The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

happy birthday ninang elo

We skipped supposedly sundate no.6 because it was my Ninang Elo’s birthday and even though she can no longer celebrate with us and blow her birthday candle, we don’t skip to remember the date each year (Nanay never forgets to offer a mass yearly to remember her). It may not be as grand when she was still alive, but I know even the simplest way would mean a lot.

aug 11, 2013_1

Since my cousin Jo and family is in country, they prepared a simple salo-salo at their family house in Indang. Oh that simple salo-salo is over lechon, pancit, puto and dinuguan, I wish I can eat more but I’m still shaky, I’m not yet 100% all okay. And probably because everyone got a little hang over of the buffet dinner at Yakimix, we prepared a Tong Yang inspired one –a shabu shabu style to everyone’s enjoyment.

aug 11, 2013_2

I volunteered to cook so you don’t see any of me here 😀 , only the maternals enjoying their peeping hot bowl of shabu-shabu. And pardon the mood for not taking too many photos, I was sweaty and all.

aug 11, 2013_3

I know Ninang Elo was the happiest seeing us gather once more, seeing us in high spirits and musing over those good old days. The family isn’t perfect, we have our own stories of falling out and resentment but we’ll always end up a family no matter what. Sending our greetings to the heavens and above, happy birthday Ninang Elo!


P.S. The long weekends in August are timely, we have more time to drive home and I’m excited to see you all once more. Yes, before the “ber” month take over. 🙂


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