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February 29, 2012

Today is a different day as 29th of February doesn’t happen every year; it’s the leap day in the Gregorian calendar making the days 366 days long. And a leap day has been associated with age-old traditions, superstitions and even folklores.

As this day steps forward, I don’t know what to expect. I had a beautiful morning to start off, I have good people around me, work is undemanding (probably because deadlines are over) and nothing really worry me at all. So, I want to write something, something that I can look at and read back when the next leap take place in 2016.

Four years from now,

Winnie will remain our very first! 🙂

I will have a new car named “F” –Bold yet refined. Rugged yet stylish. Brimming with power, yet safe as home. A symbol of strength, yet a vision of beauty. Teeming with cutting-edge technology, yet interfaces effortlessly with its master. A luxury SUV unlike any other!

I am slimmer and healthier. 😀

By now, I step foot around the picturesque spots of Sentosa and KL.

Our Treetop dream project will happen – A low density Community Living and an affordable alternative to Makati city’s lifestyle.

I will mark my 15 years in service and I will give a simple yet remarkable thanksgiving to everyone who made my stay comfortable.

I am more contented and bubbly!

I have already visited the countryside and make friends with the tarsiers and marine species that are dying out.

Bea would have litters by this time, which we would nurture to be like her –adorable and sociable!

This blog has more appeal, more sense and modish and money-making? 😀

I know Leoncio and I are still rummaging outlet shops and sales, we would still fancy hotel buffets, we would still love watching Teleseryes, we would still go on road trips, we would still love to cuddle on Sundays mornings and most of all we would still hold each other and remain in love as we marked the 10th year of our married life in 2015.

And as I write down all of these, I pray that if some things are unfeasible for the next four years at least they would come close to fulfillment by then. Sealed! 😛


***Updated as of February 15, 2017:

First, we still have our very first car, Winnie, running and servicing us from Cavite to Manila and vice versa every weekend. She’s old yet still very safe. I still don’t own an SUV bec there were projects along the way that didn’t transpire. Anyhow, I have a top of the line sedan, Alfred, which became Tatay’s car while he was still living. I’m not yet giving up the SUV dream only that it will probably take years and years.

Next, I became unhealthy and sickly esp of last year. I’m trying to recover this year and hopefully get back to my old routine.

I was supposed to fly to SG in 2015 but gave up the chance bec the household needs me more than ever plus I can’t afford to enjoy when infact everyone was still in the mourning state. Fortunately, I flew to Taiwan last Feb 2016 bec it’s sponsored by the company and I can’t say no or else I’d miss the succeeding trips, if there’s any.

The Treetop project didn’t happen as well, we still rent the pink apartment other than I have a White House now 🙂

I’m always a happy spirit despite the blues and I’m learning a lot -happiness is always a choice!

We stopped travelling in 2015 bec there were other priorities to set nonetheless, I’m content and enjoying weekend at home and, I still get to enjoy the cool Tagaytay weather anytime I want.

Bea is turning 10 already this year, she became mom to 11 pups, all adorable like her and Lucky. The last time she gave birth there was a special pup which we kept and named Astro. I hope God will still give her best of health.

And last but not the least, I moved again to another blog bec this page is already crammed and moving on gives birth to a fresher start.

Oh and by the way, we’re still together and we’re going well. We’ve already marked our 10th and looking forward to more years of lovingness. ♥



Happy Birthday Edsa Baby

We gave our “Edsa baby” a belated surprise breakie party yesterday following her being away from office last Monday. 🙂

Bel, we know the cake should be yellow just like the colors of Edsa but you see orange is the color of the year, so, we picked it as it is more like you –energetic and hot! 😀

We all know you had a care free birthday and our wish is for you to stay as is because you are really a delight to work with. Happy Birthday Belinda! 😛


2011 – Happy Birthday Bel!


Lucky Buffet at Mercado

Since Leoncio’s work schedule these days is starting to give me headache over again, he ensure to spoil me on Sunday’s, which means he would give in to any of my request readily. 😀

This time he willingly drives to the Newport City and at Resort World Manila to be exact. It was our first time to visit and prior to this occasion I had our membership completed online to avoid the inconvenience of filling up application forms. In fact, this is the second time I applied online, I remember doing the same form way back 2010 when RWM was newly-opened.

Parking is ample as you have the option to park at the building or at the open lot facing the mall. Although it’s a little bit of challenge when you picked to park at the Newport Mall as the entrance and exit has the same route. I don’t know but for new drivers this is definitely not recommended. 😦

Because we are availing of Lucky Buffet at Mercado for new members, we have to pick up our RWM membership IDs and vouchers at the membership lounge area. They have to take our pictures and without delay our RWM IDs were ready. It reminded me of our Macau trip last year, wherein we availed of Casino memberships too.

photo credits:

And together with our IDs we got the entitlement to avail the Mercado Breakfast Buffet at P88++ only or Lunch Buffet at P188++ only. In addition, we were allowable to one free spin at Spin to Win. However, we were not able to avail the free spin that day because it’s already passed its time slot of 6am-12nn daily. Anyhow, the vouchers are still valid until 4-Mar and we might consider dropping by over the weekend. 🙂

While Mercado is located inside the Casino there are rules to follow and one of them is no camera allowed. I managed to slip my digicam inside but didn’t have the guts to use it, hehehe. I feared that someone might stop me and end up embarrassed so I dutifully complied. Meanwhile, cam phone was permitted so please excuse the blurred photos of the fare we consumed at Mercado.

