costumes for as low as P160+ only. I could have brought one only that the sizes wouldn’t fit Ysa or Kuya P, its way too big for them.

rustan's summer_3daysale_2

So, what else would make me happy and my other half would be the bounties of chocolates, we got a good stock of Fort Knox Dark and Milk Chocolates, some Peanut Butter Bar and Gum Balls. Biscoff was discounted too at P303 only.

rustan's summer_3daysale_3

And the ultimate buy was this Heart of Wisconsin Assorted Cheese Set. Imagine the price dropped from P1500+ to P395. I bugged the husband to buy me one and I got a really good one –the Cheese Wheel of Good Fortune! ♥

So there’s no sarcasm to it if I say that I soooo love weekends, who doesn’t anyway? Now, it’s time to shake off your week, take a deep breath and think positive, tomorrow is the start of a new weekend and I’m heading south to lead another batch meeting and on Sunday I’m seeing my maternal family. I’m overly excited! 🙂


tong yang dinner with RMD

I don’t have too many friends, that’s reality 🙂 , you can check me on facebook, on twitter and even on IG I don’t have too many on my list. My network is very limited if you’d ask but I don’t really mind, I don’t really care at all because I don’t believe that every person you meet or every person you had little conversation can be friends right away, right? Friendship for me takes a very deep beginning, a hard earned trust and respect and constancy. Not that I am picky in choosing my friends it’s more of I’m taking the long route to friendship, always.


And these individuals were the very few I made friends long ago. Our friendship wasn’t the perfect one either, we’ve failed each other, we had falling out, we had some bad days, but those were the challenges that helped us grow and gave us the room to breathe. Let’s say we just don’t want to suffocate each other and we let out a natural bloom in our friendship to take place.


Feb 27. I met with my college buddies once more. It was a date I piloted after R’s birthday in February. And since I recently marked my 40th I guess its timing too to puff that belated birthday treat. Unlike M, I don’t have the money to splurge in hotel buffets and I can only afford the mall type, so, we ended up in Tong Yang. Mind you it’s the newest branch and it looks classy in a way. Hehehe. R, M & I went ahead without D, the plan was to wait for D at the office so he can pick us up but M was already complaining and our very friendly elevator was shutting down by 7:30pm, 😀 so we pushed R that we should go, she drives anyway. We arrived just in time in Tong Yang, I love the interiors because it’s bright and the buffet area is clean and classified but I somehow dislike the seating area because it’s a little bit cramp but none that a good dinner and a good convo can fix.


We had a good one, a satisfying one with all the shabu-shabu concocts and meats and breakfast items we grilled with much gusto. See, we’re real friends because we share the same liking for breakfast chow anytime of the day.



And it’s not just that, look! we love our crabs in chili! 😛



Dinner was secondary to this meeting because a good convo with really nice people goes first. There was genuine laughter, a special bond and yet there was freedom to be found. And I hold that belief that there is no such thing as a perfect friend or friendship, its crap you know, but there are really great friends who’d borrow your luggage and everything, 😀 in most cases you just don’t recognize them easily.


To more dinner dates and friendship, cheers to us! ♥



TONG YANG Shabu-Shabu & Barbecue Restaurant
G/F New Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan City
T. +632 4632625

a saturdate at BGC

I want to believe that I’m okay now, probably way better than the previous weeks. I’m starting to let go of my anger by doing nothing, I simply watched it fade away in silence. I believe it’s the best way to deal with my sentiments because the more I tried to dig the issue the more it depresses me. Sigh!

And because I always look forward to spending weekends particularly Saturdays (now) with my other half, it’s easier to dismiss all my negative thoughts. I don’t know with you but after 8 years of marriage I remained to be extra-clingy despite the ups and downs of our married life, maybe because we jibe in so many ways.


