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sundate no.21

cafe france_1

Jan 12. After venturing into some small-time businesses with colleagues the husband is now back to an 8-hour job, tho still pretending to be active and profiting on his sideline a.k.a glass installing business he’s now busy doing government transactions with this well-known Parisian chain that recently opened in Power Plant Mall last December. I have no qualms of him going back to a regular job, only which his 6-day in a week sched pissed me off. 😦 Imagine that I can only have him on Sundays or Saturdays in some weeks, I’ll soon break down because I’m used to having him around the whole weekend.

Anyhow, before our birthday week I snatched a day out with him at the mall because I needed some good feel, I felt I needed a break , some time off for myself and him, and some retail therapy of sort. Hehehe. Since he had some errand to attend earlier that day, I went ahead of him at the mall and had some me-time at David’s. Fortunately my stylist was there and I was able to get that much needed cut and blow. You see my hair is a mess after my last haircut back in September or October, my rebond session was also due but I keep on delaying it because I was waiting for some good promo to come in. Life of an ordinary worker sucks! After David’s, the husband and I met for some mid-afternoon snack at one of our favorite café.

cafe france_4

Café France remains to be one of my places-to-go whenever I crave for pasta and sandwiches, I love their canapés too and their coffee buns and ensaymadas. That afternoon I did not pass in ordering my favorite pasta dish, Café France Seafood Marina is simply one of the best because of its generous serving and affordable price compared to other bistro that offers pretty the same plate.

cafe france_2

Seafood Marinara –sautéed shrimp and fish, simmered in rich and flavorful marinara sauce tossed with linguine noodles.

cafe france_3

The husband tends to eat healthier at times so he got the Shrimp Pesto, not as appetizing as I expected it to be.


But all in all we enjoyed our meal because we didn’t go over the budget, which means I have more than enough for my shopping spree, hey it was my birthday week so I was more than entitled to shop and because it’s already the sale month I wasn’t so guilty with my loot. Thank God for my loyalty card I even got an additional 10% off from my purchases. I got some really good pieces again this year and the husband enjoyed his fair share –Mantaray, St. George, Red Herring…ikaw na ‘ney ang Debenhams’ fan. You can now go on hating Forever 21 for their mass-produced cheap basics. 😀



Café France
2/F SM Makati Bridgeway, Glorietta Side
T. +632 8181910 / 5198313

random happenings|dec 2013

*Another of that overdue post…


This year’s Christmas prepping got me seriously –financially and physically because I was always out in the run albeit my drive to shop as early as December 1.

Let me recount the ways,


I’m not a fan of Greenhills Shopping Center despite its proximity to my office building but once in a while I do visit to get something important or have my nail made or have dinner at the favorite Chinese eatery where Spareribs Rice is the best. And every year I made sure to peek at its COD display. Last year’s theme is Christmas in the Orient, a story of a brave woman who volunteered to join the army to defend her country against the raiders. I bought some good overruns at the night market too other than that I have no reasons to keep on coming back because it would just spell g.a.s.t.o.s!


We drove to Paseo de Sta. Rosa to shop at those favorite outlet shops, name it Levi’s, Nike, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, Gap, etc. However, we find the stocks a little odd for the Christmas season and there’s hardly any good piece to take home. Even the husband went home a bit frustrated because the stocks at Nike suck!




And like last year there were Christmas displays at those prominent subdivisions, the Candy Land in particular was literally an eye candy to everyone.


We were in Tagaytay already by dinner time and because we’re famished from half day rummaging those outlet shops, getting a decent dinner was our main concern that night. We ended at RSM for reasons I don’t know, probably because the group wanted some steaming beef shank –the famous Bulalo of Tagaytay. Don’t tell anyone that it’s my first time at RSM, hahaha, we didn’t know that the place is big. Tho the food is a bit bland to our palate. Later that night we drove to Uncle Mike’s wake and stayed until the morning.


The fambam went to Monte Maria to attend the healing mass of Fr. Suarez. We’ve been doing this regularly every third Sunday of the month, we joined the multitude in praying and like everyone who have faith we have high hopes that Nanay would soon be healed and recover completely. We had lunch at The Classic Savory in Summit Ridge for the second time with Tatay, the first time was a pleasant one especially that service was fast however, we left the restaurant dissatisfied and unhappy this time. Service was very slow and the food was tasteless aside from its being cold when served. We should have tried Rai Rai Ken for a change.