Though Mercado is themed Filipino, there were Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian-Malay station available to complement your liking.

From the Japanese station –different kinds of maki rolls

From the Chinese station –chicken feet and spareribs

And assortment of everything –nasi goreng, shrimps, baked fish, roasted beef, barbecued ribs, steamed veggie.

I only wish I had a filmy shot of the food I sampled. Sigh!

How can I pass and say no to these? tres leche, leche plan, dark chocolate, coated cereal

Double chocolate cake, panacotta and chocolate tart –heavenly!

Leoncio and I would never love the word “diet” ever.

Later, we explored the Newport Mall a bit and let my eyes indulged on the luxury of designer bags. I was delighted to window shopped at Michael Kors. And almost took home the MK Manila bag in a snap. Yes, the once limited canvas tote bag that sold like hotcakes in 2010. It’s discounted by 25%, so Leoncio was sort asking me if I really like it. I know he was thinking to gift me that bag and it would be a cheap option. Ayoko nga! Hehehe…



We were thinking of watching the Angel-JLC movie flick however, the screening time was way too late so after a few rounds and some photo op we left. It was one Sunday to recollect. 🙂

The question now is where do we go this coming weekend? 😛



Resorts World Manila
Newport Boulevard, Newport City. Pasay 1309, Metro Manila, Philippines


Pat Pat’s Kansi, sooo Pinoy?

At last, we were able to pay a visit the bulalohan eatery in San Antonio Village, Makati that has been on my list for two weeks. Surprisingly the place was not packed when we arrived even though it was nearly dinnertime. Well, I thought it was like RJ’s that gets too crowded on mealtimes.

Pat Pat’s Kansi is an Ilonggo eatery that metes out a special beef marrow soup or bulalo that is infamous to most of us. They refer to it as Kansi in Ilonggo, a sweet and sour soup that is cooked over in slow fire for hours to complete that extra soft and almost melts in your mouth experience.

And look Pat Pat had been awarded as one of the Best Bulalo Restaurant in the Philippines, so they must be serving really good Pinoy food. Anyway, because husband and I were so hungry we placed our orders right away. Besides, the selections were not many, so, ordering shouldn’t eat much of your time. 🙂  I am excited by this time to have our orders carried to our table.

Soon after our rice and sodas were served to us, this bowl followed shortly. I was literally bowled over that we get to eat a clean bone and soup only for dinner. It took me a minute to review our order and I know it right, we placed Kansi Bulalo.

Because I was expecting some more meat attached to the bone I didn’t bother to touch the soup right away plus we were given a separate soup on small bowls.

Now, you see small signs of meat here? Actually, there were few cuts of beef swimming on that flavorful soup. Yes, it was so flavorful that you may no longer need the usual fish sauce or patis. Though on a second note, husband said it’s too salty for him that he didn’t attempt to sip the remaining soup. 😦

Back home, we would normally fight over the bone shank because of the marrow inside. We called it “utak” and I don’t know the reason behind it probably because it’s slimy and yellowish, hehehe. However, it really upset me to see that Pat Pat’s Kansi bone marrow is blood-like.

We even tried to poke it but no fat-like went out. Although it tasted not bad at all, I snubbed the thought of swallowing it. We left it untouched. 😦

Thankful that we had additional order of Pork BBQ as it saved us from total dismay. Nonetheless, there’s nothing to rave about those barbeques.

They had my favorite blueberry cheesecake but we didn’t sample it

When I asked husband if we would still order anything sweet, he refuses to get any. 😐

I must say Pat Pat’s Kansi didn’t give him the “POP” feels at all and going back at this quaint restaurant wouldn’t be so soon for us.


——————————————————————————————————————————————————– 🙂

Pat Pat’s Kansi
Kamagong cor. Sampaloc St. San Antonio Village
T. +632 8906179


ToT’s Aria Cucina Manila + Goodie Giveaway

photo credits:

I don’t know why we didn’t try this Italian resto while in Boracay last year; probably because the place is packed every time we would pass by. That’s how famed this place is to all vacationers. Glad that finally they opened their doors to Metro Manila folks as Aria Cucina Italiana Manila is now serving good food at the Fort area.

And I want to win this new promo, so I can sample and list it as my place to go. 😀

Full Mechanics, click HERE.

Thanks again ToT for running this promo!