During his off last Saturday we left the house at around 11am, earlier than the usual weekends, and drove to BGC for a change. Tho not a real change because we’ve been frequenting BGC beforehand. I wanted to go straight at Boni High Street to visit Old Navy, I was very excited of this because it’s the first Old Navy store to open in Manila and I can’t be left behind especially that I support the merchandise. Besides there will be extra perks for early birds as I eavesdropped on some blogs who covered the launched the night before. But my anticipation was stopped for a moment because the husband had a different game plan. He suggested that we go to S&R first for lunch then to Boni High and later at SM Aura. Well, I thought it was a wiser plan so we won’t be going back and forth plus we’ll get lunch on time. 🙂


I had my favorite combo –clam chowder and vegetable calzone. ♥


But how I can resist S&R’s goodies, despite my pledge no to shop, when in fact they’re my favorites and discounted this time, we made a round after lunch and bought chips and chocolates, and laundry products that is good for the next quarter. S&R’s March Big Deals isn’t that fantabulous because there were only few items on B1T1 so you better watch out for April’s Members Treat for great savings, well, I hope we could visit back by then and brush elbows with the privileged. Hehehe, social climber eh!



And, and finally we’re at High Street and Old Navy was waving and winking at me. 😀 The store occupied what was the former GAP & Muji store, and maybe because Old Navy is under Gap, Inc. which is by the way operated by Stores Specialist Inc. the interiors was only altered a bit. I love the vibe, it’s young and fashionable and most importantly trendy-on-a-budget.


The denim jeans were on 50% sale the entire weekend and for me that was very hard to pass on, I got myself The Diva Skinny Jeans, not bad because I got to spend P1, 650 only for two pairs already.


While the husband got himself a rather more expensive pair, the Premium Skinny Jeans, that fits totally well on him. He enjoyed 50% off too and got his pair for P1,125 only. Old Navy’s Manila price isn’t dirt-cheap if you must know but it’s neither expensive too, it’s on the mid-range based on my opinion even if we didn’t get the jeans on sale.


Old Navy’s flagship store at BHS is divided into 3 floors, the lower ground floor is the women’s section, second level is for baby/toddlers/children and the third level is the men’s. Also at the third level is CBTL Coffee Bar (Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf) where you can spend time while your dear wife is shopping. Hehehe.




During the first day of its opening, customers got to take home free Old Navy tote bag for every P1,500 worth of purchases, I actually hoped for this but because we bought sale items we were not given the free bag anymore. 😦 But there’s more, upon exit at the store we were given vouchers for the mini-event happening at BHS grounds, there were games and freebies and food.




We actually won something from the store, a free essential tee and another 30% on Old Navy flip flops. We also got to grab some light snacks for free –potato balls & nachos and CBTL canned drinks. I couldn’t be happier! 😛


I promise myself to save and plan my next trip because I’m drooling to take home more from Old Navy. By the way the second store will be opening this Saturday at Glorietta, mark the date!

Later that day we drove to SM Aura to check the supermarket once again, I remember the last time I saw some really good items especially at its imported line but probably because we’ve been to S&R earlier that day and I almost bought all the items I really fancy we ended up buying our weekly supply only. Oh and we made a quick round at Uniqlo and Forever 21, just checking some summery outfits for the coming holiday this April. We wrapped up the day with hot coffee and warm French toast from Starbucks, I know it’s boring for a dinner but we’d like to believe that we’re on a diet and we must not eat lavishly, it’s Lent and fasting is a must. 🙂


sundate no.24


Our sundate doesn’t need to be posh all the time, in most cases I just need to slow down and sit at one corner, have coffee and sweets and be with my favorite date. I’m solved to that.


Mar 2. After seeing plentiful of photos from facebook of this new mall nearby I was taken away and marked the day of our visit right away. Century City Mall is the newest shopping mall in Makati that sits at the stretch of Kalayaan Avenue where IS was formerly located. During our visit that Sunday evening only few were visiting, it’s like the time when Boni High was still on its soft launch in 2007, it’s rational of course because only few shops and restaurants were operational including the overstated TWG Tea, there’s also Pepper Lunch, Early Breakfast Club, Toby’s Estate (a coffee shop), Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen, CaliBurger, Isla Café, Chatime, Mochi Sweets, Taters, XO 46 and Starbucks Coffee but there will be a number of good stores opening soon so we’d better check back ‘ney.


