The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

sundate no.20

*This is one of the many late posts after the very eventful Christmas month.


Dec 29. After attending the 6pm Sunday mass at Little Soul’s, husband and I went on a short drive along the ridge, at last we’re alone now. It’s quite hard to get away by our own, my sister kids love to tag along anywhere and anytime of the day so when we got this rare chance I felt we needed to celebrate.

We have no specific place in mind but we’ve scratched Bag of Beans and Café Breton from our supposed date place. I wanted something new which we haven’t tried yet in Tagaytay. I asked husband to drive down Calamba Road, I remember bookmarking an Italian restaurant. Amoroma Ristorante Italiano had plenty of good reviews online so I guess it won’t disappoint our supposed dinner date. The full parking sign wasn’t a good hint for me that night, I’m almost assuming that the place is packed and we’re right –its full house and later on we we’re told that they can no longer seat us. I could only heave a sigh and try my luck next time. So long to my brick oven pizza cravings. 😦

We drove fast going to our second option which is already at the outer edge of the city, actually its official address is already Silang, the neighboring town. Gourmet had a coffee-snack bar and a formal dining venue named The Dining Room, so, I was certain that we’ll be accommodated here aside from the fact that it’s already a bit far from the very busy Tagaytay ridge. They’re open, yes, other than they’re closing in 10 minutes when we got there. 😦 I was already hearing my large intestine growls, where else to go at this hour? I know we could have easily drove back to Tagaytay and dine somewhere else or onto our favorite stop with burgers, burritos, quesadillas and pizza of course but that would ruin my idea of a cozy and fancy dinner with my other half. I was feeling special so it must be with a bit of exclusivity.


Santis Delicatessen isn’t far from Gourmet; in fact we’ve passed it on the left side of the road so we made a turn around. I wasn’t expecting more from Santis and I just wanted to grab something to eat. And because my idea of Santis is a shop with plenty of quality meats and cheeses, I was surprised to find a quaint café inside. Santis Deli-Café offers a wide selection of dishes from soup, sandwiches, pasta, meat and whatelse, I just learned that you can order meat from the deli shop and have it cooked. I shall try that next.

Anyhow because I was really, really famished by now, I ordered a sandwich only for myself while the husband picked our almost always default choice of pasta –Marinara.


Forgive me here but I can’t tell now if this is Farmers Ham with Cheese or Grilled Focacia, either of the two it look a lot like a Panini sandwich to me. The sandwich is huge enough to fill me that night but it could have been better if they’d put a side salad here, it would definitely look inviting and divine. I suggest you put a little effort here especially that lettuce is always available and reasonably priced nearby.


The husband’s Marinara was generous and heavily filled with prawns, mussels and fish cubes and I love every bits of it. It’s indeed tasty! But it would be nice if their pasta dishes would come with toasted garlic bread, that’s not too much to add at no cost, I suppose. I actually read somewhere that they serve complimentary bread, it’s sad that we didn’t get any, not a single piece. 😦


These are not wines, it’s a glass of water and iced tea only 🙂 because we felt wines would be perfect for steaks alone. Hehehe.


Santis Deli-Café is a nice chill out place if you want it a bit private, just be ready to shell out P500 per head or even more if you’re getting some US Angus Ribeye and a glass of wine. 😛



Km. 52 Aguinaldo Highway,
Buho, Silang, Cavite
T. 046 4142337 /5145120
F. 046 4141694
Mon-Thurs: 9am-8pm
Fri & Sat: 8am-10pm
Sun: 8am-8pm

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