The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

breakfast ♥


I don’t keep a breakfast literature like most of the morning person I know, and for me breakfast is best taken as early as 6am while the sun is coming out and kissing your face. I wish I can run a breakfast blog too but you see I’m not really a morning person, I can’t keep waking up early everyday and doin’ the routine. Sigh! But then again that doesn’t stop me from lovin’ every breakfast meal. I love café with all-day breakfast meal because I can enjoy the same breakfast fare even at mid-afternoon but there’s really something else with sunrise and breakfast goodness. It’s hard to tell.


So whenever time allows me to I make sure to whip a good morning meal for two. Yesterday brunch was Hungarian sausages and scrambled egg and garlic fried rice.


And yogurt and orange slices to cap off a healthier breakfast love!

So while I’m limited to home-style breakfast meal on days I can’t go (because there’s work or I woke up beyond 7am or the weather is bad or worst there’s limited fund to sustain our big appetite), I vow to wake up early on Sundays. Sundays mornings are perfect to go out and uncover a breakfast place with my love.

And in my golden years, I dream to set up a quaint breakfast place in my homeland –a small one which Leoncio and I would personally run. 🙂 Other than that thought remains to be a reverie at this moment, let me fancy breakfast’ in a country house or in a porch overlooking the mountain and fields or in the simplest backyard surrounded by blossoms and greens.

I’m counting this Sunday as another lovely day, have the loveliest folks. ♥


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