Oh by the way, Century City Mall has its own modern-day cinemas and we plan to watch there, once a good and worth-seeing movie is in. 😀


We had a quick peeped around the mall and found out that our favorite supermarket branched out here, yep, Rustan’s Supermarket is located at the lower ground floor tho it’s a bit pack and small.



Other than my favorite Gourmet-To-Go is there and they have plenty of cheeses and cold cuts to boot. I love, love, love. ♥



Our tired feet and aching ankles led us naturally at Starbucks Coffee, our even place-to-go when we do not want to hassle ourselves. Besides we’re not that hungry so a cup of coffee and a piece of bread + a bonus sweet treat perfectly fed us two. We stayed for a while and kill time like most Sundays. I’m amenable now even if the husband needs to work on Sundays, I still get a day out after his work anyway. And most Saturdays he’s free so he’s mine all day.


I know our sundates are now becoming less significant but we have weekdates at times and more importantly even without these day outs our marriage is definitely not frozen, we love doing things at home like…playing Candy Crush and Bubble Witch and Jelly Splash at the same time. Hahaha.


To more Sundate and beyond! 😛


Century City Mall
Kalayaan Ave. cor. Salamanca St., Brgy. Poblacion Makati City 1210

i need a break

autograph from M&S

*photo from my last shopping trip wayback January I guess…

Seriously, I’m tired and I just need some good feel. For heaven’s sake I need some retail therapy. Anyone who’s kind and generous, please? Hahaha. #dreamingofchristmasinsummer 😀


paolo’s 7th


Our P maybe naughty-looking & rowdy but within him is a sweet little boy who loves McQueen, BumbleBee, and Iron Man, his latest favorite hence the theme of his 7th birthday. 🙂


On the second Sunday of March this year we marked P’s 7th, and like us (Che & SAM) who welcomed this culturally significant milestone with a simple yet meaningful party, the little boy had his courtesy of the grandparents. Days before his birthday I was talking to his mom about the requested invite, I was a bit complaining that maybe we could just change the theme to Cars or anything that is easy to find online but the little boy was expecting none other than this fictional superhero –Tony Stark.


I had to redo the invite and came out with something as plain as this. Hay!



The cake, of course should go with the theme, I remember that third party baker who made DJ’s cake during his first birthday. Unfortunately my sister wasn’t able to book it for reasons I can’t recall now. I suggested that she get a mini-Iron Man themed cake for candle blowing and order another big greetings cake from Goldilocks so guests can enjoy it. Except for the pink-shade (and “H” on my B’s name) of the bigger cake everything came in order.



If I have a gazillion, ok millions will do that time, I would have booked a friend who really does well in children parties these days. From our lousy telecom job he becomes the yoyo master, Google him! But the party clowns didn’t disappoint the kids, tho I found their line up a little lengthy especially the bring-me game. Some kids left even before the main event –the magic tricks & balloon twisting but nonetheless the birthday boy had a great, great time. 😛



And the maternals had an equally wonderful time, a thousand and more photo ops again, and a summer get away was sealed right there and then.


To our little big boy who loves nothing but hot coffee in Starbucks (if you have additional budget for ensaymada it will complete his happiness and all), may you let go of your mischievous ways, remember you are now Kuya to baby Ysa. Be a good student in school like Ate SAM tho we don’t ask you to be the perfect student, no pressures on that. Be that responsible and confident young man, God-fearing and loving to your parents, to Lolo & Lola, to Ninong & Ninang, to Bei & Boi including to your very own Tonyo. I can’t wait to see your grow and be a noble fireman of your time. 😀 And may you remember this 7th birthday as whimsical and wondrous as the past birthdays and may this mark the arrival of unlimited special days in your life.


Ninang loves you to bits, stay cool baby boy! ♥


And thank you to everyone who made our little boy’s Iron Man party a significant one! 🙂