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Bon Chon Chicken

I just discovered the panorama mode of my phone 🙂

After our visit at Debenhams Shangri-la last Saturday, husband I felt we needed a little treat though I was clueless at that time where else we can possibly dine. And because I frequent more the supermarket area at the basement level I remember I spotted Bon Chon Chicken before.

Bon Chon Chicken is a South Korean-based fried chicken franchise restaurant that offers fried chicken that is twice fried and less greasy. I cannot agree more when we had our orders.

Combo A Medium – 3pcs drumsticks + 6pcs wings all for P365, a little pricey for me.

We add on white rice P15 and fries P45 (price again is very dear) to complete our set.

Now, the verdict –husband liked it because the chicken is cooked very well, no traces of blood particularly the drumsticks. And since we were offered to get soy-garlic and hot and spicy we get to compare the flavors. I love the soy-garlic more. Although I would love an extra sauce and probably we could have enjoyed more if we had the kimchi coleslaw.

Bon Chon, they say it’s the best chicken in America these days and in Manila I don’t think so. 😦  Though I welcome the idea of a second visit, this isn’t something that I would hunger after.

By the way, they also offer non-chicken entrees and I am kind of curious about the Bulgogi Wrap, will try it next time.


————————————————————————————————————————————————– 🙂

Bon Chon Chicken
Lower Ground Level, Shangri-la Plaza
Edsa Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City
Tel. 696 1818
For more info, visit


final clearance at Debenhams

My love affair with the month of January concluded with a shopping spree, the one that I always look forward as the season of sale comes to its final phase. Yes, it’s my much awaited Blue Cross Sale at Debenhams. It’s when most of the items are discounted at 70%, who could let this one pass? 🙂

Of course I made on it on the first day of the Blue Cross sale at Debenhams Makati. Well, I wasn’t surprised that more people are now also waiting for this big markdown and it’s very evident on the long queue at the fitting rooms. So for me, I grab two sizes for all my pick to save time getting back and forth at the fitting room –that’s another reason why I love Debenhams, they pamper you a lot.  

Oh by the way, earlier last Friday Leoncio was able to sneak in at Debenhams during his lunch break and he was able to get this pair of Red Herring Sequin Flats at P535 from P1,350. He got himself a RH beanie for P315 only. 🙂

And while Leoncio let me shopped alone later that day I decided to get these pieces.

[photo credits:]

I got this in Navy [photo credits:]

Had it in Orange and Turquoise [photo credits:]

Had it in Black and Orange [photo credits:]

Got this in Orange [photo credits:]

This was from last year BC sale, now I had it in Grey [photo credits:]

Getting ready for the beach! 🙂  [photo credits:]

I didn’t sleep better that day 😀 so I made a second trip yesterday and went back to shop for those Christy towels.

Got two and had it wrapped for future use 🙂  [photo credits:]

And these,

I got a Grey 2-in-1 top very similar to this (above) [photo credits:]

I almost forgot, I got two cotton bra last year which I still haven’t used until now, oh my! [photo credits:]

Because I needed to make sure I am not missing anything from this season’s sale, I convinced Leoncio to go along with me at Debenhams Shangri-la after poking around in Makati. 🙂

I spotted dresses and more dresses, actually I was looking for another tankini but sizes left were too big already.

Our loot from Debenhams Shangri-la.

Beanie (left) from Debenhams Makati, Mantaray cap and Red Herring sunglasses from Shangri-la

Back in Rustan’s I bought another Oleg Cassini wallet for Leoncio so he could finally dispose of his old M wallet, which we got 4 years ago. 😀

I’m penniless starting tomorrow so I need to start bringing packed lunch again 😦

If you’d ask me if I’m contended now, ah, partly yes because I got everything I would need soon. 🙂

Shopping at Debenhams would always be fabulous for less! Until the next season sale –mark the date in August!


P.S. The BC sale is running until Feb 11 and I have two weeks to decide on getting those playsuits, hehehe…


Blue Cross Aug 2011
when shopping became a necessity
Blue Cross shopping Epi. 2

CFDA Tote, i want one!

I know my cutoff points but I couldn’t resist the appeal it has on me, and I know my happiness would be boundless if I would have this piece.

Okay, I’m not lurking to have one of the exclusive 50 designer bags that were sold out in no time; I only wanted the standard CFDA tote. 🙂

CFDA Tote USD35 (photo credits:

 About the Brand

The Council of Fashion Designers of America, Inc, (CFDA) is a not-for-profit trade association that leads industry-wide initiatives. The Council’s membership comprises more than 370 of America’s foremost designers of women’s wear, men’s wear, jewelry, and accessories. In addition to hosting the annual CFDA Fashion Awards, which recognize the top creative talents in the industry, the organization offers programs that support professional development and scholarships, including the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, the Geoffrey Beene Design Scholar Award, the Liz Claiborne Scholarship Award, and the CFDA/Teen Vogue Scholarship. Member support is provided through the Business Services Network, a high-profile group of companies offering designers strategic opportunities.