We were home once again to attend the last night of Uncle Mike’s wake. There were too many people that night and my maternal family was in complete attendance.


It was Uncle Mike’s funeral and it’s one of those gloomy days, I wish we could all turn back time, I wish it wasn’t really happening. We bid goodbye to our dear Uncle at passed 3pm and had a little salo-salo back at their house soon after. *Reminder to self: I still need to do a separate post about the funeral.


Tho I wanted to bring home again all the presents I received this year (from colleagues, dear suppliers and friends) and let my dear Bea do the unwrapping once again I opt to unwrap some so I won’t be bringing home everything including those that wouldn’t be of so much use. On a second note, any form of gift still excite me to bits, I’m always like a kid fascinated with those Christmas boxes. And I love them all! Thank you to everyone! #feelingloved ♥


Nanay finally had her Stress Test after a series of consultation with her new cardiologist, Dr. Dans. We went together with her to give her moral support and to shop later on. 😀 We rummaged S&R in Aseana once again and chanced The Big Holiday Outlet Sale at SMX where I scored some pairs of Havaianas, tho not really the cheapest.


Last minute shopping at S&R Shaw with Sam and Leoncio, it was our first time to visit this newly opened branch and as expected people were flooding the place as early as 9am. We bought home some staples for Noche Buena including my stash of  Tillamook cheese. 🙂


I was back at work after Christmas Day, I feel stuffed and requested Leoncio that we drove to our favorite place to go when in dire need of comfort food. A peeping hot soup from Eat Fresh.


One of my colleague celebrated her birthday at the office during the last day of work for 2013, happiest of birthday to you new Mommy, enjoy motherhood. I know it’s a dream come true.


Leoncio don’t normally tag me along especially when it involves errands for dear Winnie, so I was a bit surprised when he invited me to join him at Wheelhaus before the New Year. I thought he already found the replacement mags which Winnie badly needed, I’m agreeable that a new set of tires would be due as well but I was in shock when the supposed P25k budget doubled, kaya pala ako sinama because I would be needing to pay more. As if I can say no when the senior mechanic was telling that we need to replace this and this. Por Dios Por Santo!


And because I enjoyed another 9 days off after the 28th, the kids were very happy because we frequent Tagaytay, we frequent Starbucks, we had pizza and more. They’re the happiest whenever I’m around because Ninang would be treating them over. Hahaha.




I love that long vacay because I had more time for Bei and Boi, I had more time to cuddle Bei during her sleeps. It was just a little dull because the husband had to be away for a couple of days to visit my in-laws back in Ilocos.

And despite of all the hubbub of the season, despite the damages (on my pocket), despite the bitterness (do I have one?), issues and other hateful occurrence during the Christmas month I won’t change anything and would rather do the same thing all over again. I love Christmas that way. 😛


general’s lechon


A month prior to the Christmas month I went on a sandwich diet to give way and get ready for the season’s big eats especially that parties and reunions were set to happen one after the other. I feared to gain weight and worst won’t fit in to my office clothes once my looong vacay is over. So I needed to enforce strict discipline and skipped rice and meat in most days. But during the first day of my looong vacay, I treated myself a little –a quick stop-over at Petron in Dasmarinas Village made my day. ♥


Long before the opening of General’s Lechon at this side of my city, we’ve been ordering whole lechon from Paranaque outlet and normally pick up the pig from Bryan and Lynn’s humble abode in Sun Valley. We do that for two consecutive years during Tatay and Nanay’s 60th birthdays. I was planning to get one also for my birthday last month but the birthday party I long planned didn’t push through and I was saddened and brokenhearted until this day. Hahaha. That’s me eh.


Anyhow, it was an early lunch for us and because we have errands following that afternoon might as well stuffed ourselves a bit. General’s Lechon offers starters, mains, rice meals, desserts and take outs, generally this is your chance to savor their lechon without ordering the whole pig because they retail in kilos here.


I had a 200g order of their Boneless Paksiw, it was served with rice and soda for P250 only, and I couldn’t agree more, it was tasty!  As a side note, I wish it’s a little sweeter because I’m accustomed to that taste.


