The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Nanay’s Day

When someone hit me before that I was desperate to be a mom, I wanted to hit her back and tell straight in her face that I’m definitely not. Yes, I know I’m becoming egotistic about it but I won’t deny the fact that at my age right now I wanted a baby. Tho bearing one would be of much difficult this time, I still pray that we’ll be blessed soon.

gourmet mother's day 2013

Sunday was Mother’s Day and unlike last year we’re home this time to celebrate it. I had no plans to start the day tho I was considering three options for lunch. First was Gourmet Farms Mother’s Day Buffet but I find it pricey at P599 excluding drinks, so when Leoncio called up and was told that it would cost us P700+ per head I ditched the idea despite my wanting to sample their Mediterranean cuisine. On my second list is Bag of Beans Brunch Buffet, I know we’ll definitely enjoy this one but we were informed that they can no longer accept reservation, we were advised that walk-in can still be accepted only that waiting can be pain in the ass (they didn’t say the last part of course 😀 ). So when we left home past 12 noon, I was still undecided but in time (before we hit the ridge) figured out that we can give Josephine Restaurant’s a try.


At our arrival, I can see a lot of people waiting to be seated. If we came so hungry we could have backed out at once but sensing my party’s preparedness to wait there should be no room for any second thoughts. Plus I know anywhere in Tagaytay will be as jam-packed as Josephine’s that day. It took us almost an hour to get a seat and while waiting I still worried my Tatay would feel annoyed by the long line and people coming in. Happily he didn’t feel any in fact he’s relaxed the entire time while enjoying a cone of ice cream. Nanay on the other hand is easy to please, she’s simple like that. A Jollibee meal can make her smile already but Sunday was exceptional –it’s Mother’s Day you know. My parents are now senior citizens tho still active I know time will come that the outdoors will no longer friendly for them, so, while everything remains to be normal I want them to have a good time. And since it was Nanay’s day out and Tatay was just a tag along 😀 I gave her the floor to order to her heart’s desire.


I didn’t mind that we ordered the sinfully pork knuckles –Crispy Pata, it was mouth-watering, we also had an order of Kare-Kare which is equally good, Grilled Hito which Tatay ate by himself, Grilled Assorted Seafood and my new favorite Oyster Rockefeller. Sorry for the shortage of photos my SD card remains a problem till now. 😦  Nanay doesn’t eat much meat and more of a veggie person but I was surprised how she knocked down the crispy pork meat. I love how she ate with much gusto this time without worrying anyone. I bet it would be a different scene if the kids were around because she would eventually gave out her share of whatever.


I know how she loves Halo-Halo so I didn’t zero this out right after a hefty lunch. We shared an order of Halo-Halo Espesyal which is nothing but of an old good Halo-Halo we can’t help but rave about. It was excellently good and reasonably priced. And I see us going back for this. By the way, I have to mention here that we got 10% discount courtesy of Nanay’s former student who’s working at Josephine’s.  Special thanks to you! 🙂


We’re done around 3pm and before we went home we lounge for a while at Josephine’s viewing deck of Taal Volcano. I don’t know but its panoramic view never fails to give me a chill of wonderment. We could just stay longer and sit down at those benches only that it began to rain slightly so we walk off and readily head home.


I am far from being a perfect daughter but while I have time I want to make the most out of it, I really wanted to make up for the lost times. I may not be outspoken of how I value you and love you but I hope my actions will be enough to prove you that all these years I only wanted to give back and say thank you for everything.


And Nanay, I won’t grew tired of your unending griping, I won’t grew tired of your stories of everyday, I won’t grew tired of sharing you my little things (clothes, escapades, etc.). We may not have that wonderful mother-daughter relationship nonetheless I know you love me and I love you back. Happy Mother’s Day Nanay!


Later that day I squeezed a date with the kiddos at Summit Ridge. No, they aren’t mine but they will always be my bundle of joys. They can be nasty and naughty at times but they’re my favorite in the world. 😛


P.S. On my Mother’s Day day, there’s this thoughtful heart that did remember and recognize me as a “mom”. Thank you for seeing a mother figure in me GGB. 


Josephine Restaurant
Km. 58 Gen. Aguinaldo Highway, Maharlika West, Tagaytay City • © Josephine Restaurant 2010
Manila Landline: (02) 871.5627
Tagaytay: (046) 413.1801
Mobile: 09159856711
Fax: (046) 413.1802

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