The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Sunday at The Strand Café

Breakfast is supposed to be designed and fit for those early risers but I am the exception to that rule. Though I would willingly wake up early and get dressed when the mention would be buffet. Yes, I am not the morning person you think I am but I love big breakfast or should I say breakfast buffet. 🙂

Sunday for me means staying later in bed but not yesterday when husband and I set our Sunday date over breakfast at The Strand Café. The café by the way is located at the newly-opened serviced residences One Pacific Place (see address below). Its convenient location at the 1st level makes it easy for even non-guest to walk-in for a sumptuous meal. You can use the H.V. dela Costa entrance or the Gil. Puyat one (across the old Landbank Building), whichever way a breakfast buffet would welcome you.

I came to know The Strand when a deal was offered at a group buying site, normally I would spent time Google-ing the place when it’s says as affordable as P288. There were about two reviews which both came from circulation papers online, and the write-up includes its ongoing special promotion during the launch month. Basically, it’s the same price being offered at that group buying site (group buying site offer is valid until December) so I thought why hassle myself using a voucher when in fact I can walk-in and pay the same amount. Husband and I didn’t make our cravings wait longer and scheduled our visit right away. One Pacific Place is easy to find, if you’re driving from Makati Ave turn right to H.V. dela Costa. After Lakandula Street, slow down so you’ll not pass up the building entrance at the right side of the street. Parking is available at the basement so you don’t need to worry about your car being towed by the yellow boys hehehe. Although we’re nearby Makati, we arrived pass 8am because of the gloomy weather, so it means missing the buffet spread unscathed.

The café is smaller than what I have in mind but probably because of its soft opening stage the place didn’t get crowded at all. We we’re seated near the windowpane facing Landbank Building, next to a table of senior citizens who got our attention immediately. I know my intermission to this café review is getting longer but I can’t help but write bits of things I’ve noticed yesterday. 🙂  The senior citizens weren’t ordinary people my guess, the four of them dressed in style, lightly talking about businesses, vacations, and gathering, just exactly anything that come across their mind. The husband silently whispered that I would probably do the same thing when I grow old, meeting my amigas for breakfasts with plenty of chismis on the side. I don’t mind at all getting old like them because it means I will get old wealthy with yaya and driver to go hehehe.

Okay, soon as we got comfortably seated we took turns going at the buffet spread. Sorry but I shy away from getting photos of the spread because I was thinking I might interrupt other guest who came earlier than us. The spread wasn’t as extensive compared to what I have previously tried breakfast buffet but all in it would still make your start of the day special.

I started with rolls, butter, jam, cheese, a slice of French toast and scrambled eggs.  I also got myself a small serving of misua soup (no photo here). With French toast and eggs I’m almost solved!

My platter also included Chicken Adobo Flakes, which the husband likes a lot that he finishes my plate.

My salad plate comes next with cheese and cold-cuts.

Pancakes and scrambled eggs again, those pancakes were fluffy I should have come back for it only that I was thinking it might stuff me easily.

The husband tried their Spaghetti Carbonara; I didn’t so pardon the extreme photos here.

Then I had fried rice, sweet and sour squid balls, sliced sausages and chicken adobo flakes once more. Vinegar please!

Very unlikely of me I didn’t try any of their fresh fruit for dessert; I had sweets this time –slices of cake and muffin for me.

Now, if you’d ask me if I enjoyed the breakfast buffet, yes I did despite its limited selection besides its pretty affordable so no regrets at all. I would even want a second time to check if the spread would have changes or additions. On a second note, I was thinking that congee was even offered earlier because there were still congee condiments when we arrived. By the way, unlimited coffee, tea and juices are also available, so prepare to load up. 🙂

The Strand Café is fairly new so I’m not really expecting it to be grandiose but perhaps some of these suggestions would help the management attracts more breakfast addict. Though I’d love French toast and pancake both, I think the café should serve only one of it and replace the other one with let’s say burger patty or baked fish for the healthy eaters so it also becomes an added viand for people who loves to eat rice in the morning. Fresh macaroni and cheese or Tomato-based spaghetti instead of the Spaghetti Carbonara.  Load up the breads and pastries section, diners mostly wanted to have choices, the sight of two pieces of muffin, six pieces of bread slice and four cuts of cake becomes boring. I always love an egg station where one can request their eggs cooked on the spot, omelet with cheese and bell pepper please! Lastly, the salad station would be far attractive if guest can choose what goes on the salad plate; this means let the greens as is and the salad ingredients on one side –tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, etc. Probably the offerings could be improved soon as the café offered it at its regular price after this month. Oh, and before I forgot please remind diners and hotel guests to please observe dress code while in the common areas –no bedroom attire like pajamas (we witness about two groups who came in pajamas), remember that the area remains to be part of the business district so I guess everyone should dress appropriately. 🙂

Lastly to this write-up, I have to commend your wait staffs for the fast and accommodating service, after all it always makes a whole difference when you have trained people around. The Strand and OPP, I look forward to visiting once again, the lunch buffet would be a nice comeback.

Hurry up and enjoy The Strand Café breakfast buffet at P288 until September 30 only –daily from 6 to 10am.


The Strand Café, One Pacific Place Serviced Residences
161 H.V. de la Costa Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City.
T. (632) 304-7777

4 responses to “Sunday at The Strand Café

  1. madjewel September 17, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    ooh sounds like a good deal, what time did you get there?

    • january September 17, 2012 at 7:09 pm

      we arrived around 8:30; i suggest you go as early as 7am to fully enjoy the spread. we’re thinking of coming back before the promo ends on month end or savor lunch buffet on Monday or Wednesday. 🙂

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