While the husband got himself a 120g of General’s Lechon with rice and soda for P275, I was drooling on his plate and had some of that crispy skin. It was heaven at first bite and I want his plate now more than mine. 😀


We had the store by ourselves while enjoying our lechon fares, it was equally laid-back which I love. I know it’s not a good business sign when the store is empty but what the heck I love that atmosphere, hehehe, probably it’s not yet meal time the reason why besides I’m pretty sure there were whole lechon pick-ups earlier that day.

Now, who cares about getting that extra pound?



General’s Lechon
2nd floor Petron Dasmarinas Village,
Edsa corner Arnaiz,  Makati City (Pasay Road)


T. +632 4086850 / +632 9665099/ +63917 8lechon (8532466)

sundate no.20

*This is one of the many late posts after the very eventful Christmas month.


Dec 29. After attending the 6pm Sunday mass at Little Soul’s, husband and I went on a short drive along the ridge, at last we’re alone now. It’s quite hard to get away by our own, my sister kids love to tag along anywhere and anytime of the day so when we got this rare chance I felt we needed to celebrate.

We have no specific place in mind but we’ve scratched Bag of Beans and Café Breton from our supposed date place. I wanted something new which we haven’t tried yet in Tagaytay. I asked husband to drive down Calamba Road, I remember bookmarking an Italian restaurant. Amoroma Ristorante Italiano had plenty of good reviews online so I guess it won’t disappoint our supposed dinner date. The full parking sign wasn’t a good hint for me that night, I’m almost assuming that the place is packed and we’re right –its full house and later on we we’re told that they can no longer seat us. I could only heave a sigh and try my luck next time. So long to my brick oven pizza cravings. 😦

We drove fast going to our second option which is already at the outer edge of the city, actually its official address is already Silang, the neighboring town. Gourmet had a coffee-snack bar and a formal dining venue named The Dining Room, so, I was certain that we’ll be accommodated here aside from the fact that it’s already a bit far from the very busy Tagaytay ridge. They’re open, yes, other than they’re closing in 10 minutes when we got there. 😦 I was already hearing my large intestine growls, where else to go at this hour? I know we could have easily drove back to Tagaytay and dine somewhere else or onto our favorite stop with burgers, burritos, quesadillas and pizza of course but that would ruin my idea of a cozy and fancy dinner with my other half. I was feeling special so it must be with a bit of exclusivity.


Santis Delicatessen isn’t far from Gourmet; in fact we’ve passed it on the left side of the road so we made a turn around. I wasn’t expecting more from Santis and I just wanted to grab something to eat. And because my idea of Santis is a shop with plenty of quality meats and cheeses, I was surprised to find a quaint café inside. Santis Deli-Café offers a wide selection of dishes from soup, sandwiches, pasta, meat and whatelse, I just learned that you can order meat from the deli shop and have it cooked. I shall try that next.

Anyhow because I was really, really famished by now, I ordered a sandwich only for myself while the husband picked our almost always default choice of pasta –Marinara.


Forgive me here but I can’t tell now if this is Farmers Ham with Cheese or Grilled Focacia, either of the two it look a lot like a Panini sandwich to me. The sandwich is huge enough to fill me that night but it could have been better if they’d put a side salad here, it would definitely look inviting and divine. I suggest you put a little effort here especially that lettuce is always available and reasonably priced nearby.


The husband’s Marinara was generous and heavily filled with prawns, mussels and fish cubes and I love every bits of it. It’s indeed tasty! But it would be nice if their pasta dishes would come with toasted garlic bread, that’s not too much to add at no cost, I suppose. I actually read somewhere that they serve complimentary bread, it’s sad that we didn’t get any, not a single piece. 😦


These are not wines, it’s a glass of water and iced tea only 🙂 because we felt wines would be perfect for steaks alone. Hehehe.


Santis Deli-Café is a nice chill out place if you want it a bit private, just be ready to shell out P500 per head or even more if you’re getting some US Angus Ribeye and a glass of wine. 😛



Km. 52 Aguinaldo Highway,
Buho, Silang, Cavite
T. 046 4142337 /5145120
F. 046 4141694
Mon-Thurs: 9am-8pm
Fri & Sat: 8am-10pm
Sun: 8am-8pm