The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

slowly gettin’ there

I am starting to get hold of my time ever since I made that midweek self-declared holiday, I know I should be saving my leave credits but I need time, I need to pause for a moment, I need that me-time to get back on track. Oh my! How can a non-blogger, not so reader like my husband can ever understand that, hehehe…you know how workaholic he is as if he owns a big share at Petron, peace Honey 🙂 !

Anyway, I still have few backlogs to date including a detailed Hongkong-Macau post, which I haven’t draft anything yet. I am missing a lot of online promos because I cannot concentrate on my writing. And lastly, I’ve been away to blogosphere and I miss your blogs too icon bloggers 🙂 !

In three weeks time the first quarter of 2011 will end and I noticed that as I aged time flies faster and even faster if you look forward on paydays, hehehe 🙂 ! See, by next month it’s April and I look forward on driving North again by that time. And another two months after April it’s gonna be midyear and soon “ber” months. December pretty excites me as early as now 🙂 !

Okay, I might bore you with my no-story post, so, let me just wish everyone a happier weekend than last week. Would that do now? 🙂

P.S. My timetable this March for those who care and for those who doesn’t, I care less 🙂

–       Off to dinner today after work, something like grilling and boiling and eating delicious seafood

–       On weekend will be watching fireworks, fireworks and fireworks

–       By next weekend, will drive south and celebrate someone else’s birthday

–       And on the last weekend of this month, Bea and Dad would run together 🙂

I don’t need to tell everyone I am happy or sad, if I win or lose, I got problems of my own, we got ours too, I am not perfect and will never be but I know how to be happy and make other people happy 🙂 !

For now,


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