The CFDA Foundation, Inc. is a separate not-for-profit organized to mobilize the membership to raise funds for charitable causes. Through the Foundation, the CFDA created and manages Fashion Targets Breast Cancer; raises funds for HIV/AIDS organizations with 7th on Sale; addresses the issue of model health with The CFDA Health Initiative; and is a key participant in other programs such as the annual Fashion’s Night Out.



Tote by CFDA features dual handles, adjustable shoulder strap, coordinating stitching, brass-tone hardware, and the saying “YOU CAN’T FAKE FASHION” in blue on the front. Interior features include cell phone pouch and pouch pocket.

•Bag comes with YOU CAN’T FAKE FASHION Authenticity Certificate Card
•Fully lined
•Shell: 100% cotton/Lining: 100% cotton
•Dimensions: 18 inches wide x 12 inches high x 4.5 inches deep
•Shoulder drop: 18 inches(fully extended)
•Handle drop: 5 inches


Now, the challenge for me is to look for it on ebay and get free shipping so I wouldn’t feel any guilt at all. Good luck to me!  


a night in Isla with my Piltea family

Every now and then I would set a date for us to meet up and get-together over a bottle of beer and delicious grilled seafood at Talyer. It’s an old school chill-out place for my Piltea friends and we can’t think of any other place to get merry during the Christmas month. The date, December 19, I organized a small fête for my now small group of five gentleman (Leoncio included). Yes, I am the only lady of this group, so, you know I team up with these big boys that are too ready to kill anyone that would get in my way, hehehe.

A day before this event, I asked George to come earlier so he can reserve a corner for us but on the day itself our excitement was a bit disrupted because Talyer would not be available for the night. Oh my! How come? Well, we found out that it was earlier reserved for a Christmas party. At the last minute, I was asking George how we are going to push our own little party. Thankfully George was able to suggest a place, I never heard of it until then and because it was nearby Talyer, we never had a hard time locating Isla –a beach concept bar and restaurant within the city limits.

Isla Bar and Restaurant’s welcoming facade

George and Babu by now were on their second bottles of beer when Leoncio and I arrived, Pel followed shortly and lastly Gem, who’s consistent in coming in late. 🙂

We no longer groove like party animals because of age and the most we look after during nights like these is to unwind, one good and lengthy conversation and good food of course.

The feast we had,



Crispy Pata, Beef Tapa, Onion Rings, Tokwa’t Baboy and Pancit Canton. The prices were a little upscale compared to Talyer plus the serving was smaller. And the flavors, ah probably I’d say nothing but the average. 😐

Anyhow, we didn’t go there to devour much on the foodstuff, the beers were more than enough to keep us company through the night.

The plus point of Isla was the performers that night, it’s like you’ve been transported to Boracay with these fire dancers. It’s amazingly very entertaining as everyone stopped and watched the show. Namiss ko bigla ang Boracay but lo and behold I’ll hit the sand and sun in Bora in 2 months time, excited! 😀

As the night goes on all I can remember were hilarity and more reminiscing of the good old days. Everybody remembered the “Padilla Bros” and to give you a picture of what I am talking about, here. They don’t look identical with the famous Padilla brood of local showbiz but in many ways they are similar 🙂

Babu tagged as Rommel (tama ba Babs? hehehe)

Pel as Robin, no need to ask why. 🙂 He’s even villainous but remains a gentleman as he is, especially to pretty girls.

Gem as Rustom (turned BB, kaya gusto na nya magpalit ng character! hahaha)

Nelson as Royette, okay we miss you buddy and as we were talking you all night we hope you don’t choke awfully! 🙂

And George being the always neutral and cool never had any trade name at all. Mommy Eva ikaw ba yan? hahaha…

Time flies so fast and we’ve been friends for 16 years now. Iba talaga ang may pinagsamahan!

I only wish the group was complete, yea, we dearly miss those based out of the country during times like this (and we hope you guys miss us too). 🙂


——————————————————————————————————————————————– 🙂

1149 Chino Roces Ave
Makati City, Metro Manila 
Phone: +63(919)9470113

Kanin Club

During the holidays and the shopping (for others) month getting a decent meal was never been a priority for us. We would always end up getting lunch when it’s nearly dinner time. Probably we were more eager to delight our eyes on never ending sale rather than our tummies with warm and delicious dishes. And the succeeding dining experience happened out of the blue.

In one of our trips to Paseo de Sta. Rosa before Christmas, we try out a new resto. Well, for me it was a new-found dining place while my sister had spent most of her lunches probably on its branch near her Makati office, hehehe. 🙂 We were famished by all the walking and shopping, and waiting that time wasn’t an option, so, we picked the place because it was less crowded and the seats seemed to be comfortable. 🙂

I’ve been hearing about Kanin Club ever since I started blogging in 2008 but I never had the chance to check it out even though I read good reviews about it. Perhaps because the resto offers “lutong-bahay” dishes, I was afraid that I might get dissatisfied and end up comparing it with my Nanay’s cooking at home. Forgive me but we tend to do that most of the time when dining out in a classic Pinoy resto. Anyway, because we already found a comfortable seat in one corner we keep mum while waiting to be offered with anything.

