The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Sundate at Tong Yang

tong yang jupiter-18tong yang jupiter-19tong yang jupiter-20

I know our splurge to eat huge last Sunday night was not timely especially that it’s still the season of Lent but sensing that the husband needs some feel good flash, I don’t turn for any second thoughts.

tong yang jupiter-2

We’ve known to be big-eaters and buffet style is always our preference, so, when we decided to dine out last Sunday we have a very limited option considering its price, location and cooking. And since I cannot eat too much red meat and poultry, a shabu-shabu style with plentiful of seafood selection would be a healthier option, I think. I frequented a shabu-shabu place in SM Megamall but the mall’s very crowded picture on weekend is a no for us. Fortunately, it has a branch nearby our favorite Army Navy branch in Jupiter St. 🙂

tong yang jupiter-3

Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu and Barbecue Restaurant at Bel-Air is spacious, tho I preferred more how the spread were put together at SM Megamall. Anyhow, because we were one of the few early birds we were able to savor everything untouched and at no queue at all. Be sure to be there on or before 5:30pm if you’re taking the dinner buffet and ensure you make a reservation prior.

tong yang jupiter-2

Now, let me fast forward our buffet marathon here. First, decide if you want the Shabu-Shabu or the Shabu-Shabu & Grill. I always go for the latter because it’s fun grilling and boiling at the same time. 😀 Next is, choose your soup base, you can have two flavors together in the shabu-shabu hotpot and we got Sinigang and Spicy Sate for that. Funny but I failed to capture even a single photo of our hotpot here, I did it again! 

tong yang jupiter-4

Go get your shabu-shabu meat and seafood items –balls, dumplings, sliced beef, abalone, prawns, clams and veggies, etc.

tong yang jupiter-5

Then move forward at the barbecue items –chicken, chorizo, tocino (my favorite here), pork, hotdogs, pork intestines (which the husband favored amongst), baby octopus, spicy cuttlefish (another favorite), tanigue, tuna belly, etc.

tong yang jupiter-6

Actually there are too many choices so you won’t go back over the same thing unless you’re like me who went back three times for the tocino. 😛

tong yang jupiter-7tong yang jupiter-8

After loading your table with stuffs for cooking, help yourself with some ready to eat items from the Japanese and Chinese station –sushi, crispy fried shrimps, salad, steamed and fried dumplings, steamed crabs, noodles and rice. You can eat those while waiting for your raw items to get cooked.

tong yang jupiter-9

Don’t forget the sauces; I always have the Sate Egg and Shabu-Shabu sauce while the husband had some Chili Vinegar for his grilled.

tong yang jupiter-10

While the husband was busy with his grilling, I had my time, he loves me that way, I can just sit and wait. 😛

tong yang jupiter-11

By the way, if you go for the Eat & Drink All You Can! dessert is inclusive too –they have Big Scoop ice creams (I wish they’ll include the pistachio variant), Goldilocks roll cake, coconut macaroons, halo-halo and fresh fruits. Drinks are soda (Coke products), fruit juices, iced tea, San Miguel Draft Beer and coffee.

tong yang jupiter-12tong yang jupiter-13tong yang jupiter-14tong yang jupiter-15tong yang jupiter-16

I hope I don’t forget any of the buffet items, so, if you’re liking to try it don’t think twice, it’s P585 net price is so worth it, just leave a nominal change for the very attentive wait staffs!

tong yang jupiter-17

And this is my not so-yummy looking halo-halo because they don’t have ube-flavored ice cream to go with it. Nevertheless, we had a grand dinner and I thank the Lord for this blessing of good food. And I was happy that the husband had a buoyant spirit after. 🙂



Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu & BBQ Restaurant
34 Jupiter cor. Planet St. (near Edsa)
Bel-Air, Makati City
T. 02-8993388 / 02-8974148

5 responses to “Sundate at Tong Yang

  1. Chikoy Tan July 27, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    First time ko po sana idate girlfriend ko sa tong yang and i got intrigued.

    Lets say we got what we want for the shabu shabu and bbq may additional charge na po ba kung babalik pa for meat or anything inshort pede bang magg round 2?

    • january July 29, 2013 at 9:41 am

      hi chikoy, u can go back for more. just be mindful of the leftover because they will charge you for it, so get only what you can consume. 🙂

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