The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

shabu-shabu night

Friday night was spent with my two office colleague, who I can say had been my regular dinner dates for a year now. Okay, our regular is like a quarter anyway and the last time we went out was like September; yes it was 🙂 .

C picked the place this time and because I have been planning dining at this shabu-shabu house since last year, it pretty excites me well.

Tong Yang is a shabu-shabu and grill station, which serves buffet style “eat all you can”. The choices are bounty -chicken fillet, pork bbq, thinly sliced beef, fish fillets (dori, gindara, tanique, bangus…), cuttlefish, squids, cold cuts, shells, shrimp balls, squid balls, crab sticks, bean curd, mushrooms, vegetables, noodles. I couldn’t help but drool over the wide spread of this healthy selection.

At the start, the wait staff would ask for you broth preference. They offer sinigang, chicken and spicy; we got chicken and spicy for our hot pot. And next to that is to fill your plate with anything you like to cook 🙂 !

I stick to my favorites and had shells, pork, beef, fish and veggies. I skipped the balls and cold cuts and rice and noodles too.

And while waiting for my portions to get cooked I sampled their Japanese and Chinese station.

See my two friend, they were dead serious about cooking 🙂 .

What makes a shabu-shabu more special – it’s the sate sauce with spring onion and chili pepper.

I loved the grilling part and wished we could do this more often 🙂 .

Make sure you leave some room for ice creams after savoring your leftover broth. They serve Big Scoop ice cream unfortunately they don’t have pistachio but nonetheless it was the perfect ending!

It was a happy Friday night! And until our next pig-out 🙂 !

Monday to Saturday Lunch Buffet: Grill and Shabu-Shabu Php515.00, Shabu-Shabu only Php445.00
Dinner, Sunday Lunch and Holidays: Grill and Shabu-Shabu Php585.00, Shabu-Shabu only Php515.00
ON-GOING PROMO: “Weekday Lunch Buffet Special Promo-Eat & Drink All You Can for only P399.”


Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu and Grill
4th Level The Atrium, SM Megamall

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