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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Cavitex Toll Fee, reasonable?

During our trip to Cavite last Saturday, we decided to make use of Cavitex again to find out how much the toll fees are, reasonable or not at all. Anyway, husband almost took a bad swing over upon seeing the fees.

It was raining hard when we pass by and we noticed that the road was no longer that smooth, it’s like the asphalt finished mixture was substandard. Sorry but SCTEX road is far better that this Cavite project. I’m afraid that after a number of strong rains, potholes would be visible 😦 . I hope not. Anyway, we would still consider this road for now while Aguinaldo Highway is not yet a good alternative route because of the Maynilad’s Cavite pipeline project.

Happy Birthday Mother Dear!


Though I am not physically present to greet her on this special day, (I made my greetings 14hours ago before we left Cavite) I am sending her these lovely flowers (via this post 🙂 ).

And on this special day of yours, Nanay. I would like to say in writing how important your being there is to us. I cannot recall anytime you weren’t there for us during joyful days and most especially in times of darkness. I hope you know how much we appreciated all your efforts and time, your patience and understanding and your love for us.

Happy Birthday Mother Dear! Enjoy your day today as you explore the mall and shop 🙂 , have a good time!


P.S. We simply treat her over a box of pizza because of the many impromptu activities yesterday.




Friday Lunch saved my day

It’s been another busy work week and I ended it with degustation at Sinfully Circles Event Café in Makati Shangri-la over lunch. Sosyal noh? Since, I am not paying a single cent on this lavish hotel buffet I ate a lot. And maybe because I still cannot take in the disappointment I had since yesterday this dining event had been an outlet of my annoyance 😦 . The best part was I enjoyed the food and circle of people I sat with while having this luscious lunch.

My plans of going to McKinley Hills will not push tonight, I feel the need to rest, so, I decided that going somewhere else will not be a good idea. And tomorrow, will drive South to see my family.

I don’t know if I am making any sense anymore so let me end this week wishing everyone a happy and blessed weekend 🙂 !

P.S. I will do a separate entry of our SinfullyCircles Event Café lunch next week. Ciao!

so uncertain

I am currently writing from my office today because I feel I need to write my feelings as this day go on. I went to work late but I didn’t expect that my 10am meeting would start at 9am, so, I miss some part of it. Anyway, I didn’t miss the highlight. Back at my post, I’ve been hearing people about a salary raise. Oh, this must be the day! I waited for a year you know but I couldn’t feel any thrill at all. Siguro lumipas na sa kakahintay :(. Even after getting the official announcement I couldn’t feel any boost. It’s like, ah okay eh di thank you. I call no celebrations for this. I will go with the flow because it’s the only option I have now. Me M? Let me believe this is truly happening soon as I get hold of my papers. Nakakapagod umasa 😦

Okay, tomorrow I’m off to a lunch-social with one of our suppliers. I have second thoughts but I know my girls wanted to come and experience this hotel buffet. And to show off how I appreciate that the invite was extended to us I need to go. Tomorrow’s event would be “sinfully”.

After work tomorrow, I am considering a trip to McKinley Hill. I just wanted to stroll and people-watch. I haven’t done this in months. I need one please; something is bothering me during my idle times. There were stories on my head and this giving me delusions at night. You think I need to see doctor?

I will be away during the weekends to mark a special someone’s birthday and I’m giving her a small fête. I want it to be small and private but I want it to merry like last year. I still have until tomorrow to get into details.

I’ll be off in a few minutes from now, with heavy heart, with disappointments; I don’t want to puff this story to husband tonight. Let me keep it for now.

Amanda’s Place in GH


I heard of this shop from my office colleague J last Feb however, I have plenty of excuses going to Greenhills Shopping Center now and then. So, it took another two months again to visit. Finally, last Sunday I was able to check Amanda’s Place and got myself a sample of its line. I love the fact that they have my size 🙂 and that colors are my loves.

blousy at P595


Btw, husband spotted some chic-looking accessories but I was undecided to get one last time. I would probably be listing this place as one of my must-visit when in Greenhills 🙂 . (Wait, I’m in Greenhills vicinity everyday)


Amanda’s Place

Ground Floor
Contact Number: 401-15-08

good eats at T2

After watching the intense Aga-Angel movie last Saturday we had dinner at SM Food Court before going home. I know picking a place to dine would be a challenged again for me because of the many choices I have right in front my eyes. It’s the common thing for me, which disgust husband a lot 🙂 . Okay, not this time Honey. I have only one place in mind and I want some onion rings 🙂 !

Tokyo Tokyo is my old time favorite Japanese fast food restaurant and I had fond memories of the old store they used to have at Greenbelt, Makati in the late 90’s. Beef Misono and Red Iced Tea please!

For a change we got a different set, husband and I shared Pork Tonkatsu Sumo Meal while Nanay had a Don Buri Bowl –Chicken Oyakodon. And we all shared an order of Onion Rings. While doing this entry I somehow miss Potato Balls 😦 and the memories it brings about, hehehe…

 ***Photos from my Nokia E72

SM Makati Foodcourt
FS-7 SM Food Court Makati, Ayala Center
San Lorenzo Village
Makati City
Tel. 818-1679