The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

enjoining what is good

Going home in Cavite and seeing my maternal family means one happy weekend. Last Sunday was another occasion to make merry as we marked someone’s birthday. 🙂


It was Joel’s, Irish other half’s, so the generous cousin treats us out at two of our favorite hang-outs in Tagaytay –Yellow Cab and Army Navy. And unlike the previous visits at nightfall we’re out by mid-afternoon this time, I know it was abnormal for us to be out at that early but we very enjoyed the afternoon breeze and the food of course.


If you have been reading my old entries, you’ll know by now that I always look forward seeing my maternal relatives, I have a thing for them that is nonexistent from the paternal side. And every chance of reuniting with them brightens up any gloomy time.


There were supposed to be plenty of photos but my SD card was taken by the Shorcut Virus, no worries I successfully removed it today (well, I guess I downloaded the correct software this time). All photos here from my mini and thank you to Instragram for the instant effects. 😀


And like the old ways our Tagaytay date would not be complete without visiting the favorite coffee shop which we all love for its ambiance, its frappuccino, its sweet treat and all the memories in place through all these years. Starbucks is a must!

We ended the day beautifully without any fret, without any spring of fury, without any whining, I’m happy that way. Tho it’s hypocrite to say that our relationship as cousins isn’t anyway stained with resentment and annoyance, I believe that all things will end well at the right time, when wounds are healed and forgiveness has been sincerely given, in time we’ll be one bigger group again. I always believe that blood is thicker than water so do not let any outsider do evil and create a bigger hole in your heart, please.

It was dear weekend; again our birthday greetings to Joel and many thanks for the pizza treat! 😛


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