The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

getting the hang of it

The-BIG-Summer-Outlet-Sale-2013-POSTER-18X24in_Updated-Logos-2 (1)

I’m seeing a very eventful weekend as early as now, there’s my favorite outlet sale happening starting today until Sunday (see flyer above),

cape 1228

there’s this 50% markdown on lunch and dinner buffet (tho this one can really, really wait until the end of May) and,

balik bukid

there’s this country fair I’m itching to pay a visit on Sunday. I also have to keep in mind to squeeze a date with my dear Tating, am still thinking if she would enjoy an afternoon tea in one of those posh Makati hotels. Oh my, I need to fully maximize my two days off this time and pass up the long sleep in the morning, avoid the internet as much as I can and start my day as early as 10am tomorrow by visiting the nail salon. Wow! And if I may add, I’ll date Mrs. F later; I thought this the best way to bond and for me to discuss quite a few things about work and her forthcoming assignment. 🙂

Anyhow, this week had been a challenging one for me especially that my attention was called last Tuesday, it still puzzles me where the heck that inkling came from, me and her conniving, probably the buzz went around because they thought we’re close like before. These people don’t really know our history, tsk! I guess this leave me no choice but to continue hating nonsense people at work; mind your own business please. I also had a heart-to-heart talk with two of my staffs; the first was with J, whom I’d started working with in 2010. I appreciate all her comments, her suggestions, her concerns, her initiatives, it warms the cockles of my heart to know she’s getting the hinge of work, finally she’ll advanced and I’ll get to relax on the side. With BJ, which I scheduled yesterday, was a different story. It’s sad that she had to feel that way, it saddened me more that she has to consider other things outside because she’s no longer pleased with the turnaround of events. I value her, a lot if I may say, because she’s committed, she’s hardworking and she’s easy to work with. I cannot recall any faulty issues with her, I never received any complain either. The past four years with BJ was all about teamwork and objectivity. I have bigger plans for her and I hope it won’t go to waste in the end. And I hope she got a better sleep last night after hearing all my two cents worth. Me –behind those defying moments, I felt proud of myself because I think I’ve given and said what’s needed to say including the right choice of words so as not to hurt or make anyone unhappy. I may be a silent creature at work because I choose to detached myself but I can be a roaring tiger if provoked, a small number of people know me by heart and I don’t mind how the others look upon me with hate. Huh!

It still summer in my country folks, I still don’t like much the outdoors but with good things lineup from time to time I’m willing to go and walk around. Remember I’m on instagram, so get your own account and stalk me there. Hehehe…But like what the Barreto’s had been shouting all over the net. “Enough is enough. Leave us alone. Leave my family alone.” Intiendes?

Oh these were my recent photos on instagram in case you missed to like it, hehehe

masflex from luigimuhlach

My latest winning, a masflex sauce pan from the celebrity chef Luigi Muhlach. Many thanks!

dinner at kfc

And my not so hungry dinner chow last night at KFC, a streetwise bucket meal just for the two of us. Burp! 


One response to “getting the hang of it

  1. docgelo April 26, 2013 at 4:16 pm

    happy shopping and yes, i’ll stalk you on ig 🙂

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