The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

my friday thoughts

I stand no question that it’s really summer; the hotness is irritating especially at places where it’s supposed to be cold. Hello workplace, your AC isn’t working right and I hate it when I sweat while wrestling with work issues and difficult people around. Sigh!

Unlike past summers I have no clear plans of visiting the beach this time. We have cancelled our trip to Ilocos and moved it on the first weekend of May, however, we have to move it again because it falls on the same weekend of my company outing. Yes, I was obliged to join because my whole team is coming. Tho I’m not expecting so much from this, previous outings didn’t left a good impression on me, oh well to everyone I suppose. So let’s not rather talk about it now as I plan to stay dry and play Candy Crush while the girls go swimming. God, I feel so mother-ish doing it! 😀

You can’t help but crave for Razon’s yummiest Halo-Halo across the office building but nobody wants to call delivery, everyone was slow-moving, it’s like they’re not excited for Friday. Anyway, I’m not excited too because there seems no good about this week and the coming weekend except that we’re heading South to confirm if B is really heavy with puppies or she may have eaten too much the past weeks. Oh my, we’re gonna be grannies soon!

This morning our lobby guard says TGIF instead of his usual Goodmorning, on a second note do we really need to be thankful about Fridays? Well, not unless every Friday means payday and heyday. Hehehe. Excuse me here as there seems no real thought about this post, I just need to write to keep me up. Three more hours to go, I still need to complete some paperwork’s, I still need to read a hundred of mail and I need to post this one very soon.

By the way, I recently jumped on the bandwagon. I got myself an instagram account –januarylau, you could follow me or not. Your choice unless you just want to stalk around.

Crocs Cape Toe Flat Black

Instagraming this morning, my newest addition to my growing number of shoes. I never considered buying myself a pair of the rubber clogs until this classic style caught my eye. It was the perfect pair and I’m just testing this pair for the coming rainy months. Just so you know, I’m the Girl Scout type until this day. 😀



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