The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Pyromusical Competition 2011

Husband and I went to see The 2nd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition at SM MOA grounds on its last day (Mar 12). It is because I wanted to watch the Philippine team compete and boast with lights and colors so we chose this date.

As announced the Pyro starts at 7pm, so husband and I left Mandaluyong at past 5 in the afternoon thinking that we’re just on time. Not until we passed the heavy traffic at Sen. Gil Puyat all the way to D. Macapagal Avenue. Whew! The normal 30minutes drive to MOA took us 2 hours. And to our much surprised parking was a big problem.

We were still on the car when Australia’s entry brilliantly lit the sky.

Even from afar it was awesome 🙂 .

It lasted 30 minutes or more and I content shooting from where we were stocked. It was husband who suggested that I got off the car and walk towards the bayside so I can get a better picture by the time Philippine team staged their exhibit.

I was able to get near the gates, where you have to pay Php100.00 (minimum) and Php1, 500.00 for the VIP seat, which includes dinner. I didn’t pay any and content standing just outside the fenced, anyway, I have the same sky view of those who pay the extra P100 bucks.

Not long Philippines entry fire up, it was breath-taking! I truly agree that Philippine fireworks technology had evolved into sophistication. Every time an explosive color would come up the audience would cheer and applaud. I feel the intensity of everyone who was there to witness this never-before-seen spectacle of lights. I bet husband was amazed even from his distant location.

I hope to catch this happening again next year 🙂 and I would definitely be watching our very own delightful display over again.


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