The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

the rammasun & me

It’s been 2 days ago since the super Rammasun battered the metropolis and the nearby provinces including my very own hometown. The day before, we had too much work load at the work place that despite the typhoon warning and all I was kept occupied, I was more concerned about our impending cargoes, I was worried that deliveries would delay further because of this looming bad weather. So while everyone was packing up early for home last Tuesday I was like running with time to keep everything settle before calling off the day. I’m anticipating the worst.

On the early morning of Wednesday, I received the HR advisory about work call off. I was thankful that at least I don’t need to combat the gray skies and strong winds and the heavy downpour. I can just tuck myself to bed the entire day like Saturdays and sleep to my deepest but my worries rushed back after seeing my other half preparing for work. How come ‘ney? I hate it but I had to say all over again my speeches. Are you the President of your company? Will your company lose millions if you’d stay home for the day? Your employer would definitely understand if you can’t come today, just look at the news everyone is advised to stay home. But my supposed pleading to him to stay didn’t work, he can’t say no to people who trusted him and his competence. He assured me that he’ll be home early, that’s it and he went his way.

I was left at home when the Rammasun was fiercely felt, the wind was howling like this swirling storm inside, yes for a while you’d thought about the Frozen theme, it’s too apt for what was felt right then and there minus the snowing. I stayed in bed facebooking and getting the latest tweets, at least I’d be alerted if Pasig River overflows and the need to evacuate will be enforced. Sorry I’m just a bit paranoid but even if Pasig River overflowed during Ondoy’s time there was no need for us to leave home because our building is a bit elevated from the main streets. I was also eavesdropping the neighborhood, it gave me a little feeling of security that everyone around is watchful at least I have some people to run to, just in case something horrible happen. Thank God there’s none and our home was spared from any damage.

My family in Cavite was spared as well from any future repairs and expenses only that until now electrical power have been knocked out and water supply is very limited. While everything back home remained in chaos (because of blackout) my worries were minimized because the governor declared no classes, at least the kids were just around and Nanay had some help while managing the household, including my fur-babies of course. Bei was fine and Boi remained emotionless when I checked on them last night, tho during the typhoon my sister told me how Bei even feared the sound of the typhoon and that she was extra-clingy while the typhoon was raging wild. I can only wish I was around to protect her and assure her that everything is going to be fine. Momi woes.

At the end of this week, I realized how fortunate I am still that despite a super typhoon, despite life’s miseries, despite the scarcity of material things and all, I’m alive, I breathe with every heartbeat and I’m absolutely complete with two feet, two hands, I’m in my soundest mind and in my liveliest spirit. I thank God for the wisdom everyday, for His shield of protection and His loving arms, sometimes it makes me feel guilty that I have enough yet I still ask for more.

Dear God, another work week is about to end, as we welcome the weekend may you continue to protect us from another typhoon coming in, may you give us strength to carry through amidst all these calamities, may you bestow us a happy yet sensible spirit and may we continue to live in faith everyday of our lives. I pray for the typhoon victims, I pray that they may find you still in their hearts despite the loss of their homes and their love ones. I pray that they may overcome the sadness or even the dearth of everything right now. I pray that they may recover soon and have a better chance in life. May those who are injured, those who are weak and those who are sick receive your healing power in no time.

And for the tragic death of more than 200 passengers of MH17, may their innocent souls find peace and justice be served.


P.S. I leave you this now…


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