As everyone got busy checking what to order, I noticed the table embellishment, it’s like our capiz windows back in Cavite –set in with a glass table top.

And the interior of the resto has a vintage look, from its wooden flooring to glass doors and windowpane. I love every detail of it plus those batibot chairs (no photo) placed outside. I really long to have that set of batibot chairs and table soon, kelan kaya un soon. 🙂

Back to our table, my sister almost did the ordering part because I only wanted to sample their dinuguan.

Crispy Liempo. Light and crunchy pork belly strips ready for dipping in three kinds of sauce. I suddenly remember the crispy bacon I had over my birthday weekend, it tasted more like it.

Crispy Tenga. Crispy pork ears. Don’t knock ’em, ’till you’ve tried ’em! Well, I had to admit it’s good but nothing can beat Talyer’s cooking of these piggy ears.

Crispy Dinuguan. Their most copied signature dish! Pork heavenly deep-fried to a crisp then set in a semi-dry stew of pork blood. Proven to have convinced non-dinuguan eaters to like the dish. There’s no doubt it tasted good and crispy and it’s quite unique.

Bangus sa Miso. Milkfish soup flavored with fermented soybean paste. A simple soup that tastes rich. This was the breaker of our fatty and very sinful pork dishes.

We ended our meal with an order of Turon ala mode. It isn’t your ordinary banana fritters because it has purple yam, monggo and macapuno inside. Yum!

The prices at Kanin Club may not sound cheap but with its big serving you will find out it’s still worth your money. I will certainly give this resto a second visit once we’re back in Paseo.

Happy diners!


P.S. We pass over ordering their famous fried rice however, we enjoy their All You Kanin, hehehe.  

———————————————————————————————————————————————– 🙂

Kanin Club
Paseo De Sta.Rosa
Sta. Rosa City, Laguna

(049) 544-0332


after the Christmas month, i look forward to another long weekend

Despite the busyness of the holidays, husband and I survived the Manila-Cavite trip almost every week. We took the chance as it means we get to see Bea frequently plus the many occasions happening last month. And because this post is pretty long overdue I will compress everything as it happens one after the other.


My excellent companion (aside from the husband 🙂 ).

Even before December come into the big picture, we spent the weekend in Cavite. It was one of the casual weekend,  a short break with my family –sleep, eat and Tagaytay!


Dec 3-4, husband and I escaped the metro to smell pine and go into a two-day gastronomic adventure. It was a wonderful break for us from the city life and we came back feeling revitalized and ready to hop to another escapade. 🙂


Dec 10-11, we attended a kiddie-party (which I still haven’t blog yet) in Cavite but later on decided to drive to Tagaytay to feel the holiday season and give Bea and Ate Shen a treat at SB (no coffee for them, donuts only 🙂 ).

It wasn’t an easy job being parents to these breeds.

The joy of having Bea around –she may no longer be the cute little puppy but she have a way of endearing herself to us.

Lovely portrait!


P don’t look so hungry, hehehe…

Dec 17-18, we went to Pampanga to splurge a little :D, we felt it was a never ending day only to realize that we skipped meals and we run out of cash, hehehe. Good thing we survived and spent another evening in Tagaytay.

Chilly Tagaytay would always be love for us!

Christmas is a week away when my sister’s Christmas tree was up and lit. And btw, this is Tonyo now. 🙂


Excuse Bea’s sleepy look on Christmas Eve. 🙂

Dec 24-25, we welcome Christmas with happy hearts, with gifts and with the people dear to us. And regardless of the heavy traffic our way to Sta. Rosa we made it on the night of Christmas Day.

It’s so Christmas and yet we are still out to shop, I fervently pray for a money tree!


Dec 27, two days after Christmas we drive back to Cavite for the feast of St. John the Evangelist. It was a get-together of our families on both sides as we all feast on the yummy spread of meat and seafood.


Dec 30, all prep for welcoming the New Year. And because this year husband and I didn’t have any charity program, I thought of giving a party to our house helpers. I team up with my Nanay and sister for this event. It was a very happy occasion and endless fun for everyone.



As everyone enjoyed the games, I enjoyed shooting their best moments!

The E-cousin Christmas tradition happened this day too. Not in complete attendance but still a cheery night to account.


Dec 31, if you think we had enough fun, well, we had one more occasion before finally welcoming the NY. We had the whole afternoon to party with my maternal family as we convene and get-together.

And as 2011 finally bid goodbye to us, we welcome 2012 with high hopes that this would be a better and brighter year for everyone.


Now, husband cannot blame me if going back and forth to Cavite would always excite me in spite of the hike of fuel prices these days. Tomorrow will be the start of another long weekend and I’m afraid you’ll end up finding me again in Tagaytay, hehehe. 🙂