The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

reunited with B

For people who vaguely knew me I am a very hotheaded person, yes I am at times. Well, most of the time especially if you play silly chronic to me. Sorry but I cannot handle my temper that much 😦 . But for people who REALLY see me (in and out) I have a very long patience and exhausting it would take months or even years of recurring issue. And when someone crosses the boundary that means I will mark you, hehehe… Funny, but despite my being tough the most I would do when someone hit the bottom is to give that someone a cold treatment.

Maybe wondering what the hell I am talking now 🙂 , anyway, it’s because my temper was tried by a colleague and he (she applied better to B) sampled the consequence of that action for a year or so. And it was the unpleasant news last Friday paved way of making me speak to B again.

B is an old colleague from high school; B was a former roommate, housemate, shopping partner, etc. I have a lot to account with B because we’ve known each other since 1988. Yea, it’s more than 20 years. And since B had no immediate family, B became a family to me. It was a love-hate friendship all throughout and though we have plenty of differences before, it didn’t end up the friendship.

B voluntarily moved out of our unit when I was about to get married and despite the physical separation we still keep in touch, B does regular visits and still find shelter when in trouble. Until I noticed B becoming a different person, B became flat broke for reasons I don’t know. B became restless. B’s presence became suddenly annoying for me. I felt B is becoming a burden for me. Hay! I later on found out the reason behind all these and I hated B’s in denial disposition. The following event is a bit personal and I would rather keep it that way for B’s privacy 😐 .

So, I just end up communicating with B. I ignore B’s calls and messages that aren’t really important. I want B to realize the mistakes. I thought another year would pass without talking to B until last Friday. Well, I have no choice but to contact B. I need to break the ice and be the bearer of the sad news 😦 . The need to inform B of Fr. Reddy’s passing away is dearly important. The former is more than a parent to B, he became B’s guardian, the one who sends B to school, probably the one who gave B a better life. And Fr. Reddy’s sudden death was a shock to everyone; I got worried about B’s reaction. I know it would shake up B. And because B and I have been detached for quite a year, I had a hard time connecting with B. Soon as I got B’s number I called B right away and the rest –I sense we’re back to being friends 🙂 .

Fast forward to Saturday, husband and I met up B and as one we pay our last respect to Fr. Reddy. Since we’re only Imus bound (where Fr. Reddy’s remains was laid), B and I had little time to talk. Arriving at the Bishop’s House we met old friends and mentors from old school, so, we have no chance to say our piece. Besides I think there’s nothing really much to talk unless I want to bring back my irritation to B, especially if B still has the same issue.

On our way back to Manila, we had light conversation and B opened up about a new life, getting in shape after the not so decent incident last year. I was happy that at least I don’t need to ask B how it’s goin’, In short I don’t need to say a word, B willingly tells the story and how it ended. Amen! (sa wakas!)

So, the meet up ended with a sumptuous dinner. Yea, we have to fit in this dining event to celebrate our reunion.

(Ang haba ng kwento food post lang pala ang gustong isingit, hehehe)

The three of us (husband, B and I) settled at Seaside in MOA for some fresh seafood. 

Steamed Shrimps

Sinigang na Ulo ng Maya Maya sa Miso

We cannot skip getting some shrimps and switched the usual crab/squid order to Sinigang na Miso for a change.

Finally, I tasted real food after overdosing with processed food for a week. During this time I was more relaxed with B’s presence, it was like the old times. B and I remember our Makati days, especially the yummy pork barbeque we frequent near our apartment. Hay! Time flies so fast and B is old now, hehehe, and so do I 😀 !

And without further ado, let me introduce B –the returning princess! (o di ba ang taray!)

Yea, B is womanly despite his manly facet. He is all She 🙂  and I am happy that he’s back on track.

I look forward on spending some day offs with B like the old times.


Remain a happy B, okay. See you soon old buddy! 



P.S.  That’s how effortless you can pacify me, so long as you do well and I smell sincerity on the person I can be  a friend 100% all over again 🙂 .



3 responses to “reunited with B

  1. dizzymissmaddy August 11, 2011 at 3:58 am

    nag enjoy ako basahin blog mo! Soooper. I ended up smiling– have a nice day! ..

  2. january August 11, 2011 at 9:33 am

    hi, mis maddy. thanks again for the comment and have a wonderful day ahead 😀

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